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Thank you for your strong and effective prayers! They always help me! I asked prayers for my friend who seemed in bondage to an unkind ex girlfriend who pushed to gain money and jewelry from him. He is free thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit for freeing him! I rejoice in being able to give a gift for your ministry. Thank you again.

—sonja, WI

Please pray for me and my elder mother. We are from the island of Dominica in the Caribbean that was just recently made desolate by the passage of Hurricane Maria. I am in need of your kind assistance and prayers. I have been a follower and contributor of yours for some time. Hurricane Maria has damaged my home and property rendered me unemployed. I work with children. Please provide any assistance you can. We need everything you can provide. It will be greatly appreciated. As always keep praying for me for God's increased guidance, discernment, and wisdom. God showed his mighty hand by protecting use through this terrible storm. My new kitten which I named Angel was a sign from Heaven. My

—Joy Elizabeth,

Please pray miracle healing for my son al mind body spirit psalm 107:20. An that he would sleep all night psalm 4:8 . He need pray a job .

—Kim, DE

It is written to call these things be not although they were today I am declaring victory for my son for full custody and that this case will be reviewed promptly and without delay I declare justice to be served lies to be revealed things done in secret things brought to light in every area of this case every lie everyhidden thing every whisper spoken in the ear and for all things time, money,everything stolen will be repaid in Jesus name. I am praying for great favor over my son and grandson favor with judge and the lawyers and the court I call this forth in JeSUS NAME. Ithank you now Lord It is written that you hear us when we call out to you and you deliver us out of ALL our trouble. Praise your name JesUS.

—Vickey, OH

[We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only, * the Church in the USA, Canada – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church--Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." * my family: 1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry—for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15. 2. Pray God's will and wisdom for me and my family; I ask God for great wisdom in school for Daniel, and for Edmund’s work situation, for Dorothy and Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann (Ann needs a husband), 3. God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work. Edmund Krzeminski


Prayers urgently needed for my daughter. She recently began the 12 step program for alcohol. Just before she was going to a job interview this morning she found out her infant neice passed away. Please pray this tragedy does not affect her recovery and she had a successful interview. Prayers for the family.

—Nancy, DE

Please Lord Jesus show me what I have to do to not hear, get away from me I don't know you. Please let me hear from you regularly.

—Frank, MD

After 26 yrs of marriage, my husband & I are calling it quits. There has been very little integrity on his part on a number of issues which over the years I could not trust him. This was hard for him to understand "why I could not trust him". Our communication became a 1 way street with him doing all the talking (yelling) then leaving in anger. He's made it very clear he is not willing to make changes. Divorce is one thing we agree on in a kindly manner.

—Karen, KS

to be more Christ like in my relationship with self and others.

—wanda, FL

Dear Pastor Dickow Letting you know that as March 23, 2017 I have been diagnosed, " in remission" from the non Hodgkins stage 3 cancer that invaded my body so without permission. I want to say thank you to my church family for the abundance of prayer and love that I received from all. Without all from Life Changers Church, I would not be in this grateful, thankful, position that God is allowing me and my family To experience. Once again, I thank each and every one of you. Our God is a good God. Never stop believing. I never did.

—Barbara mandell, IL

Please Pray for me and my family! The Lord has revealed that the enemy is trying to destroy the life of a member of my family, but we are not sure who and how. I have been under intense spiritual attacks. Please pray for God's protection and presence in our lives. Danny

—danny, CO

I need 2,584.53 by January 30, 2017 so that I can wire transfer that amount to the mortgage company so that they will have it by February 1 so our home will be removed off the foreclosure list. And thereafter, March 1- November 1 I need 1,299.53 monthly to pay the mortgage company. The total lump sum needed to pay the past due amounts legal fees and current amount is $ 14,280.33 and after the mortgage become current I want God to bless me with the amount needed to pay it monthly and to never get behind on the mortgage again and to pay our home off in Jesus name the amount needed is 73,000. I need 3,249.67 to pay the other bills due for the month of January. I need 4,306.14 to pay the tithes I have not paid in the last 5 years since 2012. To pay the mortgage and January 2017 bills I need 5,834.20 n Jesus name immediately. To pay the mortgage current in full, January bills and past and present tithes the total amount needed is 24,420.67 immediately n Jesus name. I am disabled from birth but when I got married by me being a female all my benefits were discontinued. I get 717.69 a month from my mom's death but I had not paid tithes since 2012 because we were struggling to make ends meet so I am asking God to forgive me for not paying my tithes like I should have. Also pray that God will bless me with a job I can do from home to help bring in more income to the home. Also I am asking God to bless my husband with more finances from his job.

—Charmont, NC

GOD I have still more expectations from you, but I cannot pass this time without thinking you.

—J, MA

Please pray in agreement that I can get my mom house sold. She had to go into assisted living facility and I found out she did a reverse morgtage on her house a few years ago. I don't understand why, her house was paid in full. Now Wells Fargo said the balance or the principle is $117,000.00. I'm believing GOD Almight for a abundance of financial blessings to give to the kingdom of God, reach the lost and to not lose my mom home. In Jesus Name AMEN!

—Wanda, MD

Thinking GOD for his mercy.

—Jg, MA

I need 9,001.29-16,000 so I can pay the home mortgage up to date so our home will be removed off the foreclosure list immediately and there will be no foreclosure ever in Jesus name. And Lord I did loan modification mortgage papers so I am asking that they go thru in Jesus name. And that you (Lord) will send me persons to bless me financially so I can pay the mortgage current to get our home off the foreclosure list in Jesus name and eventually pay it off in full (68,830.18-89,000).

—Charmont, NC

"I know I am not where I want to be;". but I am thankful for where I will be in my near future. I have claimed the victory!

—Hope, IL

please pray for me my life is up side down and without Christ Jesus want make it

—Nathan, OH

Pray that i will meet my godly mate very soon, that we will recognize eachother, pray for my total health and freedom from all weird pains from anxiety, stress. Salvation of my parents, brother, breaking of ungodly soulties, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in every area of my life, dreams, visions, prophecies, word of knowledge, word of wisdom to move fast forward and not repeat mistakes from my past. My total health. joy and peace. Guidance of the Holy spirit. THANK YOU!!


I am thankful through the fast from wrong thinking I am beginning to have much less anxiety. I praise God! I pray that this might continue and that I would feel better and be more confident in Christ and that the bondage of self might be broken!

—Karen, NY

With total faith in my Lord Jesus Christ I thank God for always hearing me as I pray for my family to once again have joy that their father is in their lives and that the enemy who has put a wedge between my husband and I is bound. In all forgiveness and love I welcome him back home where his heart is. No one shall step between us as God has put us together. Amen


A restored marriage and for the other woman to be taken out of my husbands life and his heart to softened towards me. For him to repent and ask God for forgiveness

—Barb, IA

GOD your Goodness is powerfull don't live me halfway its is time to celabrate victory


God I want to thank you for all the blesses that you have given me in my life. Most of all the you have never left me or forsaken me and for you unfailing love. Thank you for being my companion though this life. I love you more and more everyday.

—Christina, TX

Father I come boldly to the throne of grace asking for grace and help in my time of need. I pray Lord that you send the Holy Spirit to touch and deliver my brother Aaron from the bondage of depression, addiction and mental issues that is taking a toll on my parents as well as himself. You, Lord, are a deliverer and a redeemer. You make ALL things new, and delivered us from the curse of death in that You came that we might have LIFE in abundance! Your word declares that if I abide in You and your word abides in me, whatsoever I ask shall be given. I place my prayer request on this wall knowing that it is being agreed upon by my brothers and sisters in Christ to come to pass as you have promised. I touch and agree with the fervent, effectual prayers of the righteous standing in faith that though the kingdom suffers violence, WE are taking it back by force!! In the matchless name of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ I pray, AMEN!


GOD, A&O I am asking you to heal my brother from blood clot.Clean the path and prevent him from blood cloth


I just want to thank and praise God for He has done great things for me. We received a substantial amount of money from our government student loan for my son's university fee. Hallelujah ! Never give up praying for your needs will be supplied according to God's grace and riches. AND when they are share your joy and don't forget to go back and say thank you to our Lord.


prayer for protection for my entire family and provision

—nancy, TX

Please pray & be in agreement with me for an excellent result of my upcoming Comprehensive Physical Exam, & complete healing from any digestive system disorders. I also pray that I make the most out of my God-given talents & abilities in order to accomplish all that He created me to do in this world for His honor & glory.

—Joe, NV

A&O thank you for keep going

—Js, MA

GOD make dt the winners on everything 100 time lets them be surprised of how you can do things he put his money give him the power of w

—Ja, MA

Pray for divorce to be defeated between my wife and I and for God to bring us back together. The devil is a liar and he can't have this marriage. Please agree with me that my wife and I are restored in Jesus name.

—Pete, IL

A&o work as fast as you can for m b to c right with no d noo from the h ain h he s h b h alreadypleas let it h this w and also a b n h for me and my h and j resent j to u this y now you h r to d it good h for m b v a good p s s m and all t o i n a g b to o a n atomorrow i w m b to c r na a the o o tha my e a a to s t by n a c f m d j

—Js, MA

I am a pastor in western Uganda Africa.we shall conduct a revival conference in our Church Kizinda from march 18the to 20the,2016.Pray for Holy Spirit outpouring, healing, deliverance, blessings.That multitudes come church, restoration &transformation of lives.


I would like to request prayer for employment. I want to be in God's divine will for my life. Please pray that God would give me wisdom as to where I should apply. Also, that He would give me favor with an employer.

—Cynthia, IL

Please pray for us about everything and may God love us.


Pls pray for my marriage that God will ressurected my dead marriage and to go to Canada and to work,pls pray of healing in body suffering from underarms problem,and pcos and my to conceive babies,To pay my debt credit card to have money in bank and have my own house and family,comfort to my sister in law and her family for dying her father,to have visa in other country and wisdom,knowledge,understanding photographic memory and my ear will function well,Visa to my friend rhia and Rochelle to the country that thier applying.


Would like prayer for my 51yr old son who will be having his whole colon removed on 1/28/16. He will have an ostomy bag after surgery. He is not saved...may God give a special blessing to those of you who will pray for this request. I know there are those on this prayer line who know how to touch the Throne. TY in Jesus name....

—Susan, OH


—Andrea, AL

GOD thru your Goodness you are going to make me the winner not the looser, I am going to have the answer thru your Goodness, it is right in front of me just your approval I will celebrated joy, You can, you are, you must, and you should because your name is GOD.

—Js, MA

Please pray for my husband to come to God. He used to be a christian but then he harden his heart. And now he is an atheist and has another woman. I do not know what to do. Please pray for God to turn things around. Arrest my husband and end this relationship.

—Sarah, MD

LORD I do not have strenght for what I hear, you are the 1st and the last the beginning and the end, change the wrong to right on my favor the hopeless to victory and joy on my favoe, the long to short, the unanswered to response,the unseen to victories,the distant to unsemperable, the unthinkable to reality please GOD LORD OF LORD that is my prayer.

—Js, MA

Help me pray on that level thru GOD goodness I am going to walk on the obstacles that make me in fear I know GOD to GOD grace and your prayers before the end of the year I can cheer for GOD answers on my expectations, there are things I cannot say but GOD knows what they are, help me pray foe GOD to work overnight by running fast and fat with my expectations please join with me in JESUS name Amen.

—Ja, MA

Thank you GOD for answering my prayer when I look at it I see how fast GOD has answered me thank you joining with me in prayer. Glory to god

—Jn, MA

Pastor, after three refused tourist visas to go to Australia and spend time with my husband and family and praying and believing for a supernatural visa, God finally made the miracle!. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Now I'll go for the partner visa in Jesus' name. Amen!


Lord I pray that we as a family are drawn close together and are united. I also pray for our finances to be improved.I am 16 months unemployed now due to oldage, I am 55 years old seaman .I hope that I can find an employment or can have a money to start a business as soon as possible to support the needs of my family.


Father thank you for healing me. I am completely healed in Jesus Name. Amen


I am a pastor in western Uganda Africa.I have an emergency debt of 2500000 Uganda shillings to be paid by October 19th this month.Pray for me God's grace and provision to pay this debt in time.Thank you so much.

—Seriano Bakyenga,

A close friend of mine is struggling with sickness, and the doctors are having trouble finding the source. Please pray for discovery and healing for this friend.

—Jesse, GA

financial need,i need favor finacialy,blessings and miracles,thank you for praying on my behalf,

—jose luis, TX

pray for the anointing to do what jesus did,if we ask anything according to his will he hears and if he hears we have what we ask for amen,

—jose luis, TX

Hello faith. This wall reminds me that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.i touch and agree with every prayer request. Every hurt. Every need. Every desire and go to the throne with my fellow saints to pray that our lord and savior have mercy and send forth the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance. I pray for deliverance from emotional bondage and manifestation of the vision my lord gave me with my love Eddie. I wrote the vision and will not leave my post, as I press in to receive the promise. I stand in faith and enter into rest that all cries on this wall have been heard and our blessings have come without delay. You, father are a good and gracious God. No good thing will you withhold from those that walk upright in you. Therefore I believe WE receive NOW. Thank you lord. In Jesus name i pray and offer praise. Amen!


I desperately need prayer for my daughter, she is slowly slipping into drug world. I have been praying for her a lot, but maybe I need other prayer warriors to stand with me in this situation. I pray for Gods power to intervene in her life right now in Jesus might name.


Please pray that my entire family be made whole. In Jesus name Amen

—Poteat, MD

i applied for a correctional service learneship and im asking prayers that my application will be sucessful in Jesus's name..Amen


Please pray for me and with me that God in Jesus Christ Holy Name will bless me and lead me and guide me in my career and on my Job. I pray in Christ Jesus Holy name, that no weapon formed against me on my job will prosper and any tongue that rises against me in judgement will be condemned. Please pray with me that the managers and supervisors on my job will give me tremendous favor. I pray that God will bless me on my job, and that money that is being withheld from me will be released on my job in the powerful, mighty and glorious name of Christ the King Jesus.

—Lola, IL

Restoration and reconciliation of my friendship with my best friend Jon. Friends for 15 years and I had no integrity, violated is trust multiple times and now friendship is severely broken. Jon is not a believer so forgiving me is not a natural thing for him to do. I thank God for His forgiveness and trusting him for Jon's salvation and his forgiveness with a friendship that is restored, whole and lost time and quality restored. I thank God for helping me to repent and for changing me from the inside out so that we never go around these mountains again. I believe my best friend is in my destiny and he is my assignment in this world. I do not want to waste anymore time running from my assignment of doing my part to lead my best friend to Christ. It starts with me being a living example of Christ's love and then allowing that love to work through me.

—Kenn, DE

I desire to have a financial blessing to pay off all my debgs and tobe sble to help others in need like myself. Ineed prayer for better health for me and my sister who has just had astroke. Most of all i want "all" of my family members saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. The End is drawing near and they need to be saved. I just need prayer in general. Thank you for standing in agreement with me. God bless you and your family and ministry

—Shirley, LA

I love what Joel Osteen said about God's plan:"It’s easy to talk yourself out of your dreams and goals. Too many people settle for mediocrity, but God never gives up on a dream. Even when we give up, God still has every intention of bringing to pass every dream and every promise He put in your heart." I am planning to go on a retreat soon and look forward to God working even more abundantly in my life. I look for the overflowing that it talked about in the bible and I know if it's written in the word of God, it has to be true. God is true. Praise your name dear Lord no matter how disappointed and hurt I am right now, I know that you strengthen and bless in our times of trouble. Lord, I need You so much today, I cannot make it without You. I know you are with me and I thank You for showing Yourself faithful to me during these trying times. I see gold written all over me in those areas you have tried by fire! In Jesus Name.

—D, IL

RETREAT! RETREAT! I pray today dear Lord to be able to take myself away for a weekend retreat very soon. I would Love to get away from home and all the things that fill my eyes and ears daily, that don't glorify You. Even though I will be by myself, I know I will NOT BE alone, You promised to always be with me. Thank You Father and I know it shall be so, in Jesus name. Amen.

—D., IL

Heavenly father Thank You for your blessings.I thank you Lord for being with me and my family. Thank you for the love and kindness that you show me..Lord you are worthy to be praised, you are a wonderful God whose love has never ever failed me. In Jesus Name' Amen :)


A prayer of thanks! Lord, I woke up this morning because of You and the Love You have for me. Thank you for Your faithfulness, kindness, favor, blessings, and grace. You are my life. Thank You again, Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

—D, IL

I've just calculated my bills and I don't think I have enough money to pay them. Not even to by necessary things for the home. I've been praying for years to get out of poverty with giving and sowing seed. I really need a move from God today. Please pray for me and with me.

—D Sutton, OK

I guess you could call this a praise report of sorts. On Saturday, I was sitting in my apartment, when I heard the mail truck pull up out front. I said, Lord, I don't want any mail today, unless there's something good, or there's a check." Well, lo and behold, I went downstairs to retrieve my mail, and there was a $3.50 rebate check from my insurance company. Sometimes, you just have to love God's sense of humor!

—randy, PA

Lord I step out in faith and say thank You in advance for Dereks and my relationship being restored and if Your will, married til death do us part, and for my family members that don't know You to have their eyes opened and accept Christ into their hearts and have salvation. Thank You Lord for all You have already done, are doing, and are about to do. In Jesus Name, amen.

—Janeen, NJ

I would like to ask the heavenly father to allow my past to be the past so that I can receive my better future that I know he wants me to have. I ask him to heal my children inside and out so yhey can succeed and never go thru what I have experienced in life I ask that he speaks to my boyfriend and opens his eyes so that he may know and build a personal relationship with our Lord and savior. I don't want to lose my home or children please Lord allow me to continue to grow and help me do better in my struggle with addiction I LOVE YOU LORD PLEASE HELP US ALL, USE ME LORD! HOLD MY HAND,GUIDE ME, BUT I BEG OF YOU NOT TO DISCARD ANY OPPORTUNITIES SHOWN TO ME. HELP PLEASE I REALLY NEED AND WANT THIS JOB, BUT I UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU SAY THAT IT IS NOT WHAT I NEED I JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT IT, IM SO SORRY THAT IM NOT PERFECT! I LOVE YOU! YOUR DAUGHTER LATANYA LEE.

—LaTanya, MD

Lenard STag ford Taylor of Atlanta Georgia to pay his child support for his son whom he is responsible for

—Zellie, MD

My Dear FATHER GOD Who art in Heaven, Glory be to Your Holy NAME. Thank YOU for saving me and my family members with the Precious Blood of Your Son JESUS, Your Word said The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Please let every request made here become a testimony as I pray and the Ministry agree with me in prayer that I recieve the anointing/baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT, provide jobs to my elder brothers, bless the work of my hand, a visa to complete my studies in canada and to be a truthful representative of Heavenly Kingdom here on earth in the Wonderful and Matchless NAME of JESUS i pray AMEN.


Need income to cover urgent bills and food supply this week. Please pray for provision

—Nadia, FL

Pls pray for a godly mature husband for me and a total restoration in all aspects of my life ( financial breakthrough, health and emotional healing from my pass hurts).pls pray for God's Wisdom, Grace and direction for me to understand His perfect plan for my life thank you Linda Wiogo


Time is near, Lord, set me free from present city, take me where all the saint there city you delight and surprised me , its all cast care upon thee,,, I love you my beloved, trust in YOU!! all the way, I am not fear, every where I plan, I commit to you, will succeed, for you are joinery with me and keep me safety and give me a strength, more and more, and I am delight in YOu, Lord, Pray in Jesus name, Amen

—Hideko, OR

Thankyou God just for who you are Holy!!! I love you Lord..

—Donna, NJ

Abba, thank you for my great health, my healthy attitude towards exercise and eating. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my parents. Thank you for the work I do and the wisdom and perseverance you give me. Thank you for my strong character and pleasant nature. Thank you for my youthful appearance and skin radiance. Thank you for my lean body. Thank you for my giving me financial abundance. Thank you for bringing wonderful friends my way and restoring my relationship with a wonderful man. Thank you for my loving nature. In Jesus' name, amen !


My mind is stuck on every negative thing I learned in life. Nothing goes my way. I have degrees and cannot keep a job. I'm 48 and feel like my life is over. I'm so discouraged😢

—Fred, OH

Jesus Christ I just want to say thank you. Thank you Lord for being with me through it all, now I have a job and I am very grateful. You are worthy to be praised my Lord, in Jesus' Name, Amen.


Heavenly Father I pray that you be with me today in that interview room.Help me Lord to overcome the fear and anxiety,so that I can be able to show the interviewing panel the real me that that you made me to be.I am very grateful for this opportunity and I pray that I get the job, in Jesus'Name Amen.


GOD I need your acceleration on my daily life, you know where I am and you know where I want to go, for you Glory LORD, help me pray, amen.


Please, help me pray for GOD to use his Goodness and Mercy on me with a full time job, and increased his power on my daily work.

—Jag, MA

My daughter Lindsey will be deleverd from drugs and alcohol. The Lord has promised me that she will be used mightly in this world. I trust the Lord no matter what i see.

—Martha, TX

Please, help me pray for GOD to keep open the doors that was close in front me, things are still challengind me but I know if you help me pray GOD mercy can arise and stop every obstacles, myself is not enough, when I am weak and you stay strong thru you and GOD the ennemies will flee and I will have the victories, please keep help me pray for GOD to keep the doors wide open so no one can close them, with you GOD and myself I can see the Glory, help me make that Miracles and the Glory will be his, the One who got all Powers the Omnipotent, amen.

—Jag, MA

Lenard Stafford Taylor to start paying child support payments

—Zellie, MD


—mark, WA

Please pray for my husband a fast recovery from surgery. Thank you


Please pray that my son is relieved of his social anxiety and is blessed with Godly friends. Amen


Plz pray for me a good job. I got laid off last Feb and have not been able to find another job.

—Letha, AR

Pls pray for God's direction&wisdom in my life. Pls pray for a godly mature responsible husband for me, I am 42 years old already. Pls pray for a financial breakthrough in my laundry business and a new business opportunities in my life and total restoration in all aspects of my life.thank you


My prayer requests for my family's,myself,my children,financial breakthrough,need a place to live, I need to pass my math class I'm taking now,and peace in the middle east.Thanks

—vania, FL

I pray for continue have shalom peace, protection, safety, blessing all the day of my life, and Journeys with me wherever I go , for you are with me to guide me , what ever plan I have, will succeed, hope never disappoint, my future is bright, wait it on your time for day ahead new beginning, new place to settle. Lord , I trust in YOU. Amen

—Hideko, OR

Im just feeling down. Im bout to lose my place and I got two job offers though but need some kind of transportation...I just need some help and favor to make it happen! God is good! Plz pray for me...

—jacob, IN

Recently diagnosed with brain tumours. Agree for complete healing please. No effect on other part of body please.


Finances to reboot my life-resolve bills, get a condo and reliable vehicle, and replenish savings. Business Analyst position. Husband.

—Tracy, IA

GOD stay with me and give me the power of increase.

—Jag, MA

I would like you to pray for my family and I. I am praying and believing God for healing for my pancreas and also for my sister. also for my husbands ankle that it sprain years and ago and is now hurting when he is on it every day. Healing for my brothers body and growing his leg back out that he lost in the 90's. I pray for heaing for us all from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. I stand in agreement with you for this and know that I forget not all his benefits because the healeth all our diseases and we cannot be sick because we are redeemed from the curse.

—Lisa, AL

Pls pray marriage restoration,reconcilation and open communication with honesty,love, respect,unity,faithfulness to each other and to God,my husband will have stable job that he will be good provider,godly true husband hoe to take care and prioritize her wife and to stand for me and our future family not to his friend and parents,pls pray for Visa to go Canada have christian employer and, to concieve twins healthy this yr ,pls pray for me to loose weight and healing in my ovary and every part of my body,pls pray financial breakthrough,and debt cancellation,pls pray of healing of parents dad and mom goiter,highblood heart problem,arthritis,,pls pray that me and my husband will have our own house,car and money in our future in bank wre both in debt,pls pray ofrestoration and mending our broken relationship and time,PLS i want to be with my husband we been far for 2 yrs and 7 month now i dont wnant to have long ditance relationship anymore,pray for me and my family as well and ministry of God to me and myhusband together, thank yoh and Gld bless


GOD my trust are in you for my four main concern AND LIVE WITH ME THE POWER OF INCREASE.

—Jad, MA

GOD, do not hide yourself from me I need you more than ever, you know why, and why, and why, amen.

—Jeanese, MA

When I first posted on this site, my life was pretty bleak! I asked this prayer community to pray for me, and my life is better! Please continue to pray for me! Much love to everyone who did!

—Catrina, AL

GOD you have started and I know you are not going to live me half way, I am waiting on you, without the second step it is incompleted, you know better than I do.

—Jeanese, MA

GOD you know everything.

—Jeanese, MA

Father you know that I have been asking you longtime for a full time job, you know that I am your partner in your ministries, without a job I cannot do anything, I am willing but stop by lact of job, please GOD turn your eyes on me, your compassion because I am your child in your name Jesus Christ my LORD and my everything, I praise your name.

—Jeanese, MA


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