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Prayer for my Daughter Ashley for salvation and that her cervical cancer test is negative. That she is healed from hpv and trauma. Thanks and God Bless,

—kristine, WI

Please pray for the Lord to help me to know, deep down that He is a Father that really does Love me and have my best interests at heart. That He really is not only able but willing to help me! – And for that to destroy the chronic anxiety and the serious OCD and Chronic Fatigue it causes! – And for the Lord to provide employment. Thank you.

—Rob, NJ

I tried really hard get job around by house and around by my school I'm going to keep praying and ask God to help to get a job because he'll work it out for me Jesus name I pray in mighty name of jesus to Bless my School so that I can be nice, be poilte be honorable and show authoriy to everybody around me In jesus name

—Gamaliel, IL

I need prayers for all my family & me to be healed from all health issues, sickness & diseases and to live A LOT longer lives..we need healing MIRACLES..for all my loved ones to be saved and want to go to church..for all my family and me to get a financial breakthrough to always have more than enough..LORD HEAR ALL MY PRAYERS IN JESUS NAME AMEN

—Betty, OH

Recently retired after layoff from public school system due to budgetary cuts after 34 years. Need IRS debt erased or reduced substantially. Part time job , increase in my finances, and/or cancellation of other loans I retired with. Had to move neighborhood I had grown up in has become too dangerous. Moved to suburbs where could afford and now car acting up. Can't even get to church at either campus anymore. Car tied to one of my loans I had gotten to help repair family bldg I had to leave in city and unable to afford repair. I am attending nearby church. Its good but not the same as Lifechangers. Granddaughter needs physically healing and release of army reserve stipend for her educational benefits. I've been assisting financially while she is awaiting her funds. She has no one else to help her and is doing extremely well in her classes. She joined army reserves so would be so hard on me helping her; to get education assistance as well as having desire to help being part of social peace. My daughter, her mom, needs new job paying more than just above minimum wage, deliverance from alcohol (goes ling proofs of no drinking then depression returns) and needs physical healing as well. Her depression and addiction began about 18 years ago when diagnosed with HIV.


I ask that you pray with me for a better self-image,to be set free from sadness,sorrow.


Please pray for me as I am diabetic and suffering from depression for 18 years and don’t have job and financially in lot of debt also . Married for 15 years and no children please break this curse

—Johnson, FL

I've been offered the house I'm in to purchase way below mkt price. I need help financially to do it as my husband and I recently divorced. My first day of this series say to think big and ask big and to trust God. I am standing on his prom

—Joi, NY

Prayer for deliverance from wrong thinking this year 2018 in Jesus precious name..

—Tara, NC

Please pray for the Lord to help me to keep picturing Him (Jesus) right here with me and to trust Him to help me despite my imperfections – and for that reassurance to destroy the chronic anxiety which causes serious OCD and Chronic Fatigue. Thank you.

—Rob, NJ

Dear family, I’ve been battling many seemingly insurmountable struggles and still the battle is under way but I know that the righteous live by faith and there’s definitely no victory in battles without hope and determination of the warrior. I’m determined to deflect any diagnoses of cancer or disease from this family and through the renewing of my mind, see the victory already won on the cross and embrace the gift that only Jesus Christ can provide. I thank you Pastor for your relentless courage and might that the spirit of God has given you on your journey and am glad to say that I’m part of the life changers family which will grow and prosper IN THE MIGHTY LORD JESUS’ NAME AMEN !

—Stephen, IL

Please pray for me for I am Battling with depression due to job loss & possible health concerns. I am a single mother & My children need me. I am so disappointed in myself for not taking advantage of past opportunities which could of likely placed me in a better position today, far as career & Health. I’m fearful & ashamed and seem stuck emotionally & mentally. I pray Often & attend church & bible study, yet my faith And trust in GOD is not where it should be as a result, my confidence is at an all time low. I truly Feel I not only let my children down, But Also God. So Please pray for me. Thank You.

—Tiffanie, IL

Please, help me pray for my family and me for Jesus to restore our life, our name, our reputation and financial situation this coming year 2018 and for me to find a job to be a blessing to this wonderful ministry. Thanks! Merry Christmas and A continue Blesses 2018!!!

—Marie, FL

Please agree in prayer. My brother is going to be a grandpa but has not had a solid relationship with his son. I am asking that my nephew will soften his heart and forgive. I am asking that my brother will hold the baby boy when he is born and will be the start of a great relationship with both his son, daughter in law and baby. Thank you all for your prayer.

—Sue, IL

please that God move in my life and diliver me from fin.debt.

—david, LA

Please pray for the Lord to grant me strength and guidance and success and to open my eyes, heart and mind up powerfully to His awesome Love for me and to what He has done for me and given me in Christ, in order to destroy the chronic anxiety and the serious OCD and Chronic Fatigue it causes. Thank you!

—Rob, NJ

Please fervently pray for me to become more nigh to Jesus God ad The Holy Spirit. I want none of the trash from the enemy.

—Janna, TX

Pray for me please. Pray that I am able to escape 30 years of neglect and abuse. I am a scapegoat and black sheep who has been made to feel worthless. Please pray for my strength. Please pray for my heart so that I am able to forgive and endure the pain until I make it out.

—Beverly, MD

Please pray that I can find a great job that I enjoy I have been applying to a lot of places and haven't heard back and a lot if them say they're not hiring but online it says they are.

—ViShion, MI

Please pray for the Lord to grant me great faith is His promise of healing despite my circumstances. & Please pray for Him to open my eyes, heart and mind up powerfully to His amazing Love, grace, forgiveness, faithfulness and dependability in order to destroy the chronic anxiety which causes serious OCD and Chronic Fatigue. Thank you!

—Rob, NJ

My nerve in my right hand is entrapped please pray God heals it along with my Toe that is jammed, and my left thumb. Also pray for all cysts to dissolve and fungus on left toe and middle toe finger and pinky toe to go in Jesus name on the right foot. Thanks! Also praise report after not making money for almost a year God gave me back all I used in my savings plus two more deals closing pray they are smooth! Jesus name!

—Nima, CA

I need prayer for the Jezebel spirit to be removed from me. I need to act like a Christ women when dating and not be tempted.

—N, CO

Please pray for my deliverence.Iam married but have this judgemental spirit in me. I really want it to leave me so I can be free & normal in Jesus.


I just lost my husband of nearly 21 years and I struggle trying to figure out what life means without him. How to function, make decisions, live without him, raise our children without him. I miss him.

—Allica, CA

I need to begin my new business, I have finished my studies. This new vocation is a challenge but offers so many financial rewards. I'm depressed and need to cheer up.

—Elizabeth, CO

Please pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough. I'm nearly sixty years old and do not have a permanent home. I've been moving from one temporary accommodation to the other with my family including my disabled daughter. I'm trusting God for a permanent home with peace of mind. I asked this in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen .


Please pray for me for I had fighted being gay ever since I was 3 years old. And I still fall into that at times. It's like an evil force comes tracking medown and pin points we're I am at. I lived the life for years, and broken away from it since 2010, but some times I fail God and fall back into it time to time. That's not far to God Or my self. I have no clue what to do next. All I know is that I am tired of living this way. I do not want any more. I want to find God's will for my life, but if I keep fallen back time to time, I am afraid that I may be lost for ever.

—Jerry, NC

I request prayer for strength as I walk in obedience to God to move to a new location, just because he said so.

—Chineka, AL

My blood pressure is out the roof and so is my blood sugar. I am blind in one eye because of this and now I am having trouble seeing out of my good eye.

—Karen, NC

Please pray for the Lord to heal me of chronic anxiety (which I believe was caused by childhood abuse) and the serious OCD and Chronic Fatigue which it causes. Thank you.

—Rob, NJ

Please pray for my daughter that she may find God's will, direction and purpose in her life. May she find strength in her journey to a holy spirit filled life.

—Barbara, NY

Deliverance for my son Jason.

—Thelma, CA

Psalm 91 the Lord bless me and protect me from my enemies pray that my chains will be broken greater is Heaven that is in me! I can do all things through Christ Amen

—Lorraine, CA

Blessings for my nephew Brandon

—Melanie, MD

please pray for Peter our son to be delivered from all drug addiction and to re-commit his heart to the Lord for his protection from all evil.


Pray for salvation for my Three sons and restoration of our home after a divorce. Thank You

—Sandra, NJ

Prayer for complete healing of my hip and thigh. Injury was caused by a slip and fall.

—Aleta, MI

I pray for divine protection...a heart that forgives and see good UN everything..I pray that God purify a steadfast spirit within me and help me refrain from anger and resentment..I pray that I may be a good mother to my daughter and I may give her all she deserves in life .


My Pray is for God's direction in my life. To become a better person in the service to others.

—Barbara, NY

Fighting anxiety and depression for most of my life. Drs. Are changing medications and it's worse. I know God can heal me and I don't know why He hasn't. I believe in healing. I know He heals today. Why not me. My husband suffers because I suffer. I feel so bad for him. Please pray for my healing.

—Sandra, SC

I am believing that in Him I am healed. Severe pain in my left leg from the thigh down. But he has been making me aware that I am IN HIM. So I am asking you to pray I have an even greater revelation of seeing myself IN HIM seated in Heavenly places. Rich blessings to you . I have done this FAST several times over the years and everytime there is freshness! Bless you all so very much!


please pray that i will have healing from wrong thinking that i will have strength confidence courage to forge ahead in my search for employment, not letting disappointments to get me down.

—helena, FL

For my son Justin is mentally ill and on was on drugs, he has been sexually molested as a child. His personality has been fragmented. Healing and favor and mercy from all the court cases.

—Linda, OK

I desire to be married, getting older and have never been married. Please pray that I move in the place where God would have me to meet the husband that He has for me.

—Debra, NC

My prayer is healing for my eyes because I have the lazy eyes in both eyes and catractor in my left eye.And my job I was denied for my release times for school what job and school didn't compare with each other . My principal said if I was on medical leaves how can I go to college I should had to go to work even though I almost lose my toes I am type 2 diabetes I just want my paper to be approve and both of my supervisor and principal to leave me alone and let me do my job. I need heal for my situation

—Seva V Amos,

My prayer is for a fearless life. A happy life with lots of joy and laughter. A life where prayers are answered now according to His word. Dreams, wants, needs, and desires manifested now.

—Dorothea, NV

I will rescue him and honor him. 16 “With [f]a long life I will satisfy him And [g]let him see My salvation.” Prayer for myself, hubby, adult children/spouses/girlfriends and grandchildren.

—Kimberly, WA



I need a pray please God help me make the decision in my life,and bless me with a great job restored my life peace in my life prosperity in my life ,I feel lost but I have faith in you my Lord. Have a mercy in me my sweet Jesus 🙏

—Lucirene, FL

Please pray that I can receive 500,000 to buy house for me and my family. That I get my bariactric surgery complete June 2017. That I am completely healthy and financially wealthy.

—Sylvia, NV

Dear God thank you for all have ,thank for open the doors for me .restoretion in my life and Jesus name Amen 🙏

—Lucrirene, FL

Please pray for my husband and I. Our 18 year old son who was our only child was murdered 10 months ago. We are so devastated and broken. We need to see God's liove and care for us. We need a future and a hope.

—Cindy, MO

Praying for my son Jeremi, that he will be free of any charges that were made on him because the 3 boys were in his car and one got caught smoking but my son took the blame because it was his car. He lost his job from his dad's company and his relationship with his dad, so please pray he gets a break from this case, he has gone back to church and quit smoking. Praying for this to be dropped as the other 2 boys had no fines when they were in the wrong also.

—Cecelia, NY

josiah is writing his exams today i pray for wisdom


Lucirene Please pray for i job I have been out work I need miracle open doors health restorectoin on my life .holly Spirit help guide Jesus name Amen

—Lucirene, NJ

Hi my name is Edwin, I haven't seen a victory in my life, I was in athletics couldn't win a single medal & in my office also i feel I'm last in all, All my colleagues have moved to bigger organisation, I'm still struck-up in the a small company, always negative thoughts come in my mind & i don't know why i cant think big


Doing very bad things that are irresponsible, i lost US$450 which was meant for my home and urgently need it today to give to my wife and my family. I need God to help me legitimately acquire these funds. I need a miracle.


Please everyone pray that my child who is grown comes back to me. I was the best mother I knew how to be. No mom could love their children any more than I. He has been diagnosed with depression and barely sees or speaks to me. My heart is breaking and I cry everyday of my life now. I don't know what to do. I don't know if it's because of the new girl in his life but God please bring my son back to me. I can't live a life without him. I don't know how to go on.

—Geneva, MO

Please pray for my 3 sons and daughter...I haven't always been the best mother but really tried...they are older now and 2 of my sons don't even speak to makes my heart cry!

—Teri, CA

I need prayer for my children that they don't be judge by the color of their skin, and get equal education and opportunity as other students that is not the same race.

—Tomorrow, DE

Please help me, I feel like giving up. I will be divorced from a man who was on drugs and would sale items in our home and who was verbally abusive, now I am in a relationship that is verbally abusive as well but he could be a very good provider for me.. I feel like I am worthless and that no one wants to be with me. most of the time people on my job treat me like I'm a child. I don't want to go on. I ready to give up. He tells me I am crazy and cussing at me all the time. I am not a bad person, I just want to be held and said I love you and you are beautiful. all of this comes at a price of loosing myself and who I am. Why won't anyone love me?


I pray that God can firstly help me to be consistent. I dont seem to see much through to the end. My finances, alcohol addiction, family life and everything is getting out of hand as a result. I know God Loves me and I reach out to him by reading my bible, praying but before I know it I slack down. Days will than pass without me making contact. My life is becoming more stressed and Im sliding into a pit and I am scared I will never be able to get out. Everything is so out of control I sometimes struggles to sleep. Please pray for me. Thank you


please pray for my son timothy,he going through a divorce she is evil she trying to take everything from him including the children they love their Dad he need strenth and God favor when he go to court.

—ida, TX

Please pray that God can free me from fear and worrying about my my family,my parents ,my sister's family.

—Lesia, CA

Please pray for me so I will not give up on my marrige after My husband cheated on me, also pray that he gets a job in our hometown.

—felicia, GA

I choose to pray for all of my brother and sisters needs today May God bless you protect you from the evil one may all your needs be met in speak God's blessings over you in Jesus name! love you

—Lorraine, CA

Please pray for me for a better paying job and better job with good benefits, please pray for reconciliation with my twin daughters, a better place to live and for a nice lady in my life.

—Tim, LA

Please pray for me that I may not loose hope and grow my faith and that I may have a praying heart.that what I see in the spirit over my life may manifest in the physical realm


Psalm 35 Plead my cause O Lord with those who strive with me Fight against those who fight against me.Take hold of shield and buckler.And stand up for my help.

—Lorraine, CA

I am praying for a new job that will allow me to use my counseling skills to help other that are struggling with life. I also pray this job will allow me work with individuals that need a touch of God Grace and Mercy. In Jesus Name.... Amen


I intercede in prayer for the afflicted and hopelessness of people. I pray for a spouse, peace, and for my business to flourish so that I can be a blessing to the kingdom of Heaven in Jesus name.

—Denise, TX

I pray for the country, peace, deliverance from nicotine, anxiety, and for supernatural opportunity of finance for my Son Darrick and Jazmine prosperity and health. O pray for the sick and poor. Lord protect healthcare and I bless Jesus name. Amen

—Reatta, TX

I have been praying and believe for a new job. I have been through interviews and met the shareholders and most of them have givem me positives but there has been prolonged delay as one shareholder is out of the country and is holding up the process. I am currently in a place where i am suffering with motivation in my current job and i am ready to go but this delay is just creating anxiety and uncertainty in me. I praying for a breakthrough and that I get an answer soon.


My husband was laid off and we only have my (seemingly small) income for sowing and supporting our family of 3. Also we are in debt (including owing in taxes) and don't know how we are going to pay it off. And before the previous mentioned incidents occurred, we had already been believing for a debt free (new) home.

—Shanay, MD

Please pray for my husband Nelson from addiction to gambling and smoking. Nothing impossible with God. Pray for my children future to come to love God. Pray for our finance.

—Ruth Wong,

please pray for my family's finances. Since the beginning of this year 2017, there has been attacks in everything concerning money: all my parents' livestock was stolen, my brother lost two jobs, my husband's bonus was reduced and I'm getting letters from creditors that I have settled but demanding more payments.


Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. We gave been married fir iver 15 years. I went through a state of depression (over niw) and it made him feel rejected abd unwanted. He decided ge didnt love me anymore and moved out 5 weeks ago.

—Diane, CA

my prayer is to get rid of wrong think that god will strengthen me in my walk with him that reconciliation will take place between me and my husband that lustful thoughts will leave that the spirit of lesbianism will go and those who are trying to turn me gay or anything that is coming against me even in my church

—shell, KY

Please pray for me. I'm 53 talking to a 59 year old man for 2 month's now... Were both christians. When I ask about possible marriage one day. His answer is "I don't know." He says he likes me, but doesn't seem to understand what I want. He seems to have no intentions of marriage. I don't have time for games. Please pray that I'll just quit talking to him and wait on God's timing to send the right man.

—Donna, GA

Pray for me for repair of relationships.

—June, MI

Hi pastor my name is Alfred from Kenya and residing in kajiado county,kiserian town and pray for me to be healed and delivered from all satanic oppression.


I want prayer for my niece Tanya Good Howard who has been diagnosed with MS recently- She has lesions on her spinal cord, and has had episodes with her foot not moving properly, and some problems with eyesight. Tanya is a Christian and a 40 year old mother and registered nurse.

—Karen Good, MN

Pray for me I'm off work due to surgery, but now I'm able to go back, they have not call me and I hve no money cming in to pay bills,so I'm asking for prayer.THANK YOU.

—Willie, MI

Pray for a job. I have been out of work for over two years. Bills are overdue, rent is overdue. Pray for restoration, that God will make all things new. I have been a widow for 13 years. Thank you.

—Celia, NY

Please pray for my sons Kenny and pat to become sold out to Jesus.pray that i overcome depression and anxiety. Pray that i will be approved on a nice apartment to live in.Also pray that i have financial increase. I desire to give continuously. GOD bless you!

—Vernessa, TX

Please pray that I overcome the spirit of anxiety and depression.

—Edward, MO

Pastor Dickow, Could you please pray for my daughter Mariama. She's being very mean to me & rebellious. I Love her but she treats me very bad.She has blocked me from her phone. She is 21yrs old and she won't listen to me. She got some tatoo's & is now drinking wine every now and then but doesn't care about what I think.She is growing farther away from me. And it hurts so much.I feel she hates me. She doesn't even come over to see about me. I need prayer it really hurts. She is a Christian but some things she doesis really wrong. And she yells at me and tells me what to do.


I pray I am blessed with the strength to overcome the addictions, negative thoughts,and hopelessness that have been dragging me down and keeping me from the joy and plans you have for my life. I thank you Jesus for always being there in my times of desperation and need. Its your name I pray and ask these things. Amen

—Josh, KY

Lord I pray for a deeper relationship with you. That you protect and bless my family. Save my son who is doubting faith in God. Show him Your greatness so that he will be drawn to you. You know the challenges he face. Help me to follow your word and direct my path


Please pray I will do the right things to control my diabetes. lose weight, take medicine and excercise. I am dangerously out of control with eating to much sugar, pray God will set me free. thank you

—sylvia, CA

Please pray for family and self for guidance and accepting of the Lords will tp be donw on my life as i face various challenges. Though secure financialy at the moment i could do with a job. Thank's and God bless you all. Adrian


I am planning to apply for a visa to immigrate to Canada. My English Proficiency is not that strong and so i am requesting you to pray for me: 1.To get high band score of 8 or more in IELTS test. 2. All my visa processes goes smooth and that I get invitation from CIC with a job as well, as soon as possible. 3. Me with my partner can get residence permit and will settle in Canada for long. Thanks for your wholehearted prayer. May our Lord and Father,Jesus listens to our join prayers. Amen.


I am a Christian who backslid and working day by day to get back on the right track, & it seems now it's a bit harder cause the enemy is trying to steal my joy by attacking my family like my daughter, son and granddaughter plus now my car is acting up, please help I am so tired and broken please pray for me and my family that all that has been taken be completely restored to each of us. Thank you and God bless the work you all do.

—Nancy, IL

Requesting prayer. Striving for a closer walk,relationship my God. Also I have upcoming workmen compensation case 3/22/17. Believing God that this case will go in my favor. Believing God to be debt free. Also for my four children,love ones to give there live back to God, live for him. Amen.

—Linda, NY

Deliverance from porn and God's will and purpose to be done in my life.Restoration of every loss including vision for my life.

—Edward, IL

Please pray with me that my brother & his family who I asked to moved out in December2016 yet from my house that they live rent-free for over 20 yrs will find another place for them to live. I need my house now to have my niece & granddaughter and their children live there together so they can get free rent and help each other as single mothers. I am helping each financially so they can have better chances to improve their sorry situations. In JESUS NAME I PRAY!!!AMEN!!🙏🙏🙏

—ROselda, CA

Please pray with me that JESUS CHRIST heals me completely from my neuropathy pain left over from my chemotheraphy/radiation treatment from breast cancer I contracted in July2007. Thanks much. Roselda M Lack


Prayer to be debt free and be healthy and loose weight. Prayer for all health issues to be healed fully in Jesus name. Prayer for a job to come or my business to pick up in Jesus mighty name!

—Nima, CA

Please pray with my sons and I trusting God for restoration of my salary grade as a dentist as per OSD Trusting God for a faithful tenant as of 2017/05/01 Trusting God for restoration of my health, Lesedi's and Lesego's health Deliverance for Lesego from using marijuana, smoking and alcohol use Salvation of my brothers: Jones, Thomas & Robert A prayful, trustworthy husband


Please pray for the best job I've ever had,I'm unemployed! I'm not moving forward, I pray for God's help.

—Susan E, FL