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I was terminated from my job that I have worked 11 years.However I had 2 years if being​ in an hosile environment​ in which GOD has delivered me out. I don't have a next step just trust god. I need relief my rent and bills are due.plese help Lord guide my steps in Jesus name.

—Crystal, CA

I ask for prayer for my son who has been applying for work and that the right job for his future will present itself. I pray for a boost and stability in his finances.

—Su, IL

I have a full-time job for June& July with a 3 day weekend so I can spend time with my 3 children.I get out by 1pm because I will be going to school full-time as well.

—Diana, TX

Please pray for me that I will find a decent job immediately in my electrical field and God to give wisdom and strength. Also pray, that my mind does not wonder when I’m praying thinking of my past which does not help in my walk with Christ. Pray for my mother to recover her memory Patrick SK Canada


GOD I want to wthpbtngt, ton to have fplush twad gpglge. jntgtun, i need abnh,handlptbb.fpsatshn,abththatms.

—jag, MA

Please pray for me to have supernatural debt cancellation. I'm drowning in debt. Also, please pray for me to have enough money to pay my bills this week

—Helana, IL

Please pray for me I need 10,896.74 by Friday April 28 to pay the mortgage current and get my home off the foreclosure list also I need 2,567.00 to pay my monthly bills current also in Jesus name. I had a minister promise me he was going to pay the bill mortgage current for me this week.

—Charmont, NC

In school, after being laid off ,rent is due, mega short on the full amount. Just applied for a salon receptionist job. Pray it pays the rent and it works around school, or I find a non boring non cubicle job , salon related. super stressed don't even know maybe I should change schools to one on state approved list. Go after barber license first and then cosmo instead of other way around. Seriously thinking about it. Gotta do what I gotta do in the long term.


I am requesting prayers for a financial blessing for my business/ministry Cabana Eyes Optical which we provide eyeglasses for anyone that needs them. Right now we are in the negative and behind due to equipment issues and having to send out our work to labs that make our glasses for us and having to pay a higher price than if our equipment was working. It has caused a shortfall and sometimes a delay in getting our work back due to making the payments before the work is completed. I know that GOD will provide, and I know that with your prayers we will be able to get newer equipment so that our customers/patients will not have to wait. We pray for every pair of glasses ordered and received, and with those that will allow us to. I am believing that our prayers will be answered. I thank you for your prayers and your ministry and the work you do all over and my prayers will continue to be with you to do the things that GOD has ordained for you. Thank you and GOD's Blessings be with you

—Edward, FL

I am praying for increase in all areas of my life. I am a single mother of 2 girls, a college student and working 2 jobs. I am asking that God releases financial blessings my way so that I can be a blessing to others. I want to be able to go to school full time to finish my nursing degree with no debt In Jesus name. I want to live comfortably and also take care of my mother so that she can retire and live her life. I pray multiple times per day. I know God hears me I know my blessing is on the way..

—Necole, IL

Need debt cancellation, credit card and student loans. I am raising my two sons, ex-husband is not working, needs a job. I have work that is needed to be completed in my home, but cannot afford to get it done, it's very hard to get ahead. I am paying debt best I can, but need a breakthrough.

—Etalia, PA

Pray for pay all debt in Jesus name!

—Anthony, NJ

Please agree with me for supernatural debt cancellation & provision. Please pray that my property saved from foreclosure. I am also needing supernatural breakthrough with taxes. Thank you.

—April, FL

Hello need prayer for fianaces.Am in debt and need a miracle.Am paying off but low fianaces

—Linda, WA

Prayer regarding my building and my rent to be paid and sorted out in Jesus Name. Amen Shelly

—Shelly, NJ

Prayer for a financial windfall in Jesus Name

—Shelly, NJ

I have a ton of student loans , medical collections from when i didn't have health insurance. I want multiple rental properties. I want restored credit. I consolidated my loans but my credit score is low. I only have one card. This is all damage from years ago. I want a fresh start for me and Mom without bankruptcy.

—Achia, MA

Please agree with me prayer for total breakthroughs in my finances and my ministry in this season. For completion of my house and church building in western Uganda Africa. For supernatural favor, wisdom and excellence in life and ministry. Thank you.

—Seriano and Rosette Bakyenga,

I am asking God for a miraculous intervention for a new car.

—Jeannie, GA

I am in urgent financial need of $500-$1,000 to help a friend come home from overseas

—Louise, IL

I am in urgent financial need of 300000$ Please oat for finances and debt cancellation


Very in need of Elohim divine guidance.havent been employed in months, frustrated because the enemy block food stamps,and my past is really hindering my future but I know my savior lives. Please pray that SSDI claim will be approved that will help me get position to were I believe God wants me to be. Amen

—Vincent, NC

I want you to pray for me that I become a faithful servant of God and that He must give me power to overcome every sin in my life


I was scammed when I bought my house and I could not get out. I have fallen into hardship and I've missed two payments. My mortgage company is filing to foreclose. Please pray for me. Please pray that GOD delivers me from this hardship and give me the wisdom to stay out of debt

—Michelle, MD

Pray for me I got a letter from the mortgage company yesterday saying that they are doing a repayment plan I need 2,584.53 to them on February 1 and 1,299.53 every month thereafter until 11-1-17 and our home will no longer be in foreclosure (14,280.33). I need 2,516.41 to pay tithes and January 2017 bills

—Charmont, NC

GOD I need a set aoh fp ew nmw i cannot louadh or naa.

—sn, MA

Help me pray for financial freedom. Bring some rest to me. Help me lord god to turn this around for the better in Jesus name I ask

—Geneva, MO

Father I am a true giver and now I come boldly to the throne of Grace to received mercy, for my debts are overwhelming me. I occurred most of my debts trying to help my sons; they good sons, but they lost their way. I raised them to love you, but they still struggle, with their spiritual walk. I know you working on them and I am so touch, but they my sons and I am not in position to help them, due to my own personal debt. of almost $8,000. I don't want to pray in a miss, so I am asking for up and above my debts to help myself and my sons to be better fathers and regain their faith in you. They doubt my God, because they see my struggles, but they also see your goodness. I thank you that I shall recover all, for my true desire is to help others, but I can not do that if I am overwhelmed myself. I turn these burden over to you this day and I received now in Jesus name.

—Pam, AZ

I need 2,584.53 by January 30, 2017 so that I can wire transfer that amount to the mortgage company so that they will have it by February 1 so our home will be removed off the foreclosure list. And thereafter, March 1- November 1 I need 1,299.53 monthly to pay the mortgage company. The total lump sum needed to pay the past due amounts legal fees and current amount is $ 14,280.33 and after the mortgage become current I want God to bless me with the amount needed to pay it monthly and to never get behind on the mortgage again and to pay our home off in Jesus name the amount needed is 73,000. I need 3,249.67 to pay the other bills due for the month of January. I need 4,306.14 to pay the tithes I have not paid in the last 5 years since 2012. To pay the mortgage and January 2017 bills I need 5,834.20 n Jesus name immediately. To pay the mortgage current in full, January bills and past and present tithes the total amount needed is 24,420.67 immediately n Jesus name. I am disabled from birth but when I got married by me being a female all my benefits were discontinued. I get 717.69 a month from my mom's death but I had not paid tithes since 2012 because we were struggling to make ends meet so I am asking God to forgive me for not paying my tithes like I should have. Also pray that God will bless me with a job I can do from home to help bring in more income to the home. Also I am asking God to bless my husband with more finances from his job.

—Charmont, NC

Thank you Heavenly Father for all that you have done and will do on my behalf and that of my family and friends. I pray for your continued favor as I face the enemy today at my worker compensation hearing. Father you know that I have been dealing with this injury and all that it entails for the last six years with only your help. Please let my lawyers represent me and that you will bring a victory with the settlement today. You know my needs for now and in the future. Thank you for showing your power to those who have taken from me and tried to discredit me and not provide for my injuries. Thank you for the victory over my enemies and fighting this battle on my behalf in Jesus Name Amen! Please pray with me for closure of this situation and that God will provide a victory with a huge settlement today. In Jesus Name, Amen and Thank you!

—Bernadette, VA

Please agree with me in prayer that I will have the best job opportunity at this time..

—April, FL


—vickey, OH

Please pray that we will be able to move in to right house. We want to move in by 2-1-2017

—Marilyn, GA

Daughter healed. Son perfect job Lottery win for me so I can be a blessing health wealth for me and my family

—Linda, PA

GOD I need a full time job.

—J, MA

Lord I thank you for your everlasting love. Father I need miracle provision in my finances. Lord provide a job for me. Open the right door. Lord please cancel all my debts. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.



—jn, MA

I am posting on the financial wall for my son and his family. They are in need of $1500 in five days to avoid another eviction, unfortunately I do not have it at this time. So please lift him up in prayer for he told me he is tired. But he rededicated his life today to Christ. So I pray God hear my cry for his faith is weak. Thank you for this prayer wall.

—Pam, AZ

Please be in agreement with me for helping homeless people. It is a heartfelt passion of mines and I cry all the time, because I know all to well about being homeless. So I am in need of finances to help my family and help those who are hurting.

—Angel, AZ

Need 150,000 + in Jesus name to pay tithes and become debt free in Jesus name.

—Charmont, NC

I need 7,482.62 in Jesus name by December 28, 2016 so I can pay our home mortgage current and get our home off the foreclosure list. I need 4,281.16 to pay our December 2016 bills current in Jesus name (11,763.78). To pay the mortgage off in full I need 71,523.66 by December 29,2016. Also I need a job I can due from home to bring in income.

—Charmont, NC

Urgent request. I serious financial lack, bills cant be paid, utilities get cut off. No christmas under the tree again this year, a mountain of debt and financial struggles everyday. Im so depressed. Prayers go unanswered. Dont want to go into the New Year or beyond like this. Please pray for me my husband and children. The struggle puts tremendous strain on us. Car insurance about to cancel because I dont have the money to pay it. Gas due for disconnect the 22. Its all too much.

—Laura, GA

Urgent: Financial Restoration! Breakthru! Dear Lord, I need Divine Appointments today and every day. Open their hearts and minds to know they need my water fresh every glass from their own kitchen tap. Bring forth those who already said they will be investing, to their their orders in today!! I am ready! I am open to receive it to honor Our Lord Jesus. Thank you. Amen

—Jan, PA

I pray and am claiming I will get and be more than happily successful at the new well paying, with benefits, and paid vacations full time administrative... job at the clinic... I have applied for, which is just right around the corner from my current home, and that I will be contacted agai immediately early this week to go in and sign my paper work to begin my new job by Thursday of this week.

—me, IL

I pray that I will make more than thousands right away for the immediate future and continued future sales of my playfully best seller published book.

—Beverly, IL

Please pray for me I need 7,482.62 immediately in Jesus Christ name to get the mortgage current and get home off the foreclosure list and no foreclosure sale date ever. And also to pay other bills that is due up to date. And to be bless with 75,000 to pay the mortgage off after I get current and get home off foreclosure list. I am asking God for a total of 20,000 so that I will have enough to cover the reinstatement quote of the mortgage and some left over to pay other bills and to be able to continue to pay the mortgage monthly.

—Charmont, NC

GOD you know were my eyes are and for what reasons, please it is time and you know that, this my prayer.

—E, MA

I had the peace and the confirmation to resign my job at the end of October to concentrate on my MLM business full time. Trusting our Jehovah Jireh for provision for my month end commitments (and over and above) and that He will bring in the right people into my team to take the business to great heights for His Kingdom purposes. Amen!


I pray to immediately get and receive more than enough money that I need to meet All my current and future needs right away!

—Lynn, IL

Asking GOD for financial liberty on all aspects.

—Je, MA

I would really love a Christmas miracle. I am a mother of twin teenage girls and a wife with a permanently disabled husband. I do my best to take care of my family, but it's so hard with the minimum pay I make. This Christmas I would really like to get caught up on my bills, especially my house payment and be able to give my family a nice Christmas. Please pray for me, I need help. Our financial situation never seems to get any better and sometimes it makes me so depressed I find myself thinking of ending my life.

—Kimberly, MO

I am believing God and walking in faith and not by sight that a proposed court date that is slated to determine spousal maintenance will not occur. There will be no court date and my soon to be ex-husband will settle out of court and agree to the amount my attorneys have suggested he pay. He won't even know the reason he's agreeing to it. He wants this divorce & I do not.I'm believing God for increase and abundance in every aspect of my life and my family's life. Please stand in agreement with me in this petition. Praise God! God is good all the time. I would also like to pray Psalm 91 over all who reads this and who are in need of protection. Right now, I plead the blood of Jesus over all your situations. It is written, God said "where two or more are gathered & agree in my name, there will I be in the midst"..

—Elizabeth, TX

Please pray for salvation for my brothers and sisters. To be set free from bondage of religion. Also, pray for financial increase and debt free in my household . Thank you

—Renato, IL

I am a single Mother of 2 sons that is in need of a financial help to out of debt. I am continually inundated with expenses thet were not planned. I will do eveyithng in my power to give back more and continue to pray for those that need assistance in God's name Amen

—Anne, NH

My prayer request is for a financial blessing..I lost my job in 2015 and God did bless me with opportunities to earn income during this time but without health insurance. I'm seeking full time employment with insurance. I ask you to stand in agreement with me for the doors to the "best" job God has for me to restore me. He spoke to me in 2015 and told me that he would keep me and I'm believing him for this. Offshoots of the employment with salary "more than I could ever imagine" will allow me to get caught up on my mortgage and do repairs to the house. I seek a position that will be destined by our Father and that I'm able to be there for the next 10-15 years (stability).

—Wanda, MD

Please stand in agreement with me asking God to show me favor for this federal government job that I have applied for.. I'm asking as I God through the process that nothing hinders it and I stand out above and beyond the rest. I have lived in poverty lon enough and it's time to break the chains of poverty bondage. In JESUS NAME

—Jacquelyn, MS

I pray that I have gotten my permanent well paying..., etc... good position... at ____, and that I will start working on my new job immediately any day now! I'm looking forward to going to that terrific store to enjoy my profession.

—Anxious, IL

Please help me pray for the finances to refurbish my house.I am not living in my house right now because it needs a lot of repaires. I am living in yh e country with one of my relatived. In the last two weeks we had 2 break ins in my relative's house. I was home alone om both occassions. On the 2nd break in I had to run for my life and jump over a balcony to get away.i had to do this because the robber came with a crow bar to break down the locks on the door. I am very nervous staying in that house . I need to find some other short term accomodation. until I can put all my funds together to refurbish my .7 house


I cannot afford anymore weeks nor days off without any pay this year. I am praying for and claiming that I will be contacted and informed of when I can go in and sign my new paperwork, etc..., for my permanent job of two years now. I am claiming more work days, more work hours, continuously getting higher pay (with all paid Off-days and vacations) Plus Medical and all other benefits, a higher title and a promotion(s). I look forward to even more accomplishments and success on my job.

—Grace, IL

I am praying and claiming that I will find out when I will start working at my new store, I have chosen, within just a few hours and way before my next pay period on my current job.

—Faith, IL

I am praying for and claiming an immediate Breakthrough in ALL areas of my Finances, in Jesus' Name, Amen!

—Hope, IL

Need prayer going thru divorce and we have been married 22 years didn't want this need a job that's is not just a job and wisdom where to go have some credit card debt only social to live on now lawyer expense having difficulty with hearing as well going. Going in reverse need divine reversal thank u


Urgent request for the Lord to provide financially a miracle of immediate and crucial needs being met as well as a career where my gifts can be used for His glory and the good of others.


Please pray for God to do some type of financial provision for me. I am living in my car and need increase. Prayers that job opens soon to have more than enough to pay bills, give, save. Need a credit card paid off and don't have the payment this month. Am in need of a way for food to be supplied also. Am hungry, but trying to endure. Thank you.


Please pray that the appraisal on our house will come back more than we expect. Also, pray that we will be able to get out of debt and be able to pay our tithes.

—Ben, SC

I am believing that I will smoothly start working out of my new desired and chosen location on my current job this month of October, which is in a few days from today or sooner. I am also claiming that I will be enjoying my substantial raise on my next paycheck and hopefully will be immediately promoted permanently and continue to quickly get my desired advancements up and pay increase on my current job.

—Lynn, IL

We are praying for God to send the right buyer with $150,000. We are in the process of selling our VA property soon. The Lord is our Source, He will see to it. Roman 13:8. Amen.

—Anna, MD

I am trusting in the Lord that my near upcoming wedding and marriage to my long time friend and fiancé will be blessed in every way.

—Hope, IL

I am claiming that I will receive and start spending my SSI within just a few days. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

—Hope, IL

I am asking for prayer for finances. I am in a terrible place financially and need relief. Thank you

—Audra, TX

My adult children need to have an encounter with Jesus. My marriage needs healed. My mom has dementia and I'm her caregiver and she needs healing and I need a miracle. I'm a mess. I feel like I'm falling apart and I desperately need the Lord to touch my life and my family.

—Joanna, IN

Thank You I am praying for finances, things keep breaking down, the house is rotting from inside out, money is dwindeling,, I myself have not been able to make money for 2 years since I had to become a caregiver for my brother and elderly mom,, O $$$$$ nothing, we are also experiencing unusual sickness, I feel like we are cursed, It does not make sense since we are born again and Jesus became a curse for us.. please pray to break the curse off of us financially health, mental.. emotional thank you In Jesus Name Amen

—Bonnie, GA

Expecting God to supply a financial miracle to pay all of my bills.

—Lo, GA

Praying for $4000.00

—Mark fortis, OH

Please pray for a miracle for my finances. My utilities have been cut off, my cell phone have been cut off, and my house is being reviewed for possible loan modification or foreclosure, and my car was repo. I am in business for myself; but employment or contracts. Please pray for a supernatural miracle that receive monies right now to restore everything that has been taken from me or cut off today. I need help! I thank you in Jesus name.

—David, FL

Prayer for my children that they grow up to be blessed and highly favored and that God sends the right people into their lives to be a blessing to them. Thank you for your prayers.

—Koya, MO

Prayers needed for continous disappointments and healing from a broken heart.

—Tracye, MO

Please pray I get this second job so I can keep my apartment and car and be able to help someone else in need.thank you

—Donna, CA

Please pray for a miracle that I receive monies right now, so that I can pay my mortgage to take it out of possibly foreclosure, pay my utility bill and pay all other bills, and that I can have food to eat. Please pray that I receive contracts right now for my consulting business. That you pray for financial freedom from all debts, and that a miracle will happen that my credit will be restored to great standings. And that I will have an overflow of finance that I will be a blessing to the Kingdom of God and whoever is around me. But most of all, that you will pray that I continue to increase in God’s wisdom, knowledge, and that I have favor with Him and man. In the name of Jesus I thank you.

—David, FL

Please pray that the Lord will provide a steady source of income for my family and that the Lord will move us to a place where we can raise our 5 year old son well according to God's will. We are currently living with my in-laws and it is not really healthy because of the attitude of the people in this house. My son and I are having difficulty here. Please help us pray. Thank you and God bless you.


Please pray my landlord works with me on my rent .please pray I get second job to catch up on bills amen

—Donna, CA

Plsase pray for me. I am without a job(my own fault and I feel so bad) because I left because I felt so angry,but I have been at home almost two months and I asking for another chance and also financial aid for my studies. I have applied to companies where I am very qualified but no response. I know that I made a bad decision but I am asking to pray with me so that I can have another opportunity. Thanks


Please come into agreement with my husband and I for a financial miracle! We are Pastors and we have always been givers, we tithe, sew seeds, and have always blessed others! We are now facing the biggest financial attack in both the ministry and our home that we have ever encountered! We believe Matthew 18:19 Thank you and may God bless you even the more as you agree with us!!

—Mrs Bobby Perry, TX

Please pray that I'm able to get one of these second that I can keep my apartment and car and pay bills please help me father.

—Donna, CA

Our farther thank you for your grace I come to for your grace at my SS hearing On August 3 in Jesus's Name Amen

—Youlanda, AL

Please pray for a financial blessing and the wisdom to maintain it thereafter. I come in agreement with you for this blessing. Amen.


My wife and I after more than a year of prayer and consideration and wise council decided two years ago that I needed to retire from my job to begin a new chapter in our lives, devoted to serving God. Two years later, we have nothing to show. I'm back in my old line of work, we are out of finances, our electricity is due to be shut off this week, we think we may be about to be evicted, and our van payment is two months past due. We together are working multiple jobs that pay next to nothing. We're on gov't assistance for food, and even that's not nearly enough for us and our four children. We have prayed, fasted, plead with God and are still seeking Him, but there has been no relief and no hint of help. We're drowning, and even our marriage is almost wrecked. It's too much. Jesus, HELP!!!


Praise God. Kindly pray for me for a financial breakthrough in our life. Struggling with debts of Aed 470,000/ Not getting salary for last 25 months. Please pray to release all my pending salaries and to get new job for me and to get new works for the company.


I am praying for help in my finances. I need a new car, and show me how to be a good steward over my finances. Thank You.

—Shelia, LA

I am seeking a financial break through. I am a single mother of 2 children. My house needs a new roof. I pray each time it rains that my home will stay dry. The roof will cost $4000. I know God can supply our need. Please join me in prayer that I can get a new roof.

—Vickie, VA

GOD you know and you now and you know amen


Dear pray team, I pray for a financial breakthrough that like help us get on our feet and be able to f o for others.


I am seeking God for a change of environment and will like a new home of my own in a new location.

—Wina, NJ

I pray to God for the return of monies stolen from me from crooked contractors and my homeowner insurance company.

—deborah, TN

Jobs are stealing from me (not paying full of what I am owed) and someone dented my vehicle and did not let me know who they were, I have $1,000 deductible which, I cannot pay, to fix it. I have no home, my fiance cheated and our wedding is off and I am just not sure how much more I can endure. I am grateful for what I do have, however, I need prayers for the enemy to be rebuked and get his hands off and for restoration of all enemy has done. I do not steal, by Gods grace, and I need this to stop. Thank you for praying.


Dear partner, I ask intercessory prayer for me, for my financial break-through. The Lord bless your worship. Thank you. Imre Ivácson


Dear Intercessors, My coworker Ilene is having marital problems and would like guidance from the Lord as to how to proceed in the relationship. Her husband is on SSD, has hidden information from her and refuses to help her with anything even though he sits at home all day. He owes $63,000 in back child support and thousands of dollars in student loans. The Federal government is taking money from her as a result of his negligence leaving them with very little money to live on. Please lift her up in prayer before the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you. Debra

—Debra, OR

A&O you give me what I have been waiting for so long to what need to be done


A&O open HEAVEN and poor everything neede to keep my brother healty


I'm believing for a financial break thru in the area of Money. I'm needing a court judgement to be dismissed in Jesus name concerning my 1st home purchase or paid in full entirely. Due to unemployment from taking care of my father who had ALS 2012 and then my mom who had ovarian and then brain cancer 2013. I loss both my parents and my home. I had to move due to financial hardship. The bank sold my home but expects 124,000 for diff between what I owed and what they sold it for. Florida housing market was in recession. I'm believing for a miracle for this to be paid in full or dismissed all together. Math 19:26. Please agree with me as I am in need supernatural god help at this time. This has caused a tremendous strain on my marriage and family. Need a miracle blessing in jesus name

—Karen, FL