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Praying for wisdom and direction from God. To know what his plans sre for my life.

—Lystra, MD

This is what the Court is trying to do to me. Pray God will help me because I'm dead for sure -- or worse. In the name of Jesus Christ, our holy savior and sweetest friend.

—Kathy, MI

Please agree with me prayer for total financial breakthrough in my life and ministry.That God may open for us doors and connections for international ministry in this season. Thank you.

—Bakyenga and Kedembe,

Friends, greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This letter is in appreciation of your wonderful calling to Christian music ministry. The Christian Music ministry is one of the most (if not the most) influential evangelistic tool in spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ across multi - denominations, religions, cultures, cults, etc. This is the concern which God the Holy Spirit has laid upon our hearts to share with you. USA is pluralistic or multi religious and addressing "God" is universal and communal. Therefore an ardent necessity to voice the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, in every hymn, song, chorus, lyric, etc. is shown in the following areas: 1. Church: Church music has less than 10% to zero in reference to the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus said, “no one can come to the Father except through me - the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6) Church or Christian music will glorify and fulfill the purpose of God the Father only by vehemently voicing, ascertaining, and confessing the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. 2. Society: Every religion or cult – Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, New Age, Pagan, etc. makes an adherence to “god.” When Christians make a reference to “God” it must be in / to the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Or else the “God” referred to by a Christian is misunderstood to be the same “god” as that of every religion or cult. (Act 4:12) Therefore, among the numerous gods and goddesses it becomes fundamental to address God in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. 3. Theology: World, social media, public, uses the name ‘Jesus’ as a joke, slang, curse, etc. Several religious and cultic persuasions use the Bible as a spring board for their controversial theologies. At the same time they diminish or eliminate the uniqueness of the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. To counter this contempt, it is crucial to proclaim the Name of Jesus with joy, pride, emphasis, and reverence to glorify God the Father for his greatest gift of sacrificing His only begotten Son Jesus to redeem us from our sins. [Exo 20:7] A “name” is significant to address or identify someone or something in a labyrinth of people, churches, ministries, etc. How much more so the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, when every knee will bow and confess Jesus is Lord! (Php 2:9-11) May God the Father be glorified by your exclusive gift, talent, and calling to Christian music. Even as you highlight, declare, and exalt the Name of Jesus, the Son of God as much and whenever possible in every song, hymn, lyric, chorus, etc. and lead others in doing the same. Logos Mission for Jesus’ Name

—logos mission, NJ

oh Lord, i ask in Jesus name for you to show my son steve that you are there for him. He needs to see Your hand Lord. we are praying that You have mercy on him and give him a passing mark on the florida bar exam. favor him on the essays and the mbe part of the exam . we thank you for every good thing you have done. send your holy spirit to steve and let him see you. let him feel your presence. i thank you Lord. i love you . and steve loves you. amen and amen

—susan, OH

I am praying that God will show Himself and communicate with my son.. He has had a hard road and I hear discouragement in his voice. I am asking for a positive breakthrough in his situation.

—Sue, IL

I pray that God immediately answers my three most pressing problems today. May God continue to grant favor for all the desires that are in my heart so dearly.

—Faith, IL

Please pray that we hear from God in my son's court case. Through this all he has come to know and believe in God. My church prayer partners are constantly in prayer for God's breakthrough in his case. But the prosecutor on his case is not cooperating with him. My pastor suggested I start thanking God right now for His breakthrough that is coming. Please help me pray for this breakthrough that is coming and the mighty testimony of my son.

—Shirley, TX

Praying to hear God's voice in this dark season right now. I want to obey His voice. Please agree with me. Thank you.

—April, FL

GOD I need to ear your voice jingtslt this year sgtbts

—ns, MA

I need to hear Gods voice. His wisdom and instruction for my life and my family. I pray for the salvation of God for my mom and brother who are both drug and alcohol addicted. Salvation for me my husband and our children from sickness, mental illness, stress fear dout worry lack. All that have us bound in the spirit.

—Laura, GA

I pray for God's speed in bringing peace, joy, happiness, and serenity into and all over in my life.

—Anxious, IL

I pray that ... will immediately do what needs... to be done and right away...

—ao, IL

I pray that I will smoothly start the college teaching position full time online within a few days now that I have been waiting to get for a while now.

—Faith, IL

I am asking The Lord for spiritual and emotional strength to go on, I need help. I need Him to refill me and increase my hope, faith & love to move forward and create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. We are finishing a Christian movie and the attack has been intense for a long time I need strength, grace, creativity, anointing, and inspiration to finish.

—Hans, PA

GOD I want to ear your voice in other tkwtd for ygbtu.

—N, MA

I am ready to receive and enjoy all of my gifts from God this Christmas and entire Holiday Season; it's going to be a great New Year's! I am claiming today and giving Thanks for my blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.

—Grace, IL

I am ready to be blessed with the desires God has placed in my heart.

—Hope, IL

Immediate signs and actions that my fiancé Kevin and I are right for each other or not...

—Lynn, IL

Please pray for Brandy respiratory problems will be healed mucous will stop coming oxygen level will be normal day and night.

—kendra, CA

I have claimed that God has opened up doors and has made it possible for my fiancé and I to have more time to be physically and completely together as a married couple in every way.

—Hope, IL

God my daughter and I need to hear your voice to relive us of this financial burden our business have place on us, please tell us how to work it out!!

—Tamra, KS

God I want to hear your voice regarding what I need to do. Please pray that God will have mercy on my husband who has embraced atheism and has said abominable things against God. He has written a book against God and Christians and he thinks adultery, lying and cheating are okay. He has been having a relationship with another woman and does not want to stop. Pray that God will have mercy on him and give him the grace to repent. Please pray for protection. strength, faith, mercy and blessings for me and my children. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD

GOD I want to hear your voice about abnhe during that tput the pfwom


I pray that my Friend David E Griffin Jr will hear God's voice speak to his heart today.That the lord will draw him near and bring him to complete salvation in the lord. IJNIP

—Christina, TX

GOD I want to hear your voice telling me what to do for my brother Valker J. Alcide and show me what to do for everything that I need this moment and for forever your present and will still be he has no one except you work witm show me help me bring for me


A&O you are my light my answers and my solution I need a way to s, s a p to my b directly and safely respectfully and right now please to n you know why and it is very important you know why i want to d it


Lord You are alpha and omega, you are forever faithful, you are a deliverer, a healer, able to open doors no man can close. I know to hear your voice I need to get in your word. Help me seek You like never before. I am being pulled to pray for people, encourage people and I know I must get more in your word. Oh how I love you and need you. I thank you for how you are working things out for those people I have put before you. Thank you for allowing my daughter to get a job today. By faith I believe it is so. You are so good. I trust you. I plead the Blood of Jesus over every situation, every dilemma and over the lives of each one of my daughters. Thank you. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

—Deb, NC

I need to hear God in my situation, I need for him to be clear, give me wisdom, revelation or a sign.

—Christina, TX

Dear Lord Jesus Christ You have a plan for me and my boys. It's been some crazy trails that I leave in your hands. Also, please God keep my son Eren safe : cancer, stuttering, and a serious burn on his arm . Please deal with me , not my son. He can't take no more. Thank you Lord

—Vivian Ben, CA

A&O I want to ear your voice about my b case send to at how fare are we or what next it has been so long my eyes are waiting on you h


God Father i need you, i feel so lost and no purpose within me, please God just guide me and i will follow give me strength to move forward with all these problems I love you and Jesus, i don't want to fail you again Father


Hi. I need to hear God's voice concerning a word he gave me last November. Also I need healing and restoration. Tnx.


A&O I want to know what stop my b to have is date for in go and boulverse everything so that y can be the first

—Ns, MA

GOD, A&O I want to know why I cannot hear from for ju everyb have there answers except me please be the vessel, the bridge for the answer I am waiting on, today is the day

—Jn, MA

Father,pray that you forgive me for all my sins, make me the head, & never the tail, guide me in the right direction at all times, deliver me from anger (old/new), cleanse my soul completely of ungodly things, speak life into me, speak through my vocal cords at all times, speak through my thoughts, be my ears when I can't or aren't hearing positive things, be my eyes when my vision seems not so clear, be my hands when giving & receiving, be my feet to success & a brighter future, mend my broken heart, watch over my house, car & job, for which I thank you so much for,teach me how to love again, let peace be with me at all times. Thank you for everything you've blessed me with, as well as situations you've gotten me out of, but please speak to me, I love you over all things and people. In Christ Jesus, Amen.

—LaSandra, AL

GOD, I want to hear your voice about my B. health, what to do.

—Jn, MA

I decree and declare in the mighty, powerful and glorious name of Jesus Christ, that, no weapon formed against me shall prosper and any tongue or person, that, rises up against me in Judgment, God shall condemn. These are the promises, which, are made unto the children of God. In Jesus Christ Holy name let every Jericho wall fall and come down. According to Proverbs 29:6, I am not snared by transgression, and I sing and rejoice in Christ Jesus. In Jesus Christ Holy name and by his spirit, which, says, I consider the cause of the poor and the downtrodden, according to Proverbs, 29:7. In the mighty, powerful and glorious name of Jesus and by the BLOOD of Christ, I forgive all of those whom have without cause, in positions of leadership, authority, and power. The evil works of the devil is destroyed, and, those, that, have caused me hurt, pain, frustration and lied on me, and caused me to be terminated from my employment unlawfully and wrongfully. In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare, that, those in positions of power and leadership at CUL, in Jesus Christ Holy name will no longer, have authority to hurt, harm, abuse, traumatize, frustrate, manipulate and victimize those for which, they are put in authority over to manage. I thank you God, in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Christ, that, people with integrity, morals, ethics, compassion, and true leadership characteristics and qualities, will be put in those positions of management at CUL.I decree and declare, that, no longer will the employees at CUL, be stopped from advancement and or ascension, hindered, treated badly, marginalized, ostracized, hurt, and prevented from advancement. Father in Jesus Christ holy name put leaders in authority at CUL, whom have integrity, morals and operate in ethical behavior, which, will permeate through CUL, from the CEO/President, to the janitors. I decree and declare by the holy spirit, that, I forgive by faith, because, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, those whom have without cause and or reason terminated my employment wrongfully at CUL. I decree and declare that, I will not hold bitterness, strife, offenses and or grudges. I forgive S.R, T.H.J, D.O, E.C and A.W, and I pray for their deliverance from carnality, abuses, manipulations, deceptions, hidden agenda's, irrationality, high jacking of others creativity, ideas and work. Father God in Jesus Christ Holy name deliver them, also, from the spirits of sabotage, derailment of others progress, Let the fire of almighty God destroy the evil plots, and decrees. Rise, oh, God and let my enemies be scattered, in the name of Jesus Christ, and by his blood, I pray. Amen.

—Lola, IL

thanks for your prayers for Scott. Inoperable brain tumors were successfully removed. PTL Only fibers yet to be removed.

—Madeleine, FL

God please speak to me. I feel alone like I want to not be here anymore. I can't hear you....I seek you and listen please...I am tired, I can't do this alone. please talk to me.please send help somehow. HELP!

—J, NJ

I would like to have a discerning spirit to when the holy spirit is speaking to me.l also need wisdom, understanding, love in my life.Thank you!

—June, NJ

Lord please speak to me and tell me what you want me as a called minister to do and where to start. I need your guidance in all things I do. In Jesus's Name.

—Matthew, GA

Lord pls let me cleary hear your voice regarding my life


Lord please answer my prayers. Help me hear your voice right now in this moment I am facing. Don't know what I feel for P.S. Don't know what to do. Deliver my and help my through this. In Jesus name I pray.


GOD I want to hear your voice on how to get prepared to send my brother to the Embassy, no more 6 months.

—Jn, MA

A&O prouve me that is your voice and give me the answer because if it ie you I would have find the answers longtime ago.also GOD GSCFORmany reasons

—Js, MA


—Jn, MA

Hello, I ask for prayer for emotional healing, peace in place of anxiety as well as guidance and wisdom in what to do/ pray concerning my ex. Thank you, God bless!! -Arielle

—Arielle, IL

Please pray for me and with me that God in Jesus Christ Holy name will bless me with grants and contracts for my organization LCRCHS, Inc.I also, pray that my grant will be released immediately with no hindrance. I pray that God will deliver me from any and all sickness and disease. I pray that I will receive the recognition and accolades that I so richly deserve for implementing and bringing in jobs to my organization.

—Lola Gilmore, IL

GOD I want to hear your voice on those thinking because I know if it was you they would have come to resolution already let me ear your voice on that level.

—Js, MA

GOD I want to hear your voice longtime about that subject one can answer for all, your Voice change, your voice bring, your voice saved, your voice resolved, and your voice winn you know what I am talking about LORD, DO IT LIKE the other once.

—Jns, MA

Dear Papa, thank you for healing me. My heart was once broken into pieces but now I'm whole again. I love you Papa. Please strengthen those whose hearts are broken. Please touch their souls with your unconditional love. Please let them know that you're always with them, and everything will be alright because you keep your promises. I love you utterly Papa. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen


GOD I want to hear your voice to night and light about what I have been looking for it is so important that I cannot stop searching.

—Jeane, MA

Prayer for my son David Okezie Nwosu-Iheme Jr., to be delivered disobedience, defiance and a rebellious spirit. I pray that any and all negative influences would be removed from his life in the mighty, powerful and glorious name of Christ Jesus. I pray that negetive influences of Angeligue and his friend Terrance and his family's negative influence of allowing my son to drink in their home be removed from his life. I pray to God that my son will come back to God and his own family. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

—Lola Gilmore, IL

Please pray for me to hear the voice of God during this difficult time in my family. My husband has hardened his heart against God. Pray for his soul and restoration.

—Sarah, MD

thank you God for all you given me, please keep on blessing me and my family, and please help me succeed in my goals, I pray for mine and my families health, for my children to grow up healthy for a better job/career for a better job for Juan and my brother and in some day owning my own house. And patience. Thank you

—Judith, CA

Lord, I pray for courage and strength in difficult times ahead. I need to let go of someone I truly love but it wasn't meant to be. I pray to be able to move on without holding any anger against him. Amen

—Cami, TX

Lord, Help me with everything going on in my life. Make me stronger, tell me everything is going to be alright. I want a better life for me and my family. I want to live in peace. In Jesus name, Amen!


GOD make everything go so quick for my brother for me you know what I am talking about, that I will not beleive it.

—Je, MA

I pray that my brother gets into college, That I have a better relationship with my sisters, and that I can be able to get a great report card to bring home for this semester of 10th grade.

—Ethan, CO

I'm believing GOD for three bedroom home,salvation for my son Isaac,salvation for my family, financial breakthrough and my debts will be cancelled In JESUS NAME. Mary Meadors,Tx.

—mary meadors, TX

Lord, I pray to be healthy, and to be blessed with a healthy child....but Not my will Lord, Let yours be done in my life... Please also deliver me from whatever isn't pleasing in your sight... In Jesus Mighty Name... Amen (Praying for you all) God Bless!!!

—Marie, FL

For God's will to direct and guide me through this storm. To do what is best for me and not to compromise myself for others. My daughter Faith's health.

—Kathy, PA

At times when I read your word,I face difficulty with remembering what I read,or I get sleepy. Please god give me insight. Help Me not to be so judgmental,be stubborn and not hold grudges. Give me a sound mind. Help me to be forgiving and loving. Holy spirit reside in my heart and lead me not into temptation. Bless those who harm me and my family. In Jesus nsme

—celeste, LA

Lord, I truly don't know what is happening in my situation.please shed some light as I seek You and have been reading your word daily. Please speak to me Lord in ways I can clearly understand. I need You to do this, Lord, please speak to Derek's heart too. Thank You Lord. Praise Your Holy Name, amen,

—Janeen, NJ

Lord, I've fallin literally ten times, I've lost everything, my brohter has lost everything, we are beginning to loose more, i need a job and need to go to school. I didn't expect to get laid off an my brother to loose his job as well. We have gone a month with out eating 3 meals. And only have $2.00"s a day that Im thankful for to put in the gas tank. We can only eat once a day. Literally sharing one item of food between 3 ppl. Lord many ppl have accused myself, my brother and my mother of things we can certainly prove and have proved we did not do. NO one in Los Angeles will help or at least help with a roof over our heads. WE have literally been shunned in Santa Monica after I've dedicated, donated & helped the ppl in City of Santa Monica. It hurts so bad. Lord, show us favor, may people show us favor, Lord may no weapon formed against me and my family prosper. Lord, please show me the way to get out of this mess and recover, give me strength and confidence to keep going, help me be the woman you chose fo rme. I've gone through hell that I didn't cause to be. I'm a good person this bad has happen. Lord, let me hear your voice even more, to prove that you are still with even through all that has happened. In Jesus name, Amen

—Pamala, CA

Lord Please heal my broken collarbone. I am sorry for not giving you my priority but now realized its you who always saved me.


Lord please help us hear your voice. Speak to us with confirmation and peace. Open doors for us to walk through. Thank You, in Jesus name, amen.

—J, NJ

Lord, I have not been a very good christian lately, I have been negative with everyone and everything in my life. I am not suppose to act this way, but loving like you want me to be. Lord I ask for your help on this, I cannot seem to do this on my ownn. Thank You Jesus.

—Melissa, NY

LORD, I am on the road all alone and it has been years, I want to hear your voice by answering me, you know all my needs, my pains, my concerns, my struggles, and you know that you are the Answers, because I have been trying everything on my own nothing works, please again LORD let me hear your voice today with all the answers that I need, and that I will be needed for the future. I am in attend every day for your voice , make toaday the day, this hour , this minute, amen LORD.

—Jag, MA

GOD, I know you have ear to hear, hear me LORD, you have eyes to see, see me LORD, you have a mind to think, think about me LORD, you know where I am, you know are things are going for me, whithout you I do not know, I am still on the ground, I want to move with no succes, tonight LORD let me hear your voice by giving me all the answers LORD, you know how much I have been suffering, and how many things that cannot be resolved because of that, some of them are very crucial and you know you are the one and the only one, please againg Almighty do something, say a word, let tonight be the night, by hearing your voice saying I sent you all your answers, special delivery thru my Angels and myself thru your powers MY LORD, amen.


GOD increase everything as a prove that you have heard me.

—Jag, MA

Lord, everything seems to be going wrong. I truly do not know what to do or where to go. Please help me hear what You have for me, please speak to me clearly. I'm alone and need help. I need love. Real love manifested. I'm sorry for anything I've done wrong. Please forgive me and answer me for breakthroughs. Thank You Lord.

—J, NJ

Please pray for me. I am a health care assistant and looking to work in a good care home. Currently I am visiting individual homes and it is tiring because I do not drive, I am about to send CV's around to care homes, and I ask that you help me pray for success in my job search.



—Melissa, OK

GOD let me hear your voice by giving me a full time assagnement and my three major concern, you know them all LORD, amen.

—Jag, MA



GOD I do not know what are you doing with me, the mountains are getting higher, the circumstances are accumulated, each step that I make the obstacles are getting stronger, I want to hear from you and hear your voice today, you commanded: the sea, the wind, the blind, the paralized, the sick, the mute, nature obey in generale, I want to hear your voice today and tell me what to do, you are the GOD of Command, I want to hear yor voice with the answers that I need, and the answers that I have been waitind for, and for so long. amen.

—Jag, MA

GOD, if you are not absent let me hear your voice by providing me the answers needed for my three most important requests you know what they are LORD, let the Glory be yours amen.

—Jeanese, MA

i want to walk and talk with God every moment of the day. i want to hear his voice so audibly that nothing will make me doubt him. i need his touch i seek his face i need his presence


GOD I want to hear your voice on my circumstances, seems like you are far away from me, I know that you are Omnipresent, but I cannot hear you, make your voice heard to me by answer my prayer by what I need, you know my plans and my needs, you voice is the open door for me I am waiting LORD, amen.

—Jeanese, MA

GOD, how you really there, I cannot hear your voice to prove me that you are with me, it has been too long, let me hear your voice by giving me the answers of my three must needed answers GOD, you know all, let these three answers be the sound of your voice, I cannot wait GOD to say Alleluia.

—Jeanese, MA

Please help me pray, GOD, I need to ear your voice and know why I cannot find a full time job with a good pay for the answers of my needs, and be living better than before, I have many qualifications, and be independent again financialy, work like a professional I study for that and take care of my love ones and your Ministries better than before, the enemies are harassing me but I know I have a GOD who can do everything, but I do not see, or ear, from you, I have a GOD, your Name is Jesus Christ, amen.

—Jeanese, MA

Please pray for my husband to walk with God, hear His voice clearly, and have His power to help others.


GOD I want to ear you voice you know everything.

—Jeanese, MA

I ask Jesus Christ the one and the only one to hear his voice, on everything I am doing, on everything that I try to bring changes, every where I look for him, any time I need him, any time I put my trust in him, GOD dictated me thru your voice, proved me thru your voice, give me victories thru your voice, expect thru your voice,regain thru your voice, received thru your voice, commande for me thru your voice, release for me thru your voice, choose me thru your voice, prioritised me thru your voice, claim for me thru your voice.

—Jeanese, MA

I know (and i believe) that i am at the center of God's will right now particularly my ministry and the business i am into. I started my business (networking business of the famous Optrimax plum Delite)in Southern part of the Philippines last May 2014. I did a soft launch of the product by merely selling 20boxes. The product was very well accepted by the local citizens of that area. The product was sold very well. From a meager 20 boxes a month to about 750 boxes a month. Sales and number of people joining the network grew until Nov 2014. (We had the grand opening of the center/office last Oct 10, 2014 only) Things changed from Dec to january. Sales was down by 63%. There were several factors which i am not in control. For some reasons, the networkers stopped selling very well. There were product underpricing by other distributors that no networking company can stop and this is very common in any networking company. My situation now is that i need to hear clearly from the Lord for His guidance, wisdom, revelation and confirmation as to what to do with the center. It has been deficit from dec to Jan and is not promising this Feb. I am toying the idea of selling the rights (i spent almost $20,000 in the fit up and equipments, supplies, etc)and will all the more lose money if i just stop the business or continue staying in that area so i'm praying that God sends a company or a person to buy out the rights so i get my money back and so we can move to a smaller place. moving to a smaller place will definitely give a negative thought on networkers and product patronizers. i don't intend to stop distributing the product as the product is really amazing in terms of colon cleanse. but i can't continue to lose money on rent and overhead expenses. the capital i used is my family's last money (i sold our townhouse so i have a start up capital). I am a single parent and this money is all we've got. I need prayers pls. if you have some revelations and prophecies as you pray for me, please share it with me. Thank you for your time. God bless.


I ask in Jesus name for you Lord to help my son steve. you need to do it now Lord. I fear he will die if you don't help him. show him you are there for him. please I beg you .

—sue, OH

Thank You for fulfilling Your promises in me and that I say YES to what You have called me to do.

—Brigette, CA

to hear the voice of God and the grace to obey


I pray to God to guide me and give me strength and to always hear his voice and remember his ways

—Ariel, IL

I pray that I will Always be able to discern when I hear the Lords voice and when it is not. In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen Thank you

—Lori, CA

I need to hear from God for 2015 and to be able to discern his voice.


I know when I prayer God hears my voice - I want to be a better person and not worry about things and to get negative things from my mind. It say ask and you shall, knock and the door shall be open I ask that all my financial, health prosperity for 2015 God will answer all my prayer - and I will hear his voice

—Cynthia, GA

Please pray that this will be the year 2015 that Judy, Hope and Durell will hear His voice. To be more sensitive to our Father voice that we will know that we know it's His. A fresh anointing on us to hear Him. This been a great issue and frustrated in our life. That you so much! Happy New Year! Love your sister in Lord, Judy

—Judy, PA

Holy Father Lord God Almighty, I humbly enter your presence to ask that You will reveal yourself to me. My surrender to Your perfect will for my life is my deepest desire. Give me hearing ears, an open mind and a fertile heart to receive all Your guidance, instruction and corrections. " speak Lord, your servant listens..."


My marriage is going through a lot at the moment. I'm facing many problems and there is a lot I need to do to change about myself. Please pray God reaches down and touches my marriage. I pray that God touches my husband's heart and heals his anger and pain. I feel so broken and really need a miracle today. I need my miracle now. Before it's too late. I desperately need that miracle today I need it now I'm in so much pain and I've cried rivers of tears. Being pregnant doesn't help. Please just stop and pray for me


To my brothers and sisters on the prayer wall that have posted their same requests over and over (Andre,Melissa and others) Ive been where you are and know how important your request are to you and how much you need and want God to move on your behalf please listen : God knew your prayer before you even asked and heard you the first time you came before him with it , you are not showing him you have faith in him to help you by your many prayers in truth just the opposite >>find a promise in his word and Stand on it in Faith that he WILL do what he says in that promise pray one (1) time and thank him for hearing and answering IN HIS TIME and release it totally to him and thank him on a daily basis and he WILL show you his LOVE and concern for his child >> GOD cannot lie what he says he will do HE WILL DO !(remember this isnt mc'donalds fast drive thru ) his timing is perfect God Bless

—james, SC

I decree and declare this day, that no weapon formed against me SHALL Prosper and any tongue, that rises against me shall and will be condemned, according to Isaiah 54:17, because this is the inheritance of the children of God. I thank you Lord God in Jesus Name for protection, from any and all hurt, harm and danger, seen and unseen. According to Psalm 91, He who dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall reside in the shadow of the almighty God. I will say of the God of my salvation, you are my protector, my high tower, my resting place, my shepard, my Jehovah Jireh the God that provides for all of my needs, according to his riches in Glory by Christ the King Jesus. Thank you Lord God for your grace, love, mercy, favor and joy. In Jesus Christ Holy name, I pray, Amen.

—Centralia, IL

Praying for an online job that will be paying me weekly and to be blessed in accordance with christ Jesus in Glory