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Lord Jesus I ask for your forgiveness for not obeying your word. God I know that you say bring all the tithes into the storehouse and you will bless me. I ask forgiveness for my cheapness and my fear and I pray that I will be obedient to your Word and I will be faithful in my tithes and offering. I pray that what I lost in my disobedience in giving you will forgive and return to me 1 million fold and more in Jesus Name I pray. Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus. I ask for a restoration of my miracle in Jesus Name I pray. Amen Thank you Jesus!

—Shelly, NJ

I have been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I had surgery and radiation but cancer came back. During this time, I lost my home. I could not keep up the payments or find anither job. I had to move back home and live with someone who is not a believer and whose ways are my old ways. I have been on social security disability but want to go back to work. I need a laptop to do work from home but was put in sorage so I need to get a new one but there is a fund issue. I belive I am healed. I belevive God will replace my home. I beleive God will provide a job. This will be in his timing. Please prayer for the strength to endure this trial. God bless!

—Roxanne, CT

Praise the Lord Please pray and agree with me that my daughter and my son will get a job Thank you

—Bini, AK

Praying for a restoration in my relationship/friendship with my friend Jovani, a restoration in my mother's health and finances and for Puerto Rico to be restored and helped as well. Happy New Year to everyone!

—Brittany, AL

Please cry out to God to return what was stolen in a binary scam. It was what we had to buy a house. It is a large sum ($94,000 US). the Israeli police have been requested by the New Zealand police to investigate and prosecute. Please ask God that the Israeli police will take up the case. We don't have jobs as I was laid off. Please cry out to God for us to move miraculously


Please pray for me and my elder mother. We are from the island of Dominica in the Caribbean that was just recently made desolate by the passage of Hurricane Maria. I am in need of your kind assistance and prayers. I have been a follower and contributor of yours for some time. Hurricane Maria has damaged my home and property rendered me unemployed. I work with children. Please provide any assistance you can. We need everything you can provide. It will be greatly appreciated. As always keep praying for me for God's increased guidance, discernment, and wisdom. God showed his mighty hand by protecting use through this terrible storm. My new kitten which I named Angel was a sign from Heaven. My

—Joy Elizabeth Felix,

THE TRUE SOLUTION TO MARRIAGE , CHEATING , DIVORCE , AND RELATIONSHIP ISSUES I will try to make this short as possible. In July I found out that my husband of almost 17yrs was having an affair and he actually brought this woman to my home. I was devestated to say the least. I met my husband 18yrs ago and he swept me off my feet and we got married 11months after we met. We had a great marriage (I thought) we have two beautiful boys. In 2015 we moved 800 miles away to a very small town due to his job. I quit my high paying job at a company that I had worked at for 14yrs to move away from my family and job/career to be a stay at home mom. Then here we are 2 and 1/2 years later going through a divorce and no job. I felt schizophrenic going through all of these emotions from acceptance, to denial, to how can this be and back again. I tried all the best effort i could to get him back from this woman whom he was havingan affiar with, and make him see how much i love to be with him. but he insisted he never wanted to be with me anymore. Its was almost 4 months since he started living with this other woman, then i decided to use DR BLESSING spells for help because i had no other choice and i felt everything was lost to me. I had the most wonderful and happy marriage after using his spell in just 24 hours, and that was how my marital life was fixed back to its right track. If you are one of the people who is in a loveless and unhappy marriage that cannot be salvaged (and you can only determine that by being very honest with yourself), believe me...there IS light at the end of this tunnel. Here is his Email: Whats,App. +1(951) 409 0694

—lucy, CA

THE TRUE SOLUTION TO MARRIAGE , CHEATING , DIVORCE , AND RELATIONSHIP ISSUES I will try to make this short as possible. In July I found out that my husband of almost 17yrs was having an affair and he actually brought this woman to my home. I was devestated to say the least. I met my husband 18yrs ago and he swept me off my feet and we got married 11months after we met. We had a great marriage (I thought) we have two beautiful boys. In 2015 we moved 800 miles away to a very small town due to his job. I quit my high paying job at a company that I had worked at for 14yrs to move away from my family and job/career to be a stay at home mom. Then here we are 2 and 1/2 years later going through a divorce and no job. I felt schizophrenic going through all of these emotions from acceptance, to denial, to how can this be and back again. I tried all the best effort i could to get him back from this woman whom he was havingan affiar with, and make him see how much i love to be with him. but he insisted he never wanted to be with me anymore. Its was almost 4 months since he started living with this other woman, then i decided to use DR BLESSING spells for help because i had no other choice and i felt everything was lost to me. I had the most wonderful and happy marriage after using his spell in just 24 hours, and that was how my marital life was fixed back to its right track. If you are one of the people who is in a loveless and unhappy marriage that cannot be salvaged (and you can only determine that by being very honest with yourself), believe me...there IS light at the end of this tunnel. Here is his Email: Whats,App. +1(951) 409 0694

—lucy, CA

All through this year,i have been experiencing financial losses,having lost my job in September,2017 God helped me with another job immediately.on the 2nd of novenber this year,i send my son to the bank and some fraudsters accousted him and withdrew all the money in my account leaving me with just two thousand naira have been crying since then. The bank said its faceless but I believe God of restoration can restore back that money. Also my younger sister has been diagnosed with advanced stage of cancer of the breasts, I also believe that Jesus the great physician will heal her,pls join me to pray.


Lrd I surrender my financial poverty into your hands.I have been borrowing from the bank since2012 and continue to do so.Father in Jesus's name I want to reclaim all the finances that I have lost by the power of Jesus resurection through borrowing.i stand firm by the word of God he will break down,loose,destroy and deliver me out of my financial bondage. Pray for jobs for my children Hamilton,Franko and Yvonne.I pray against financial poverty over my children and pray Gods blessing upon them in Jesus name.pray for physical healing over my dear wife,Antonia who is going through some internal pain.God will heal her and protect her.lastly i pray for financial prosperity over my whole family.Father into your hands I commit my prayers. In Jesus name i pray. Ivo Kusip


Jessica was going to fly to Puerto Rico to find her mom and grand mother and take supplies. The return flight was cancelled and they said if she went she'd be down there two weeks. She can't because of her baby and her vent. Pray for her family and all fans in Puerto Rico and also for my mother to be restored.

—Aicha, MA

Beg for restoration of a stolen settlement for my daughter when I let fear, bad legal advice and law changes stop filing the lawsuit in time of statutes of limitations. The lawyer I had won other cases for kids with same injuries of over $2.5 million and I know my daughter would have been awarded the same. Millions of dollars plus 15 years of interest is life changing and be a legacy of inheritance for her children's children! I plead the blood of Jesus to restore her money quickly and return to her what was just and would've been hers next year! She would never lack and would help her brother and her family if needed since she has a servant heart! Please return her finances that she deserved compensation from the doctors and hospitals that injured her and left with lifelong injuries and deformity! Yes and Amen!!!!!!

—Lisa, TX

I made a huge mistake that I regret heavily. Over a 6- month period,I used our customers' deposit to invest in ponzi schemes and lost $46,000. Please help me pray for God's mercy and forgiveness and for the restoration of the money. Thank you


Please restore my home, my finances and my mental health. Please restore my relationship with my son. I pray in Jesus' holy name. With God I know this is possible.

—Sharon, CA

I am asking for agreement in prayer. My sons custody case is to be heard Tues Aug 8th and I am asking Jesus to be in the court room to bring justice to my son and grandson for all the hidden agendas and manipulations to come to light that darkness cannot hide or prevail in my sons case we wish no harm to our ex daughter in law but that God would weigh the balances as my sons attorney in this case things have gone on to long we pray for truth and justice in favor of my son and grandson. Thank you

—Vickey, OH

We lost a lot of money over the years due to illegal debit order from our bank that went unnoticed. It looked like one of our policies. I want to reclaim the lost in Jesus name. Also financial growth in our company and personal finances.


i ask in Jesus name for my daughter Mandy to get another man who will love her and marry her. her boyfriend 8 years ago died bec of diabetes. i ask Lord that you restore what satan took from her. i ask that you help my son steve pass the bar exam. satan took his chance to be an attorney away by not allowing steve to remember and have good recall for the florida bar exam. i ask You Lord to restore steves mind. be with him as he takes the exam in a few weeks. let him pass at least the mbe part of it. if you dont want him in florida, let him get the ohio bar . let him find an excellent job too Lord. one where he can make good money and do well. let him also find a nice girl to marry. i ask for all these things to be restored to my children. satan you have no rights to my family. i denounce you and demand that you leave my family now. in the name of Jesus i pray this. amen

—susan, OH

I believe the Lord told me this morning to reclaim all that was stolen and lost from me. I asked how to do that. I was led here. I need a breakthrough. I am on the edge and been knocking on the walls all around me with the word. I believe they are about to come down. In my past life, I made mistakes that is jeopardizing my Insurance License. I need favor like Ester had in changing policies rules and regulations to my advantage. In the meantime, I started calling Oilfield companies to sign up my client to make extra money with freight forwarding. I have had some response but they are not moving forward, to busy to finish the contract. The walls are closing in on finances and I pray everyday for favor and speak it out over my situation. I am writing this in faith of what the Lord said this morning. He said to reclaim all that was lost or stolen from me. I reclaim everything that was stolen or lost in Jesus Name. Pleas stand in agreement with me and I believe this will be the final blow to those walls and I will get the breakthrough I have been praying and standing on for months, and years.

—Kimberly, TX

please pray to my father God send miracle in my life deliverance healing and breakthrough in Jesus Name and blood of Jesus i cover all amen


I need restoration on my job/business. I left my job since 2015 and could not get another one afterwards. I have since indulged in a business but its not thriving due to government policies and things I could not explain. Right now I have being given a quit notice at my place of abode and i have few weeks to pack out of the property. I met a lady few months ago and who I have intended to settle down with but my current financial crises is posing a threat to the relationship as she has started complaining of leaving the relationship. I pray that God should remember me, i have being through a lot of ldisappointment both by family and friends, especially when I needed them the most. Those that could help me travel abroad for greener pastures refused to support me in a time I wanted their assistance. I'm a christian devoted to prayers but I think I need divine intervention and restoration. Thank you and God bless.


Please pray to find an attorney to represent my 17 year old daughter in a medical malpractice case that occurred before age 12. God please make the impossible possible and soften the hearts of man and bring an attorney to us that will take her case despite the view on statute of limations of a minor's right to sue. And prepare the judge to rule in favor of my daughter. God you are the ultimate judge and jury thank you Lord. I know a miracle is coming for my daughter that was harmed by unjustly.

—Lisa, TX

I need 3,654.66 by Friday 6/23 to pay bills that are due immediately. I need 200.00 so we can buy groceries until my husband's next pay day 6/30. Also I need 25,000 to pay the mortgage company to get our home off the foreclosure list immediately and to pay other bills current that is due. We need a financial turnaround immediately. To pay the mortgage off 80,000 is needed by July 14. I am disabled from birth by when I got married the government discontinued all my benefits and my husband income got cut at his job so I need a job I can due from home to bring in income to help out monthly. Also I have got scammed by three ministries I ask for my money back of 2,138.22 so I can use it to pay my bills but they claim they are not going to give me my money back. They promised they would help me to get our home out of foreclosure if I pay their attorneys and since they did not help I ask for my money back but they claim they did not promise to help me.

—Charmont, NC

I pray for the negative balance to be turned to a positive again Monday Morning 6/19/17; it is well time for me to enjoy my hard work.

—Faith, IL

I have sent out resumes to places and I truly need a good job. I am homeless. I am waiting on the Lord to open the right door for me. Please pray a good place calls me soon.

—Anonymous, MD

I need help financially. I need a place to live. I was promised a job and a place to live in another state and was lied to and cheated out of 1,000's of dollars in pay. Jesus knows what has been done to me. I need Him to do something to bring me a place to live, right work, a husband. I am homeless at this time and I can't see any way out. I've done all I know how to do.

—Anon, MD

I have list my job. I am seeking another door to open for a new job. Lord restore all that has been taken this past months. I just want better for me and my children Amen

—Crystal, CA

I need restoration of HOME, A GODLY MAN TO MARRY, AND INCOME. The devil stole these things. PLEASE PRAY he RESTORES 7 FOLD. PRAY I will have the strength of mind to make it through this homeless shelter and 2TIMOTHY 1:7 over it and that God opens a door for me to have income and stability.

—Anonymous, MD

Good morning, Please pray Zech 9:12 - I lost the profit on my property due to an unfair/tedious divorce settlement. I would like to buy my property but need a 20% deposit for a bond


Please pray for me I need 9,937.98 immediately to pay the mortgage current and get our home off the foreclosure list. I will need 72,826.97 by 4/13 I am disabled from birth but when I got married the government discontinued my benefits and we had to pay all the benefits back.Got a message from the mortgage company that they have drop my payments but I still need to get them 9,937.98 next week.

—Charmont, NC

Good day prayer partners please pray for me for financial breakthrough and for God to lift me up in the presents of my enemies at my work and as well as at home. Im believing for god to restore everything that has been stolen throught the devil and I relaim it back right now in the Mighty name of my precious savour Jesus Christ. AMEN


Hi all, please help me pray for my father. We are praying for his total healing & restoration from peripheral artery disease due to poor circulation; hypertension; excessive water retention, etc. We also need finances to cater for his treatment. The devourer must cease. I get so discouraged sometimes but I know our redeemer lives & nothing is impossible with God. The devil is a liar & has been defeated in Jesus' name. He will not get his way in this situation. Pray with me that God intervenes with a miracle, amen.


Please pray that Father God will restore the relationship between me and the man that I love, and make it closer and stronger than ever. In Jesus name.

—Yvonne, IL

Thanking the Lord now for restoration and the victory of all the enemy has damaged or tried to still. I know now that we already have the victory and I pray for my spiritual eye to be continually opened to see things how God wants me to see them

—Nicole, IL

please pray for me for God to restore my job that i lost


i need God to restore my job that I've lost


Please pray the Lord will restore all the fortunes lost since my husband passed and we had also lost 2 pregnancies. I lost my full time job soon after. Satan is a thief and several people have taken my savings along with the enemy. Pray form My little daughter to be healednof asthma and her future prosperous walking in Christ. May God Show me His will and May the enemy not Succeed and may God protect what us and restore us 7fold as His word promises.

—C, GA

Brethren , please pray for my business for restoration , the person who was employed with us have stolen 4 big customers ,, please intercede for EmiMar Cleaning Restoration


Please pray for restoration for the job that I lost in 2012 unlawfully thank you

—Tozi Eunice,

Good day please pray for me for restoration i have lost my house,car through reposestion, my finances and my Boyfriend that I lived with for 2 years. I want God to restore everything that i have lost. I am lost and lonely and dont know where to turn to for help. Im reclaiming everything in the name of Jesus to be restored and recoverd. God is specializing in returning lost and stolen things that the devil took. My boyfriends name is Mourriette and I still love him and want God to bring him also back to me cause we have been seperated for five full months without communication. Please pray for me In Jesus mighty name. Amen


GOD I need ways to sendjbtc

—jn, MA

The love between me and my son and his father. Bring our son back to us. I know god can do anything. Help me to believe. I'm find myself failing because I don't see a change. I am trying to keep my faith but I need my child in my life. I can't rest without him. Please pray to bring him back to me. Give me all your help in prayer.

—Geneva, MO

Please pray for me that God will strengthen me and that His Holy Spirit will always be with me as I intercede for my Family before God. Please pray for God to restore all that I have lost in the past financially, spiritually, health-wise and relationship-wise. Pray that God will bring back my family together as my husband is having an affair and says there is no God. My husband's behavior and affair has affected me so much that I do not feel love towards him. He did evil things to me but I forgive him. I loved him even though I knew what he was doing. I did not send him away. Since he has been going on for two years I just feel drained and I feel no love for him. I will not send him away and I am praying for God to bring him back. I am holding unit what Jesus said in Matt 19:4-6: "what God has joined together let no man put asunder and...."in the beginning it was not so...(God did not intend divorce to happen)" . Please pray for me as I handed my case to God. I need God to intervene in my case. Thank you and God bless you.


I need 2,584.53 by January 30, 2017 so that I can wire transfer that amount to the mortgage company so that they will have it by February 1 so our home will be removed off the foreclosure list. And thereafter, March 1- November 1 I need 1,299.53 monthly to pay the mortgage company. The total lump sum needed to pay the past due amounts legal fees and current amount is $ 14,280.33 and after the mortgage become current I want God to bless me with the amount needed to pay it monthly and to never get behind on the mortgage again and to pay our home off in Jesus name the amount needed is 73,000. I need 3,249.67 to pay the other bills due for the month of January. I need 4,306.14 to pay the tithes I have not paid in the last 5 years since 2012. To pay the mortgage and January 2017 bills I need 5,834.20 n Jesus name immediately. To pay the mortgage current in full, January bills and past and present tithes the total amount needed is 24,420.67 immediately n Jesus name. I am disabled from birth but when I got married by me being a female all my benefits were discontinued. I get 717.69 a month from my mom's death but I had not paid tithes since 2012 because we were struggling to make ends meet so I am asking God to forgive me for not paying my tithes like I should have. Also pray that God will bless me with a job I can do from home to help bring in more income to the home. Also I am asking God to bless my husband with more finances from his job.

—Charmont, NC

Please pray for me that God will strengthen in and that His Holy Spirit will always be with me as I intercede for my Family before God. Please pray for God to restore all that I have lost in the past financially, spiritually, health-wise and relationship-wise. Pray that God will bring back my family together as my husband is having an affair and says there is no God. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD

GOD, A,O were ismdunvst


please pray for my son Justin and his 6 yr old son, my son has gone through a bitter divorce he married a girl who we belive is bi polar and is extremly hateful my son was not making enough money the decree states that was the decree not enough money since the divorce he has a new job Jesus blessed him with yet stilll has bills that weigh him down to where he must live with us my son has shared parenting but she refuses to co-operate with what the courts told her and she tries hard to seperate my son with his I am asking for specific things first that God would touch her my son pays alot for child support she miss uses the money we know butt the second that my son can find a truelyreliable father advocate lawyer who will fight for him I am praying that my son will be the first in the courts to help fathers with more time with their children he is a good dad we are a close familly that this has justhas been so tough my daughter in law tells our grandson there is no God this little one will not say his prayers with me like he use to we need covered in prayer thank you Vickey

—vickey, OH

Please pray for my friend Vera. She is backsliding and is in an ungodly relationship.

—Patrick, PA

GOD md4you,abnh svl ftj rblptiwhwpam.

—J, MA

I have lost finances through business manipulation


I pray for and am looking forward to my joyful social life with my family, friends, and in all my other socializing. My peace be with me and all around me always, In the Name of Jesus. Amen!

—Disturbed, IL

I pray that I will immediately get and receive the more than $50,000 I need to complete my residents requirement for my doctorate program, and also I pray that changes will be made in my doctorate program that will make it easier and more convenient to complete the online programs requirements...

—Faith, IL

Reclaming a sanctified family that loves God.


Praying for God's restoration in the area of finances, a home, marriage and business. Thank you, Lord, for a mighty and miraculous restoration in the days ahead! Amen!


Praying for the man I love to come home focused on making a life together forever with me.

—Annette, CA

Thankyou for your kind heart. Pls pray that God restores my stolen things and my investments. And that promises will be kept to me before end of the year.


I pray and am claiming that all negativities that are keeping my fiancé and I apart are now being removed. I pray that since I need to get moved in with my fiancé, Today, that all of the details are ready for our legal marriage together. May God's grace continue to quickly bring and join Kevin and I completely together especially legally as husband and wife. It is truly our time together. I pray to immediately experience the Hands of God moving and bringing things to pass in my life together with Kevin. God knows All of the concerns I have on my heart right now; I have asked for the immediate guidance- I need right now.

—Grace, IL

GOD I am asking you for what I have been lost UJ, HB,nolm on fces

—Jn, MA

I need prayer for a friend named Wehan who is lost. He has friendships with people who uses him with no regard of what is important for him. Also I need prayer for the restoration of our relationship.


Please pray for financial restoration and for a full time job with benefits that will meet financial obligations. Thank YOU

—Sheila, GA

Please pray for the healing of my marriage and my home. My relationship with my wife and children. The Salvation and healing of my mother. The salvation of my brothers, sister and loved ones.

—Bob, GA

I am in need of financial restoration. Also restoration in family and relationships. Please pray for a breakthrough Thank you

—Caryn, WA

Please pray for me, I have not had a home since June 2015. I have recently been sleeping in my car for a month and a half. I need a place to live. My last apartment I was evicted. I need mercy and grace to help in my time of need.

—Janeen, NJ

I need 9,001.29-16,000 so I can pay the home mortgage up to date so our home will be removed off the foreclosure list immediately and there will be no foreclosure ever in Jesus name. And Lord I did loan modification mortgage papers so I am asking that they go thru in Jesus name. And that you (Lord) will send me persons to bless me financially so I can pay the mortgage current to get our home off the foreclosure list in Jesus name and eventually pay it off in full (68,830.18-89,000).

—Charmont, NC

I am young, but have sought the Lord on this subject a lot and finally know what is His will. My name is Michael Rivera and I have been praying for God to answer me on whether he will restore a lost girlfriend back to me or should I move on. God is amazing and told me over 17 times that she is the one I am to wait for and pray salvation towards. He has even given me signs that have shown me she is my wife to be. Im concerned for her because she is too deep in her emotions and let them run her life rather than Christ. I have tried to get her to follow God, but she uses the excuse that she is not ready yet for a relationship with Him. Her name is Alyssa Lyn Koepke. Please pray that God restore our relationship, but more importantly her salvation and relationship with Him. I have no one us praying with me as they don't believe me. I want more power released in agreement so I have come here for help. I will agree with your prayers as well. Thank you all, I will be praying for you.

—Michael, IL

I want my life back, Lord. I want to live again. I want my beautiful self again...And thank you and praise you for the person you made me to be THEN. I moved away from you so you had to move away from me and by the time I noticed I was in the wilderness it had been "40 years" for an "11" day journey. Forgive me. And bring me home...back to myself. Back to my husband. Back to my children. Back to You. Thanks for never leaving me. I now know most of the time you carried me anyway. In Your Holy Name. Amen.

—Barbie, MA

I need a home. I am sleeping in my car and barely have any income. I'm grateful for transportation however, it is getting cold. Not sure where to live or what to do. Gave out of everything I have been given by His grace and truly truly NEED God to open the storehouse of heaven. Have tried everything.


I come to the throne room of grace to receive mercy and grace in my time of need. Lord I thank you for your promises. I thank you for your sacrifice. I worship and honor You. I post my prayer upon this wall, touching and agreeing for answers and blessing of the prayers, cries and hopes of my siblings in Christ. You are faithful, and have promised to never leave or forsake us. Therefore I will trust You at your word. I pray for restoration and miracles between my love Eddie and me. That what God joined together, no man, internal or external, may separate! I pray Lord for Holy Spirit power to break down the walls that have erected. I speak to the mountains and declare them to be removed! I pray for full manifestation of the blessing and promise that you gave. I reject any attempt of the enemy to TRY to steal, kill or destroy what You have declared. The kingdom of God suffers violence, but we take it back by force! My God has promised and shown me good and I take hold of and receive it. Satan you must flee. You have no authority or power! Thank you lord for hearing my cry and answering my and my brothers/sisters prayers! In the name of Jesus I pray and await manifestation on earth. Amen.


I pray that God will make my fiancé and I the Christian responsible adults that will be the guides for our all of our offsprings.

—Hope, IL

I have claimed that my love life is being made strong and vital again.

—Hope, IL

Please pray for my son Edward to be delivered from mental illness and salvation. Also my son Samuel. He's waiting for a 1 bedroom apartment and he's been on the list for almost 10 years. I'm waiting for a 2 bedroom apartment as my son Edward and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment now.


Please pray for my husband. He was a christian but now is an atheist and has written a book against God and Christianity. He has been having an affair with this woman.He gave her his book to proof read. Please pray for separation and for his salvation. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD


—Teresa, MI

Restore the love between me and Nathan for God's greater glory.


I believe You want to restore my health, the ability to go out and lead a more active life. And restore me to church and serving You free from isolation caused by long term illness. Your grace restores my thinking to wholeness and brings my family members to salvation and Godly living.

—Marybeth, MA

I did two courses bur did not finish them. Its hard for me to find a good job. I need money to get my certificates. I am 35 years and having diffivulties in getting married. I was told i will be in the mministry but i am being fought left right ans centre. I feel like giving up.


I pray that I may finish my course this year, get my documents sorted out and be able to find a job soon in the coming year


I need every area of my life restored! Time, opportunities, finances, relationships and peace of mind!

—Phil, OH

Please pray for an immediate supernatural relief and released from heaven tonight I have to deposit into my bank account ASAP! I need a right now miracle, pay all bills debt cancelation! Healing iny physical body mind soul spirit. Nerves, heart blood eyes ears nose gums throat breasts knees Stomach speech drop accent, hair lost irregular heartbeat sugar a defeated mindset all generational curses destroyed in Jesus mighty name poverty never having enough income is destroyed not having a spirit of cooperation destroyed suspicious spirits leave forgiveness destroyed from a child against my parents and races! Procrastinating leave jealousy laziness perversion leave, the list of the flesh and eyes pride leave loneliness bad temper attitudes anger impatience anxieties worrying meddling evil speaking, peace of mind! Misunderstanding destroyed from my mind and heart divisions destroyed, pray for my husband and I bind the devil and every word from enemies destroyed never prevailed against me in Jesus Christ Name Ame

—elva, FL

I am in love with Adebimpe Rebecca, we started our relationship in 2013 very beautiful affair, we about to settle down as couple before things starting changing this lady decided to breakup with me. And I have been taking possible step to settle and restore the relationship back till date. Sir I love her so much I don't want her to leave me on relationship. I need God intervention on this relationship. God reclaim and return Adebimpe Rebecca love and heart back to Ademola Adeniyi. Every power that is putting difference between Adebimpe Rebecca and Ademola Adeniyi should be to shame. God reposition the love between me and Adebimpe Rebecca for perfection. God I want Adebimpe Rebecca to back as my wife and me as her husband from today till death do us part. I want see God manifestaion on this relationship within seven days.

—Adegbite Ademola Adeniyi,

Heavenly Father, I ask that today you would completely restore the vision to my right eye and remove all disease from the left also. I pray, believing in simple faith that you will answer today. Thank ou Lord. In Jesus name David


I am standing and praying for my marriage to be restored. My husband to return to Jesus and us, his family and to mend and heal his relationship with our son. I have never known pain this deeply. God's grace and mercy is my ONLY hope for this happening!

—Kathy, CA

I need prayer in my marriage for me to trust my husband and to forgive for things he did in our marriage cheating betrayal not being a good husband , I need prayer for myself I have gained a lot of weight and I don't know how to lose it I'm about 65 pounds overweight and i need prayer over our finances that we can get caught up on things people we hired for a job took our money and didn't do the work so I feel very beaten down over the last several years

—Gaylynn, CA

I ask God to help me find a good job. In Jesus' name I pray amen.

—Robert, CO



I want to recover my marriage and family and all that the devil has taken from me. I keep losing money and people borrow my money but do not pay back. Please pray for me to recover all in Jesus Name. Please pray that God will have mercy on my husband who has embraced atheism and has said abominable things against God. He has written a book against God and Christians and he thinks adultery, lying and cheating are okay. He has been having a relationship with another woman and does not want to stop. Pray that God will have mercy on him and give him the grace to repent. Please pray for protection. strength, faith, mercy and blessings for me and my children. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD

The chance to have abnh, fst and all amen


Lord, you have blessed me through all the events that I thought as a human were curses. You saved me from a marriage that was destructive, You brought me peace, love, understanding, compassion and joy from a life that I chose filled with hate, anger and revenge. Lord, you know that I lost my house and the equity. I know that You did this to help me recover, to come closer to You, to help me begin my spiritual journey. Lord, I ask for restoration in a few areas of my life. I don't know if this is okay to ask for, I pray for guidance and wisdom of other Christians if what I am asking for is wrong in your eyes. Lord, you know I made mistakes with my stepdaughters. I do love and miss them terribly. Although I was living a life that you did not approve of, through Your plan, my heart has changed and I am cemented in Your word and Your ways. I ask that the relationship with those girls can be restored. Allow them to be in my life so that I can show them what You have created in me, show them that faith in You can create a much more peaceful and happy life. Use me as the example Lord. Lord, you also know the financial manipulations that were done. You know the details. I feel so taken advantage of for so long. I do realize that I have been blessed by having a job, an apartment and food on the table. Blessings that others do not have at this time. Lord, I don't know if this is selfish, greedy or wrong - Lord, I ask that you restore my finances, make right was has been done wrong. I ask for your blessings and gifts so that I may see the dream I have come to completion. Lord, you know what is in my heart to do. You alone know if my intentions are pure, if what is on my heart to do is righteous and You will provide if it is Your way. I ask for your continued guidance, wisdom, love and patience with me.

—Doug, WI

Paryers for a softened and renewed heart of my husband who left our home 6 weeks ago. Prayers to open his eyes to acknowledge Jesus and believe in our marriage vows again; without divorce being an option. Prayers that someone can minister to both of us to forgive, heal and protect our bond. Prayers for reconciliation in Jesus name and the power of Your Holy Spirit.

—Iqilan, AK

GOD it is time for m b to be with me like before and in a better way don't slow down on what you have started it is more than time I use all ressources you have giving me


I have lost pretty much everything. Thank God I have my children. My x left us. My Finances went down and Peace Joy and even closeness with God began to be effected.. It was not a good time in my life. Recently I have rededicated my life to Jesus and I claiming everything back that the enemy stoled. Maybe not my x relationship but in His grace who knows if He has chosen someone for me in my future

—Rose, IL

Im gripped by this sensation of fear that doesn't leave i want it gone forever, its not welcomed. it feel it in my face it paralyzing

—eveleen, CA

Please pray for my husband Scott's work.He has some work now but not enough.we have gone through our savings We have lost our home cars and finances. Please pray for restoration.Thank you!!

—Corrine, CT

Praying for restoration of my things from storage into a home. Restoration of engagement and marriage. Prayers against homelessness. Prayers for my coworkers and family to be drawn to Jesus because of my life, not repelled. Protection over them all. Praying for my car to be fixed, Prayer for breakthrough.

—Janeen, NJ

Jobs are stealing from me (not paying full of what I am owed) and someone dented my vehicle and did not let me know who they were, I have $1,000 deductible which, I cannot pay, to fix it. I have no home, my fiance cheated and our wedding is off and I am just not sure how much more I can endure. I am grateful for what I do have, however, I need prayers for the enemy to be rebuked and get his hands off and for restoration of all enemy has done. I do not steal, by Gods grace, and I need this to stop. Thank you for praying. —Janeen,

—Janeen, NJ

A&O GOOD ALMIGHTY I am reclaiming the health of my brothet the strenght, the joy, the trust in YOU,the clear path, the victory, the confidence in you, you are the ADVOCATE, the gate keeper on everything the Doctor the Pharmacist, the Counselor and more and more you know what he has been waiting for for so so long please cross him the gate amen


I'm praying for my husband, his healing and the restoration of our marriage and the strength and courage to stand firm and sure on God's Word and HIS Promises. My husband is an active duty war injured veteran with PTSD and TBI refusing treatment and involved with bad corrupt company and an immoral woman. I'm praying fervently for his salvation and for God to change his heart and to stop the divorce proceedings filed under the influence of the other woman. My husband says he is a believer in Jesus Christ, I'm pray he will accept HIM as his personal savior and repent. I need the supernatural powers of God in Heaven, the Holy Spirit, and my Sweet Jesus to see me through this trial. Your support and prayers are appreciated and welcomed. God Bless you and your ministry, AMEN.

—Valerie, FL

I am asking for prayer in a couple of categories... 1) Salvation for 3 adult children 2) Healing my 3 adult damaged emotions 3) Restore what the locust have eaten in our mother/children relationship. 4) Continued healing for myself, if it would be God's will that I will be healed from this rare brain cancer and completely healed from the surgery, radiation, and chemo treatments. 5) God's will for my life.

—Toni, MD

Reclaim, restore and recover my marriage, my husbands relationship with the Lord, business opportunities and investments that were lost. Reclaim, recover and restore lost time as a family. My brother lost his sight and his mind and I ask the Lord to reclaim, recover and restore his past, his present and his future. May the Lord restore his sight and his mind and make him whole in Jesus Name. May the Lord recover, restore and reclaim all that my parents have lost financially in Jesus Name.


Dear Lord as your word says restore me and restore what has been stolen from me. I am praying for restoration of opportunity that I have missed out on in my life.

—Christina, TX