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I need to change my career - need Jesus’ guidance. I trust Jesus 100%. I seek clarity and have joy.

—Jean, NY

Please pray for my father and mother for their health and to travel from ernakulam to Trivandrum and for Lilly Aunty also for her spine also in jeasus name I receive amen

—Johnson, FL

Please pray for my father and mother for their health and to travel from ernakulam to Trivandrum and for Lilly Aunty also for her spine also in jeasus name I receive amen

—Johnson, FL

please pray for my journey back to usa from trivandrum airport to doha and from doha to miami. it is flooding in kerala and raining in kerala badly . please pray for our safety and please pray water levels may recide down .

—johnson, FL

i find it very difficult to look into the eyes of the people and talk . i have not had a proper job because of this problem. it is a sort of depression i take a lot of medication for this . it happens when ever i talk to a new person. please break this curse for me through your prayers

—johnson, FL

My income is being threatened,Indiana is not doing what it is suppose to be doing and I needed evidence and help

—Sister in Christ, IN

Pray for me to get money for my personal uses and for my family uses. I am now jobless so please pray that God to send His angels of finances to make means of getting money for me. Pray that doors of opportunities be opened for me and I may see them and grasp them and walk in it in Jesus Mighty Name.


Lord God l pray that may you provide me tuition for this last semester as am completing my course BBA and may you provide me a colourful job early may2018_after my Course so that l cannot move on street in Jesus name. Amen

—Amumpaire Adrine,

my husband of 9 years left me just because i could not give him A child, i did all i could to make sure i give him a child, i even went to an extent of forcing him to have sex with me every night but could not work. not until one evening when i was browsing through the internet, i saw a comment on how a woman in same problem like mine was made home by A man called lord amadi . i read about him and decided to contact him for help, i did as he ask me to do but i was still wondering how can someone just bring back my love he don't even know but i keep doing as he ask me to do. i was very surprise one morning my husband came and started begging me to come back to his life. at first i pretend to be angry then i accepted him back. lord amadi also cast a spell for me to make me have children and as i speak right now i am a mother with 3kids. if there is any one out there who needs his help you can contact him through his personal EMAIL: phone: +2349066148726. i wish you good luck ,.

—lola, AZ

my husband of 9 years left me just because i could not give him A child, i did all i could to make sure i give him a child, i even went to an extent of forcing him to have sex with me every night but could not work. not until one evening when i was browsing through the internet, i saw a comment on how a woman in same problem like mine was made home by A man called lord amadi . i read about him and decided to contact him for help, i did as he ask me to do but i was still wondering how can someone just bring back my love he don't even know but i keep doing as he ask me to do. i was very surprise one morning my husband came and started begging me to come back to his life. at first i pretend to be angry then i accepted him back. lord amadi also cast a spell for me to make me have children and as i speak right now i am a mother with 3kids. if there is any one out there who needs his help you can contact him through his personal EMAIL: phone: +2349066148726. i wish you good luck

—lola, AZ

I feel so joyful today because of the help Doctor Zakuza has rendered to me for getting my Husband back. I've been married for 6 years and it has been so terrible because my husband was cheating on me and was seeking for a divorce. But when i came across Doctor Zakuza E-mail ( ) on the internet posted by a lady, i decided to get in touch with him and i explained my situation to him and then seek his help but to my greatest surprise he told me that he will help me with my case for there is no problem without a solution. Here i am celebrating because my Husband is back home and am really enjoying my marriage and what a great celebration. I will keep on testifying on the internet because Doctor Zakuza is truly a helper who God has sent to help us all. Why not contact Doctor Zakuza now if you are facing any challenges in your relationship life. E-mail: ( ). Call me for more info +1 (516) 277-6702 with kind regards, Nora from USA.

—Nora, NY

Have you heard of Lord Kakabu miraculous work??,This man is full of wonders and miracles, his miracle is what have turn my life and that of my wife for better..I contacted him for help to help me win a lottery and Also help cure my wife who have been suffering from kidney problem for 3 year now. Lord Kakabu replied and told me that he will help me win the lottery and my wife will be healed within 12 to 16 hours, I did all he told me and to my greatest surprise everything happened just as he said...My wife was healed and I won the lottery, i bought a house and I am living happily with my wife and daughter now...I am excited and will continue to testify till Christ comes, there is no miracle Lord Kakabu can not do. Are you sick, do you want to win a lottery, do you need a child or need your ex back then hurry and contact Lord Kakabu via email:

—Jones, CT

prayer for my mom surgery that the procedure goes smoothly , no side effects, speedy recovery & that all is normal with the biopsy with no further followup


please pray god will touch, my whole body including my teeth and gums thank you for praying,zelma ruth black in ca.



—Cynthia, GA

Hello , I am desperate for a breakthrough wth my friend Angela . I feel as if the enemy has been trying to destroy our friendship she came to our church a year ago . She's a lesbian but has a heart after God and wants to change her habits that has been so destructive lately in her life . She has been drinking , doing drugs , and taking pills to numb the pain from a previosu relationship which is her ex girlfriend Angelica Angela has prayed to be free from this sou tie but it just has not been broken. she longs for it too . Her grandfather recently passed away two days later her ex girlfriend got married she's officially in self destructive destructive mode. Please pray for her I honestly don't know how to anymore she has lashed out at me twice and really hurt me that has brought pain and just hurt t my mind and heart . I don't know this person four months ago she was on fire for God now shes n utter dissapear please pray for her to be delivered and free from this torment and that our relationship isn't affected. I had a dream about her and she died in the dream I woke up crying and in fear for her life. She's currently not talking to me I just want unity , restoration ,and healing I need my heart repaired its truly broken.Thank you and God Bless you. I have enclosed a picture o her and I . Thank you.

—Alexia, FL

I am claiming my confidence today and that all negativeness and bad luck has been replaced with my blessings in life. I am ready to enjoy all of my abundance.

—Faith, IL

I am standing in faith for goodness and mercy in Chicago, in Illinois, in all of the regions and territories of the U.S., in America, on all the continents, here on earth, and in the world all around us.

—Hope, IL

Please pray that God will deliver my husband and change his heart so that he can repent. Please pray that God will have mercy on my husband who has embraced atheism and has said abominable things against God. He has written a book against God and Christians and he thinks adultery, lying and cheating are okay. He has been having a relationship with another woman and does not want to stop. Pray that God will have mercy on him and give him the grace to repent. Please pray for protection. strength, faith, mercy and blessings for me and my children. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD

A^O I am firm that you will my brother clear lungs and keep him safe from blood right now this second and for ever he has no one except you


Pray for me that God will give me the ability to conquer my running thoughts. Confidents in the word of God to speak it an believe it with all my heart.. And please touch an agree with me that all my children will receive salvation..

—Glenda, GA

A&O you know what I have been wainting for, for so long there are 3 major one plus you know them all, and they are all emergencies, please act quickly; they are most in my life, and they are crucial not to find answers from you, A&O today is the day please act quickly.

—Ja, MA

I have been battering with depression for many of years.I have two sons with major financial problems,anger problems.And uses marijuanna to cover up their pain.I haven't been able to get myself together for over 5 years.I lost my job 5yrs ago due to my depression.Its been rough for me mentally.Im thankful for all the help I recieve.I feel like I'm paralyze can't seem to accomplish anything.I have been turned down 3 times for disability.I have a court case coming up soon and would like for you all to pray for my mental health,physical health,my sons,my finances and First a closer and greater relationship with Jesus.Pray for wisdom,Love,Peace joy,understanding of the word, obedience to the word,My greatest pray is to be everything God said I am.I need strength....I am so sad,lonley,and have a hard time focusing my mind, and mood swings,fear ,depression isolation.Help Me and my sons,My niece need a kidney.Help us Lord Please we need you.I am saved also praise and worship Jesus.I Believe everything God said I am just so broken.


We are pastors in western Uganda Africa.Pray for us total breakthrough and success in finances and ministry this month.To be debt free.To get a good vehicle. Pray for us divine favour, wisdom and guidance. For connections with right people to support our ministry. Thank you so much.

—Seriano and Rosette Bakyenga,

please pray for gods protection over my grand son who is in foster care, i just found this out and i want to get him out, so pls pray gods favor on me and him in jesus name

—cindy, IN

Pastor please stand in agreement with me I am believing God to move closer to church. I attend Hoffman Estates Campus and I have been praying for a supernatural financial blessing to pay off my condo in Niles and buy a townhouse near church debt free. I know I am the righteousness of God and I have what I say. Thank you

—Cindy, IL

Financial victory.

—Tina, MO

pray that God removes all fat from my face permanently & keeps my face fat free till I live. pray that God answers all my prayers I've written in my small diary kept near my bed.And also pray that God turns back/reverses world & time to 26 October 2013


I need my sight restored oh sweet Jesus, I believe and trust that it will happen


Im waiting for my husband im unable to be without him plz pray for our marriage..our parents are delaying it... we both are praying we both wish to have it on 2 jan 2016 ... both families must agree nd it happen preacfully nd richly..


Lord as continue for your presence, your wisdom, favor, enter into great peace, joy, all my days, I give Praise, my beloved, Amen

—Hideko, WA

Please pray with me I need fanancial breakthough to my bills. I am ineed of $500

—joseph dzimunwe,

Husband ask to go to Afghanistan for 1 year to work a civilian job. I have Fibromyalgia and handicap. Been married 29 years. I do not want him to go . He wants to go for the money. But he hates having to leave me. Please pray for our Finances that God will bless us another way. We are Christians and pay our tithes.

—Marian, VA

Please pray for I have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that receives and responds instantly to wisdom given. Also pray for healing in ALL chains of bondage to be broken! Thank you Jesus!

—Becky, WY

Me and my family..thank you


Please pray for my son William my daughter Rachel and husband Billy for salvation

—Liz, NJ

I am praying for a breakthrough, financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and for my family. I am tired and I am ready for change.

—Jen, OK

Needing prayers that the enemy coming against my family will be stopped, for provisi0n in many areas

—Tina, GA

Pls pray for healing. Been having back pain for over a week now and it really hurts..


A MIRACLE IN JESUS NAME!!! HEALING AND RENEWAL IN MY MARRIAGE IN JESUS NAME!!! Matthew 19:6 Also pray that my wife is delivered from a spirit of pride and ego in Jesus name!!! Also pray that my wife's father stops speaking against our marriage wife's name is Chase Douglas Thank you in advance

—Jon, AZ

Asking that God continues to protect my children against all evil spirits, that He continues to bless our lives according to His will, and I ask that He reveals the plans He has for me in finding my partner in life, to bless me with a man that will love my children as his own.

—Jess, LA

pray for me so that i get holy martrimony so that i can pertake the body und blood of JESUS


Asking God for divine intervention in my life, a financial breakthrough in my finances of increase and restoration. Also a protective covering of the blood of Jesus over me and my household, may God surround us with His presence and that me and my household will serve the Lord! In Jesus Name!

—Toya, FL

that god gives me wisdom to do ALL things and for him to reveal himself to my friend, dianne and her family and my family too. amen.

—Donnie, CA

Dear Lord -- I come to You once again, Father, to thank You for favor we are experiencing today. Thank you for a godly relationship that will one day come to pass and be evident in my life just as you promised, and these temporal things will fade away in due season. Your word is true, and I continue to trust YOU and stand in faith in Your promises, no matter what it looks like now. I know You will never fail Your children whom You love and watch over every day of our lives. You have us in the palm of Your hand and are always protecting us from any weapons that try to form against us. I know they will not prosper, in Jesus Name. I will follow You, dear Lord, and thank You for favor, mercy, grace, protection, and all the blessings we are receiving under the safety of Your heavenly wings. In Jesus Name. Amen.

—D, IL

I would like the Lord to provide $20,000 for me to get situated and for direction if I should move back to NY. I need a better car, job and place to live if I move back to NY near my daughter. Need to lose 50 pounds.


Praying for supernatural healing for my friend Brian. Also praying for a promotion to wife in my relationship with Brian.

—Andrea, TN

My family and I need a place to live ASAP. We are currently homeless. My mother lives with us and has health issues and this includes Dementia. The Lord has place a house in my spirit that I have been praying, meditating and believing for. Right now we are moving from place to place and this is not good for my mother's condition.Please pray with and agree with me that our Lord and Savior blesses us with this house very soon. Thank you and God Bless.


Prayer for agreement for healing in my body and in my relationship! Also, the safety of my little step son, Dominic.

—Sheila, IL

I want to settle down pls pray for m to get a good and God fearing young man as a husband and also for God to help me graduate from school with an excellent result


Please pray for my family and I. That we will have the strength and courage to continue towards healing in our lives with the help of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. That the Lord will protect and bless us always.

—Jacob, IL

I need of prayer for healing and restoration for me and Kortnie .. Two weeks ago my sin found me out of sexual addiction .. And our wedding is canceled and I know I did not want to bring this junk in our marriage I deeply hurt her and but I know I truly love her and doing whatever it takes to be totally free and become the man of God I need to be and know that I am. I know not all hope is lost and God can heal and restore us .

—Timothy, IA

Hi, my husband and I are in a lot of debt, my prayer is to be debt free, also my husband earns a low salary, please pray for a better job for him, with a good salary, and something that does not involve sales and targets...


Oh lord god almighty please im having a hard time finding a apartment please put all those openings on my way I thank you in advance and I love you jesus amended

—kathy, NY

Strength, wisdom and guidance for relationships, finances and health. Amen

—Joseph, IL

Pray that my relationship gets better and strong if its good will.


Prayer for the restoration of my marriage. for the healing of our hearts and for My husband to remember the love he once had for me.

—Starr, AZ

Wholeness in Mind body & spirit broken from the chains of the past

—alisa, GA

Please pray my for my finances that God will give me the finances I need to able to take Cade of myself.. At this time I don't have a job and no way to support myself. I know he is able touch and agree with me.

—Vanessa, MI

Please pray for my daughters friends dad. He is currently fighting a disease and today he collapsed.

—Dolores, AZ

Pls pray for my husband to have a change of heart that he would be faithful to the Lord and to me that he would be the man of God.pls pray dor me also that i would be debt free that i will have a job to support our family and also pray for my healing.thank you so much


Please pray for my great need. I'm in need for a miracle for healing from a bad case of gum disease. Medicare and welfare access card won't pay for it. Last chance for healing. Thank you so much for praying and be living the Lord for miracle. God's blessing!

—Judy, PA

Forgot healing of Hep C

—Mina, TX

Am asking for prayer. My son David E n Vanessa my daughter in law fought Saturday night n his mother in law ran him off. He says he made a mistake and wants his wife n two kids back Please help me pray n thank God for their reuniting.

—Garza Zelma, TX

Neck discs to be healed, swelling go down. Nerves in neck shoulder healed. New bladder - I need overhaul. Son has infection in stomach/colon needs healing. Husband needs work, healing from shakes, deliverance front smoking, drinking. Salvation for Daddy, healing from diabetes.

—Mina, TX

I am in need of a new vehicle, I travel as much as I can with our pastor but have been without a dependable vehilce. Every time I attempt to purchase one either can't get financing or something blocks it. I know it's about the timing of God but it's going 3 years now! I'm faithful to our ministry, I sow seeds and pay tithes I need someone to agree with my for my transportation. I am also believing God for increase in my finances or an open door for a promotion. Thank you.

—Jennifer, MO

That I will get approved to move to MD where me and my husband can live better financially

—Judy, VA

I am currently in the hospital to be induced since my baby is overdue. I need your prayers that the induced procedure will be quick and that I will have a normal delivery with no complications with me or my baby. Also, that i will only spend 4 nights in the hospital and not more.


Please pray for my prayer request. I'm in need of a miracle because my insurance I guess u can call it that medicare and access card won't no longer pay for a lot of things starting July 1st. I need God to make away for much better insurance and for the gum disease. I had a denist and a appointment for a periodontist but they both drop me due to me going on the so called insurance that they both don't take. I need a big miracle for healing and for a change for the better. Thank you so much for praying for my need. God's blessing!

—Judy Deveney, PA

Please pray for Christina who lost her baby in the womb for the second time. She is so sad angry, mad, all at the same time, fighting and arguing. She said she has lost all hope, faith and love. And she is mad at God, and doesn't want to go to Church.

—Monica, TX

Financial breakthrough for my church and my family

—Petula, GA

I need prayer for my imigration papers to continue to go forward, and I need prayer for a jelous spirit, and my health and lastley I need prayer for my lawsuit to come to and end that the other side will settle out of court and that it won't go to trail in september, thank you for praying for me.

—donna, TN

I pray that the merciful Lord will take away this glaucoma eye disease away from my body.. In the name of Jesus! Amen


Hi pastor , writing my first exam as a masters student , I have been reading and need Need the ability to understand and retain what I have read .pray that God crowns my effort with great success and I come out with excellent grades . Also pray for my God ordained husband to locate me and together we fulfil God's purpose for our lives and our destinies in Him. Thank you

—A O,

Lord, I cast care upon to you all , its all in your hands, I am just rejoice in trembling, rest, I watch your work. pray Jesus name, Amen

—Hideko, OR

I'm standing in the gap for my husband to open his heart to Jesus. My 12 year old son has scoliosis, I cancel its affects to its roots from 63 degree curvature to 0 in Jesus name back to the way God created him to be. I Pray God uses this miracle to demonstrate his might acts and wanders to my husband his family and doctors, such a mighty testimony that does seeds of hope into those who have no hope and harvest souls for Gods kingdom. I Also lift up my youngest son and cancel the affects of autism null and void and call on the mind of Christ in Jesus name. I Declair lack, limitations and struggles financialy is a thing of the past and won't be able to locate me or my family no more. I Will live exceeding abundantly above and beyond because of Gods goodness and mercy pusues me where ever I go and I live in the house of the lord forever, amen...


I am praying for a job. Praying that I hear of the right job to suit my needs... I have had to turn down offers based upon my daughters needs.In Jesus Name..Amen!!

—Denise, NY

For my husband's heart to be healed of past wounds and god God to use me and use my marriage for his glory

—Tina, FL

protextive covering around my daughter and greater measure of favor with God , man & even her enemies at peace with her today! AMEN!!! Please Lord keep her in the shelter of the most high so that no weapon formed against her will prosper- no plague or calamity come nigh her and no evil will befall her in Jesus name- bless her Lord and allow her to stay the course and focused - to win this competition of a lifetime that she's waited so hard and so long to do. Plead the Blood of Jesus over her in His name- AMEN!!!

—Maria, NC

praying God gives me my grand daughter God knows her life hasnt been easy..praying a hedge of protection around my baby

—tammi, GA

I am praying for a breakthrough in my finances & restoration from God


Pray for me to find inner peace, freedom from debts and pray that God may send me an angel with only 1000 dollars.


Please agree with me for the awaited personal breakthrough and for me not to miss my appointed time.


I'm praying for wisdom,health,wealth,and the fullest of GOD IN ME..TO BE OVER BLESSED SO I CAN BE A OVER BLESSING


Please restore Pete Nochte. Help him have chemo with no complications as needed. Heal him from cancer. Amen!!!

—Christine, IN

Healing manifested in me, my sister n law Renee. Intercessors under attack. Need breakthru

—Deborah Rackliff, OK

please pray for my panic attacks that god will take them away i was digonse with about six years ago but uin a few days they left. my husband want to go on vacation and i need peace to go , he would like to go to the florida keys we live in Oklahoma so now i need peace about it and to know that it is going to be okay and to enjoy it please pray also for my home church to let God beGod and take control and move in a big way, Also for the pastor and his wife to have favor with God and the leaders to let go and let God be in control. I love my church I would love to see it grow in numbers and spiritually. please please pray for all my request> i need the prayers to be answer really soon.

—jean, OK

To find a full time job that i can contribute in God's work


Complete surrender turning it all over to God financial provision to purchase a vehicle and for much needed remodeling of my home unsafe conditions..

—Yolanda, IL

Please pray that this battle is over that God will get the victory over my finances, my fiancee, and anything else that needs to go out of my life do God's will can be done in my life.

—Tammy Carter, TX

Pls pray for a godly mature settled responsible partner in life for me and for a total restoration in all aspects of my life. Pls pray for god's grace and strength to forgive my mother and my brother and a financial breakthrough in my laundry business thank you Linda


I'm praying for peace in the Country where i was born, may God be with them, in Jesus name amen

—Alejandrina, AR

That God destroys ALL devious plans of the enemy!! That I receive double for my trouble soon befor it's too late! God wants me to help open the eyes of the blind. I'm ready but I cannot do this alone. I need admirable people to step up and not be scared. I'm willing to do my part entirely! I've forgiven all. Doesn't matter anymore. Time is short

—Eden, AZ

Pray for my niece she is having a hard time and needs help, she is getting some help, but pray that God will spake to her heart and let her know what He wants her to do.

—Julie, NY

Please pray for my son Kieran. I believe he suffers from depression (undiagnosed) and he was recently informed that one of his best friends has committed suicide. Today, I was very frightened by the look of utter loss and confusion on his sweet face and he also appeared to be having a mild anxiety attack (He does not suffer this malady). He was saved at age 10, but seems to have drifted far away from Jesus, questioning his salvation. I fear his friend's death will push him over the edge.

—Wanda, SC

Our Father in heaven, thank You today for Your mercy and love. It is getting more and more natural to trust in Your word and learn to rest on Your promises. No matter how things look this day they are subject to change! I am casting my cares, my fears (which I am asking You to remove in Jesus name) and my future on You Lord because I know You hold my life in the palm of Your hand, and there is nothing for me to do but follow You, trust You and believe that it shall be done. In Jesus Name!

—D, IL

Oh Lord God,Let us get the mark not miss it,strengthen my to continue this noble course.Forgive me my Sins and work with me in the wright path


pray with me, DR Dickow, my Lord Jesus, find me rest in place city where saint draws, cast care upon you, Lord, its all in your hand, I say , favor, favor, grace, grace to it, open the door my apartment I want Hood Brook apartment home open for me, get in end of July, now, today is my restoration, hope , never disappoint, all day along, hope in you, my Lord Jesus, Pray together DR Dickow, and I praise , my LOrd Jesus. Amen

—Hideko, OR

Peace thru a divorce. Resolve soon and my health and everything else stolen from me restored .

—deb, FL

I need prayer my lawsuit that it doesn't go to trail and that the other side will settle out of court before septemeber, and I need prayer for my health and for the jelouse spirit in my marriage thank you for praying for me.

—donna, TN


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