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Please pray in agreement that the lord Jesus Christ touches my heart afresh and cleanses me of all oppression. I am asking God to release me of the tentacles of the enemy and be free, in mind, body and soul. God bless! Thank you.



—susan, OH

I pray to God Today To Remove All My doubts, impatience, anxiousness, anxiety, confusion, laziness, tiredness, weaknesses, sadness, anger and rage, lack of knowledge, fear, illnesses, and All those other weapons the Enemies use against Me. Please Lord Remove All the Blockages and Hindering Forces, the Agressiveness and Arrogance, and the Jealousy and Evilness that comes up Against Me Lord. Grant Favor in My Life Today and Always Lord. I thank you Lord Today In Advance for these things And All My Other Answered Prayers. Amen!

—Faith, IL

Please pray that I be always faithful and obedient to GOD and HIS will \ Please pray that GOD places a person into my life who inspires the same

—Michelle, MD

Pray with me that all I'm learning with daily Bible reading and the Fast from Wrong Thinking emails will get down on the deepest inside of me and harden into a firm foundation.

—Barbie, MA

Praying, for closer relationship with Christ.a better job to be able to be with my son.and to be debt free.

—Seneta, AL

I pray for God's protective shield against the enemies, In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

—Hope, IL

Please pray with me for protection form the enemy as I embrace the whole truth of GOD. I pray for lasting change in my entire being. I claim this victory in Jesus' name. Amen


Please pray that God will deliver my husband and change his heart so that he can repent. Please pray that God will have mercy on my husband who has embraced atheism and has said abominable things against God. He has written a book against God and Christians and he thinks adultery, lying and cheating are okay. He has been having a relationship with another woman and does not want to stop. Pray that God will have mercy on him and give him the grace to repent. Please pray for protection. strength, faith, mercy and blessings for me and my children. Thank you.

—Sarah, MD

A&O THE first and the last the beginning and the end, cure my brother from blood cloth clear the way for him speed all that left JEHOVAH RAPHA YOU ARE THE HEALER the prescriber the everything step in and clear the path the victory is yours and it still going to stay your today this second and for ever


I'm asking for deliverance from depression and negative thinking. Sometimes my mind feels like it's a runaway train. Also I'd like deliverance from grief and PTSD from my son's murder and a restored and renewed relationship with Jesus Chrit and my daughter and family.

—Cherlyn, IL

My David needs prayers that the holy spirit will lead him in the right direction towards the lord. He needs the lords spirit to change his heart inside and out.

—Christina, TX

My marriage is being tested. Prayer team I need your prayers (asap) to stand in agreement with me for my marriage to be restored. Next month is our 20th anniversary. We love each other but my husband lost his way and his heart for god and me. I'm praying for god to intervene change my husbands heart toward god and our marriage. Thank you in advance. so it is. Amen

—Karen, FL

A&O make dnlt thwnnrs and lt cnnt d anthngabt it.

—Ns, MA

Please pray for me and my family the alcohol,wrong thinking and decision making has been dreadful for us. Lost of my job depressed me and I'm just really recognizing it

—Angela, NY

For the last 10 years my life has been in utter turmoil...Every year something more traumatic than the other occur...I feel like Job or shall I say I now know how Job felt when he was going through his tests and trials. Please pray that I continue to be strengthen through this process for I know that GOD allowed it because I can handle it!!!

—Patricia, LA

Please pray that God would heal my thoughts from wrong thinking so i can serve him faithfully.The doctor said i have depression, also that i would be humble.


Please pray for my daughter, Lynn, that God would deliver her mind from voices and ADD disorder. Thanks so much

—Dot, NJ

I pray for a change in my son's mind,their heart a total change from the inside out. for a will to seek God the more. and a hunger and thirst for yo study his word. In Jesus name.Amen

—cathy, MN

I pray today for healing in within my family over the recent death of my mother. I also pray for favor for a new job that I start tomorrow. Please allow me to do well to be a better provider for my family and a better servant. In Jesus name I Pray.

—anthony, FL

Pray for a change in my mind, my heart a total change from the inside out. for a will to seek God the more. and a hunger and thrist for to study his word. In Jesus name. Keep it real in Texas

—Lisa, TX

Dear Lord, I pray that you help me with this legal matter that I am in right now Lord. I pray that you give us favor in the mind of the states attorney and judge oh Lord. That today at the preliminary hearing to keep our vehicle-that they release the car to us oh Lord. That they do not proceed with the forfeiture. I pray that the charges are dropped Lord. We will get through this valley. We love and trust in you Lord to see us through this troubling time. My faith is in you, and I lift up the car and citations to you. Thank you Lord all of my love and trust. Amen

—Marie, IL

O lord please let your love and trust be restored in my marriage once me forgive ma spouse totally for all he has done and help me love genuinely


God give me the power to pray, i have lost hope in you , I dont pray or go to church anymore , enlighten me ooh Lord deliver me from evil..Whip away all the negative thought that are weighing me down ooh Lord i pray to know you and to have an encounter with you Lord


Lord I ask you to forgive me I continue to sin and I don't go to Church anymore because I have been told that Satan has inhabited my soul. I need a change inside me. I have been going through much adversity. I can't find relief. Jesus if you can use a mule , Please use me.

—Sharon Leigh, NJ

Being untruthful to my spouse at the beginining of our relationship has brought a big strife in my marriage.I am now standing on prayer and forgiveness to bring lasting change in my marriage. I am seeing God's acts of favor, love, and forgiveness work in miracles in my life and marriage. Despite all the hurt, pain and mistrust I inflicted on my wife, she has forgiven me. I am blessed to have met her because she has a heart of gold.God has moved in our lives and marriage because despite all hurt, pain, agony and health issues He has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. I am believing in the Almighty for more miracles of change from inside out, love, forgiveness, acceptance, health, providence, prosperity and an abundant life as He promised in Eph:3:20.Please mighty intercessors, stand with me in these prayers in the Mighty name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


The Doctor's report says my blood pressure is high and that i have infection. but i have chosen to believe the report of the Lord wihich says that by " His stripes i am healed". join me in prayers to receive my total healing from the sole of my feet to the top of my head. - Tony


Prayer for Our Sons Robert Jr. and Andrew Armstrong and Kiana our Daughter in law to be. That they Lord will bless them and keep them and lead and guide them in all that they do and that they will not conform to the world and what they are doing on the college campus that they are on. That their personal relationship with the Lord will continue to strengthen, We pray for a hedge of protection around them and that the Lord will bless them with wisdom and knowledge in their studies, in Jesus Name they will not follow those that are doing wickedness on or off the college campus. Amen

—Kimerly Williams, KS

Father, I confess my resentment toward those who have hurt me deeply. I want to be free to love them. You love us and are faithful to us even when we reject you. Please remove any bitterness which causes offense and rebellion in my heart. I want to be obedient to your Word. You are Holy. I worship you. Make me like you, may your joy be evident in my life. Thank you for your great mercy.

—Nora, GA

Lord I pray that I maybe changed from the inside out so that your name can be glorified. Release me from the bondage of sin,and especially that of offence. Lord in your mercy hear my prayer.


I pray to be mentally, physically, and spiritually transformed. I pray for a spirit of peace and an optimistic mindframe. I refuse to let what feels like depression and anxiety take me down. I pray for direction in my life, most of all I pray to be patient, and learn how to wait to hear from God during this very confusing time in my life.

—Jamie, MD

God bless you.Please pray and agree with me Matt 18:19.I Have not been faithful in my walk with God. It's like this force keeps holding me back,I do good for a while than I stop.I know it's Satan. I've talked and prayed with my Pastor about this and I pray constantly but still know break through. I pray not my will but God's will be done in my life. I pray that God expose to me whats holding me back and move it out of the way for good. In Jesus Name AMEN.

—Rudy, NC

Please pray for me and agree with me for my interview this thursday , that Lord would give me favor with the two interviewers. I'm believing in faith that this position is for me in Jesus name & that nothing will stop Gods blessing for me :). L.A.F Thank you!

—Elizabeth, CA

Dear God, I praise ur name Jesus for giving me chance to come into ur presence.Lord pls help my husband to find a stable job and place near at his christ family,Lord pls let my petition process as soon as possible i want to be there for my husband,Lord pls bless us a healthy and normal babies and may our life be a blessing and worthy to your sight,Lord pls help my husband to love,respect,care,trust,patient to our marriage and me.God i love my husband and i want to spent the rest of my life to him,Pls God change my husband to be good to me and my family.Pls Lord spare my marriage allow us to grow old together and let my husband and me will not depart from your words but have a solid foundation in you as our Maker and our hiding place,Let your peace be with us(mike and me)with the harmony,happinesss,and humbleness to eachother and to our God.thank you and I glorify your name Jesus amen


My precious Lord, please free my mind from the tremendous regret I carry for making bad choices when my kids were young and needed me in their formative years. Bless my kids, and give them the grace to overcome their past to fulfill Your calling in their lives. Please lift the cloud of anxiety that looms forever over me. Lord, as I begin my 40 day fast from wrong thinking, help me to focus on You and Your Word. Lord, heal me from the inside out. Giving you all the praise, in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

—Elaine, IN

Greetings. Please pray for me and my kids. I am constantly being attacked while trying to come into the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus. I have 4 kids, and we all want to live for God, but the enemy is always opposing every effort. God says for those who believe. Those who have unwavering faith. Lord, I'm trying, I need help. Please pray for our faith, godliness, and strength in Jesus name. Thanks God bless you richly.

—Salon, AL

dear father in Heaven come into the hearts of the lost i pray for gregory that you put a fresh anointing on hin in Jesus name amen

—connie, CO

Am believing God for my Son's deliverance from alcohol; in Jesus name; from the desire for it and the very taste of it to become abhorent to him; knowing Jesus Christ loves him more than even I do; not wavering; Thanks. This is my constant prayer as God knows! Amen.

—cindy, IN

I am not happy with my attitude at all towards people, especially the ones that care about me.. Lord Jesus I ask you to change this aggression in me.. I want to be loving and kind and slow to anger. Change me from the inside out, create in me a peaceful heart this morning and forever more. I ask this only in the precious Name of Jesus.. Thank You Father for answered prayers..


My parents depend on me for financial support.They are 3months behind on their mortgage please pray that God bless me with a financial bless to stop their house from foreclosure and Bless me with a commission check soon &a increase in my banking acct. Please pray that my parents don't foreclose on their home pray that God makes away for Wells Fargo to approve their modification & lowers their mortgage payment, also pray that HomeSafe approves their loan to assist in paying their mortage.Please pray that my bother Melvin gets a job to assist in bills.Please pray that GOD remove any financial curse against me & my family.Please pray that GOD's will is for me&my family to prosper. In Jesus name. Thank you Lord in advance for answering my financial prayer, removing financial curses from me&my family,saving my parents home, increasing my paycheck,increasing my banking accounts, increasing my commission check & sending a financial blessing my way in abundance. In Jesus Name AMEN.


I pray by the grace of Jesus, I will be free from the sin of offense. It is all I have known my entire life. I am ready to walk free and receive all that Jesus paid for me to have. I am believing for marriage restoration. I was married 20 years (divorced in 2009) and have two daughters. The devil uses my ex husband's girlfriend, and all the hurtful things they do to me, to build anger, resentment and unforgiveness. I surrender all this to the Lord and purpose to walk in love with those people- no matter how hard it is, or how much I need to humble myself. I really think it is a key to the break thru and restoration I am praying for. It isn't about changing him- that's God's part. I have to focus on changing me.. and the old, destructive thinking patterns.Thank you for your prayers of agreement.

—Valarie, MN

Hello My name is Laketta I pray that Jesus will remove my 3 adult siblings out of my mother house into another place to live and stop them for begging her for stuff and putting stress on her because she is sick. The adult siblings’ names are Victoria, Lonnie, and Jeffrey. I pray Jesus will remove the evil from their lives and the strongholds of the devil.

—Laketta, FL

Father, thank you for your faithfulness to me and my family. You are amazing. I'm so grateful for your love and protection. While my circumstances do not appear to be favorable, I know in my heart that your favor is on me. You have taught me to trust your goodness and grace and I will not fear. May your blessing and favor be on those in my town, city, state and nation. Your word says that we should pray for all those in authority over us and I thank you for them and choose to bless them.

—Nora, AL

Thank you Lord for your Blessings on me.. Help me Lord to stay strong in your grace, Love, and Word.. Let me know you are with me today and everyday especially now as I go thru these trials and troubles .. Lord help me to not let the Devil win ...wash all my sins known and unknown away right now.  Never to resurface ...restore mine and John Marriage and mend our family. Lord you said ask and ye shall receive.. I'm crying ours in Jesus Holy name .. You said what God joined together let no man put assunder... I am believing in your word and grace and placing all things going on in our life and family in your hands Lord God.. .knowing you and you alone can and will perform this miracles in our life and for my family... In Jesus Holy name I  Pray Amen.. Thank you God for your forgiveness and the blessings you have given me

—Connie, TN

Dear God I ask in the name of Jesus,your son, please relieve me of my severe anxiety and give me the discernment to grow in your word.

—Judith, NY

Please pray for me I want to get married next yr to Born again Christian white husband single that love God,me and my family I want to start and have my own God fearing family,Please pray for my 7 solid achievement 2012 to grant by God,Good health,long life to my parents,my family and success to my family.


Our Father in the mighty name of Jesus as humble as I know how I come low in spirit but high on You help use oh Lord in our unbelief in hard times You said in your word that You will never leave us or forsake us and I know this is the time to try men's souls and our faith in You You know what we stand in the need of before we even ask.Help use to trust in You more each day that we will come to know of Your will and not our own.Lord here we are asking in the name of Jesus to open the windows of heaven and pour out some blessings on your broken in spirit children and help use to understand when (not if)the blessings flow that do not forget the we are blessed to be a blessing and most of all praise You now for what You have done and what You are going to do now and the things to come,in the mighty name of Jesus covers us with the blood and show use favor it can't be done unless You do it our faith is in You not our will but Your will be done.All honor and glory is to You Father and not ours to share but to us we will be the light to others as You lead us in your will.Love You Lord in the might name of Jesus ...AMEN

—Jacki, TX

Please pray for 15 year old Carlos he has emotional problems he has become rebeleous with his family he only litsen to his friends he has A girl friend and they are on & off and he gets depress


Please pray for me and my desire to lose weight. I have strong emotional issues and I need healing from the inside out to combat my weight problem. I currently weigh over 300 pounds. I am ashamed and disgusted, yet I sabotage every attempt I make to stop binge eating and exercise. I began again today...please pray that this time I will succeed in losing the weight (166 lbs) and changing my life for the better!

—Amy, FL

Ilost my job in 2009. It was a high paying position. I prayed an prayed that God would protect my job, as I am the major bread maker of our family. I was certain he would protect it, but he did not. I have been struggling with my faith adn at times 'shook my fists' at God, not understaning why he would allow me to lose my job. I luckily found a job making $40,000 less per year and am struggling financially. I need prayer that Ifind a way to trust God again, I pray that God will reveal why he didn't intervene so that I could hang on to my job and I pray for a financial miracle. My husband and I exhausted our 401 accounts to pay our house off. We have to have a place to live. It is nice to have the house paid for, but we have other financial burdens to meet on so little income. As well, we no longer have our 401 safe nest accts. People tell me, "God has a better plan for you." I can't imagine what that would be. In all my decisions to advance in my career, whch included getting my Master of Education, I prayed for his guidance, thinking this is what He wanted me to do. This has left me now wondering at a $12.00 per hour job, what is my purpose in life? What does he want from me? Why would he take me this far only to leave me? Where is he? Please help me find peace and understanding in my situation. Losing my position in 2009 continually haunts me and angers me. Plese pray for me. If you have resources to recommend for reading, please let me know what it is. I am running into health issues of depression. I am tired of not being able to move on from the past and not understanding what my future is, per God's plan. I relied on my high income and really need a financial blessing from God. I thought I knew God, but I don't think I know him at all. The most disappointing thing about all this, is that the business I was laid off from, is now doing a lot better and profiting, though I don't think I will attempt to get rehired there. I was a Training Administrator and now a receptionist. What a fall I have taken. How disappointing.

—Deneise, MO

Please, pray for mi for 40,000€ I need to pay for my house.


Please pray for financial freedom for my family and my parents and my sister´s family. We need a miracle.


I have a new Facebook friend, Crystal Marie Lansing, who is going through bouts of depression and she said she doesn't believe in God or any other religion. I sent her a message telling why she is going through this by sharing God's Word with her and inviting her to know her Savior better, she has yet to reply. She has been through a lot she's lost a lot of her family to different forms of cancer, lost close friends that were there for her and even lost her son's father to the world. She can't concentrate on work, she has trouble sleeping and she just doesn’t know what to do. I ask you all to come in agreement with me in prayer that she will be broken hearted enough to finally turn to God and begin an awesome relationship with Him. In Jesus' name. Amen

—Christopher, VA

I need an in filing of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. My wife and myself are starting to submit tenders to our city,please , pray for Gods favor. God Bless


For the next three wks, my son has trying situation at his job. Pray peace/wisdom for job well done and completed timely. God's direction in his life, too.

—wanda, TN

I would like to pray for someone that is near and dear to my heart. She is one of my role models in journalism. She announced information that we should all know about. Please visit the web links in the prayer request. Please pray for this particular person. I heard about what she told to the viewers today on my iPod from a news app that serves the local area I live in. Please pray for JC Hayward. She is currently a journalist at the CBS local television news station affiliate WUSA 9 in the Washington DC Metropolitan area (which covers the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). On Friday, April 06, 2012, JC announced to the WUSA 9 family and viewers that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. During vacation, JC felt nodule on her breast and felt something was not good. The doctors found not only one nodule, but a second one as well. So, there are two nodules. She is going back to her doctor to get test on the second nodule that was found on her breast. They have already completed test on the first one. After that, she will visit her surgeon next week and they will decide the best appropriate course of action for this procedure. I know that JC will beat cancer and will overcome it, and succeed. I know that she can do this and with prevail and have a victory from this. I would like you to please pray for her. Pray that the all of the cancer is gone and give her healing. Please pray for her. Give her strength, positivity, and momentum. She will overcome all of the odds. Please pray for her. For more information about this, please visit the following links provided: Thank you. The WUSA 9 family, her family and friends, her colleagues at WUSA 9, and viewers in the area are praying for her. I am praying for her as well. Thank you. A Prayer for JC Hayward through the intercession of St. Peregrine: St. Peregrine, whom Holy Mother Church has declared Patron of those suffering from Cancer, I confidently turn to you for help in my present sickness. I beg your kind intercession. Ask God to relieve me of this sickness, if it be his Holy Will. Plead with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, whom you loved so tenderly and in union with whom you have suffered the pains of Cancer, that she may help me with her powerful prayers and loving consolation. But if it should be God’s Holy Will that I bear this sickness, obtain for me courage and strength to accept these trails from the loving hand of God with patience and resignation, because he knows what is best for the salvation of my soul. St. Peregrine, be my friend and patron. Help me to imitate you in accepting suffering, and to unite myself with Jesus Crucified and the Mother of Sorrows, as you did. I offer my pains to God with all the love of my heart, for his glory and the salvation of souls, especially my own. Amen. O great St. Peregrine, you have been called "The Mighty," "The Wonder-Worker," because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have had recourse to you. For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being, and who had recourse to the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more. You were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from His Cross to heal your affliction. Ask of God and Our Lady, the cure of the sick whom we entrust to you. (I pray for JC Hayward who has Breast Cancer.) Aided in this way by your powerful intercession, we shall sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for His great goodness and mercy. Amen.

—Anna, VA

Heavenly Father, I thank you for placing the tools I need to change from the inside out by the transforming of my mind as you instruct us in your Holy word. Precious Saviour I pray that I shall apply these tools , the indwelling Holy Spirit and your Word to my daily life that I may continually grow and build my relationship with you and your only begotten son, Jesus our Christ. I thank you for loving me and I pray you see into my hearth my depth of love for you and your son, In Jesus name I pray. Amen

—Vandolyn, NC

I'm praying that God will fill me with His Holy Spirit that I might have power to reach the lost and fulfill His purpose and destiny for my life so that my living will not be in vain. I am praying that my life will be a light for others so that they may see and experience the glory of the Lord !!!


I'm asking prayer for my grand daughter and her family. I thank god for his love mercy and grace. Get behind me satan


Dear Heavenly Father God thank you for your messengers. Thank you for your word that is unending and your love that unfailing and more than I can ask or think. Thank you for strength to understand who I am. Dear Lord I ask that you help me and my husband to walk in who we are in Christ. Help us To stop questioning what we are and what we are facing in this season. I know that you have a time of reward that is coming for us. Help us to be patient but even more so to be steadfast in declaring your word so that the fullness of your goodness and blessings and will manifest in our lives. Thank you for loving us when we lack confidence. Thank you for loving us to the point of refreshment. Thank you for that determination and boldness that comes from your mighty hand.

—Rhode, VA

Thank you precious christ jesus, for this day of offering, praise to you! For hebrew 13:8 hebrew 13:15 john 3:16-17 proverbs 3:5-6 with the joy of the lord for smiles! For miles! I pray father that your spirit holy reaches each and everyone around the world in your timing of obedience in your mature children ...thank you DADDY JESUS, FOR ALL YOUR GLORY TO GOD. AMENFOR THE OPPOSITION S AND OPPORTUNITY S , IN YOUR PRECIOUS NAME, CLAIMED...AMEN!

—johnny, CA

Please pray for healing for my daughter Lesley from a kidney disease and arthritis. Please pray for her and her families salvation. Thank you for your prayers. Grace

—Grace, KS

Healing from Parkinson's Disease &Osteoporosis

—Shirley, NY

My son recently lost a job--then gained a better one w/better pay. He'd just been promised $1200 worth of classes to be paid April 21 and it got canceled because of a technicality. He was counting on it and so was I as he owed me some of the money. Because it was scheduled, then cancelled he was more disappointed. Pray that we (and he said to) think positively about this and trust heartily that God knows what is best, that at the least it will work for good.

—Ethel, ID

I'm praying that God will reveal to me my specific purpose or destiny he has just for me.

—Shelby, TN

i need to sell my home to move and join my spouse after three years of separation

—the queen,

Please pray that God will remove my fear and anxiety.

—bernadette, TX

I’m struggling paying rent Im in need of 8100.00 to pay off this outstanding debit and pay back rent. My mom is fighting with her old employer for her retirement, pension and settlement for more than year. We is trusting in God to release my mom money for we can get back on track before we become homeless.

—Antoinette, IL

Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to you all of these people and all of these needs from around the globe. Father oh how we need you and each other each moment of our lives. Father allow our faith to grow and our trust in you to be secure. Father you are our redeemer and sustainer! Our healer and friend. I thank and praise you and ask that you allow healing in all of our lives and in the lives of our loved ones. father let us not worry for another moment because worrying takes our mind off of you and unto the things of this world. Lord you are in control and You love each and every one of us more than we could ever imagine. God I pray that we would all draw nearer to you and in return we know you will be closer to us because that is what your word says. And you are Holy God and you can't lie. Thank you for your forgiveness and your mercy! You alone are worthy. Father thank you for ending all of our battles and growing our faith in you!!! In Jesus awesome, conquering name, Amen

—Erin, FL

Please pray for me to get married next yr 2013 to a white Born again Christian that love Jesus and me and my family, I do really want to have my own God fearing family and having babies,Please pray for the me and my family to have the Visa on March 26 2012 interview that the mercy and grace of God will be with us,thank you and God bles


please pray for myself, my husband Randy,our four children, to get out of poverty,he is the only one working and we have so many bills and not enough money comin in,we are applying at jobs and hope to start a family business with a miracle, for healing in our relationship and healing in our bodies, he has diabetes,and I get migraines all the time, thank you so much, GOD BLESS!

—raquel, TX

First I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my marriage. God is changing me first, and he is working on my husband too. Although the OW is not completely gone, I know that things are not going so well between them. Today my husband said to give him more time. Please keep praying for God to reignite his love for me. That he will have a Damascus road encounter, and that God will block his way with Thorn bushes. Also pray for the salvation and restoration of the OW's Marriage and salvation. I know that our family members, tell us to move on. But that's not what God has told me to do. I am standing in the gap and will continue to stand for as long as it takes. Please help me pray for my husband’s salvation, that God will bring him to his knees. I know that God has been working in his heart, but he doesn't want to admit it. He doesn't like staying in his apartment but does not want to give it up either, since that is where they meet; pray that God will put a burden in his heart to give up his apartment. Please join me as I pray and fast for my families’ salvation and the restoration of my marriage. I know that God is working on the other side of the mountain even if I do not see it. God Bless

—Evelyn, FL

My son-in-law has gone through a lot this year. He had surgery for some type of cancer on his neck. He is preparing for radiation and chemo. My daughter is the only one working. Please join us in praying for God to meet the needs of this family, healing, financially. Most of all pray for their continued faith believing God for provision and healing and to always know that the victory is already won. Pray for their children too. Thank you and God bless you.

—Marilyn, CA

prayers for my daughter that healing comes into hre body. total deliverance from all sickness and deisease in Jesus's name.

—barbara, TX

My Golden Reteiver Buddy was diagnosed with severe heart worms. He had them before he came to live with us the vet said. We do not have $500 to rid him of them. Please pray that God will remove them. He is now on prevententive to keep new ones away. His breathing is labored and he has lost weight. Please pray!


I need a major financial breakthrough. In 2009 I lost a job that I had for 13 years, where I made good money. I tried for two years straight to get another job and even with a Masters Degree and experience I was only able to get one interview in 2 years and I did not get that job. My bills continued to increase and my unemployment ran out. I started a cleaning business to try and make ends meet. Starting the business required the little money I had left, and though I have acquired a few customers, I have been unable to make enough revenue to meet my costs, much less pay my bills. The stress and worry is never ending. I pray to God to give me an answer of what to do and to bless me, and the business, with more work then I can handle. Please pray for a miracle in my life and that God will help my business prosper and help me get out of debt.

—Bobby, PA

Over two years ago, I was lost in drugs, theft, lies, and so far from where God wanted me. Through Christ, I was able to be free from all these things and I am a new creation in Him... I left the country, changed my friends and started completely over... but now, I am in search of a new job, which both me and my family need... one of the job requirments is a polygraph test... it is only questions about the past 6 months, so i have nothing to lie about.. but i am just nervous... fearful... and i really just need the peace of God to be with me during this test... I need to believe that I am trully forgiven and that I am truly a new creation in Christ Jesus... Please help me and my family pray for this... thank you...


Please pray for my brother Melvin Floyd.He is in some legal trouble and is being framed for a crime that he didnt committ.Please pray that God removes all charges from him and deliver him from this situtation.Pray that all charges are dropped and Melvin name is cleaned.Pray that God gives Melvin favor in the courtroom,with the state,with the victim Mr.Smith,the prosecutors,the DA,the judge,the attorneys,the investagator&the criminals. Please pray that when Melvin goes to court on April 19th all charges are droppes in Jesus name.Pray that God bless our fiances to pay for all attorney fees,court cost, and all debts regarding this case as well as our bills.Pray that God turns this around for the good for Melvin.Jesus said the rigtheous will Never be forsaken.Pray that God gives Melvin peace and rest.Pray that God gives my family and me peace that Melvin will be delivered and All charges Will be dropped from Melvin regarding this case.On April 19th pray that God is Melvin lawyer and Judge in the courtroom and that God send forth his Angels to cover and guide everyone hearts on this day.Jesus said Whatever you ask for in his name will be given and Jesus today I ask that you deliver Melvin from this legal situtation so that he can go forward with his life as a Christian man.Jesus said where two or more come together in prayer he is in the midst.In Jesus name Melvin is delivered and All charges are dropped Now.Thank you Jesus in advance.InJesus name I pray Amen.

—Kristin, GA

Please pray for me and my 5yr daughter. her mother has been abusive to the both of us and when she would yell and say very demening things about me that were lies or exagerated issues from the past. The last time I called 911 on my wife was sept 1 2011. thats when she took alexis out of her pre-k school after packing the car she treatening to take alexis away from me and promised that I would go to jail for sexual/ child abuse, which is a very vicious lie. She stared this campighn to bad mouth me and my mother and step father. and convinced Alexis that I was very voilent and hit her and alexis. also according to her the only time I can see Alexis is in starke (where her family is very rich and powerfull. for 1 hr a month while her and her adpoted mother watch. I was Alexis' primary care taker since her birth. We were very close and my wife was very jealous of our relationship. she lied to dcf about all the 911 calls about her. then the dcf final report never stating 1 thing about the 10 yrs of abuse and 5 yrs for alexis. the report state nothing about the 5 yrs she lived with my mom next door. and made it sound like this past 6 months were her parents helped her get a trailer to rent and make it look like she is the perfect MOM. My wife is very mentaly ill but no one belives me being a stay at home man with a home based buisness. i guss i have to file without a lawlyer cant afford it I feel she will lie to get all my parental rights away. This is huring Alexis very bad. Alexis begs and pleads with me to take her home she wants momy in the toilet. pray with me that the lord will protect her mind and soften mommy's heart and give me favor with the legal system like the Judge. she said she was going to make tids very vicious high conflict divorce. please help

—thomas, FL

Please pray for the salvation of my husband who is a Hindu and worshipping idols in our house. For the idols to be removed and my 16 son to go back to school and stop feeling rejected, downcast and inferior and having low self esteem.


I'm struggling with debts. PRAY that THE LORD gives me the wisdom to get out of debt. PRAY also that GOD will provide me with a job. PRAY without ceasing that GOD'S WILL shall prevail in my life.


Prayer from wrong thinking of God reconciling my marriage. To avoid others whom speaks against my patience in faith of God doing so. Some many are telling me to move on and forget about reconciling my marriage but I have been standing on Gods word, woman if you divorce your husband remain unmarried or be ye reconciled with your husband. I want to be reconciled with my husband. We lost our sight on God from many distrctions in life. We have been communicating positively yet my patience has been tested daily in my faith stand. I believe it is my patience to see Gods perfect plan for us is were I am needing prayer the most. I believe Gods word it is just the patience for the outcome. I Corinthians 7:11

—Martica, TX

Please pray for me about my hands. My left index finger is Dropped because of infection I have before. And my right ring finger is not working because of broken tendon plus my little finger has stiff tendon and cannot be straightened.Thank you for your prayer.


Please pray for me to change my mind about food. I have been as much as 70 pounds overweight. In January I did a 21 day fast and am now eating less and have lost 29 pounds. Please pray that I will have the courage to change my choices for good in the area of food. My husband is a pastor. Please pray that God will connect us to the people we need to reach our destiny. God bless you. Saw you on Day Star last night.

—Karen, LA

I pray for my marriage. Our thoughts have been contaminated and have become negative in our marriage. I trust that this fast will heal and restore our marriage once again.


I pray for freedeom in my mind from wrong thinking. It's a daily battle for me with the wrong thinking. I try very hard to dismiss fearful and negative thoughts but find it a struggle i pray that my faith will increase that I willovercome this battle and struggle in Jesus' name.


Please pray for my daughter Karen, that the Lord will send the right man in her life that will be a future husband. That the Lord will bless her with true, sincere friends and a healthy social life.


I pray that the body of Christ comes together as one. I pray that The Lord reaches my enemies before its too late. I pray that this is the year of my breakthrough and that finally I can be bold to preach the word wherever I am led by God. I pray for the unsaved in my family and in the world. It hasn't been easy lately but I know prayer does work and if I would doing wrong the enemy would be trying so hard to bring me down. Thank You, God Bless You all, and Praise The Lord forever.

—Victor, NY

I pray for my faith to grow stronger and that I will have freedom in my mind from wrong thinking. I also pray this for my mother who isgoing through a very stressful time in her life.

—Jacquelyn, NC



Please pray for Patsy & Karen, they both have cancer.


I pray for the wisdom, guidance of the Holy Spirit in my studies. I ask in Jesus' name that a spirit of dilligence and excellence may dwell within me mightily, that I may be more organised and disciplined in my studies. I earnestly ask that the reserves of my mind and potential may be opened and that I may be filled with a sense if clarity, direction and purpose everyday in Jesus' name.


Father in the name of Jesus i pray for more of you in me and less of me. Lord i pray that you stir the hunger in me for more of your word. Open my eyes oh Lord that i see beyong the physical, my ears so i hear you more. Your fullness in me oh Lord. Your 7 spirits oh Lord fill me. Where i short fall of your glory fill me with your glory. More of your anointing, power, glory, provision, presence. Lord because you have died for me i am sealing this prayer with your blood because nothing surpasses the blood. I believe everything i have asked for i have received it in Jesus name. The name above all name.

—Katleho Seseane,

We are grain farmers & have given seed towards necessary equipment and land that we need. We believe that we are supposed to financially help others thru this family farm. We now need the harvest of the seed we have sown.

—Ruth, OH

O God, I cry out for help with my marriage of 20 years..our 5 children and upcoming decisions. Keep us from divorce and separation...please


Complete deliverance and healing for me and family. Renewal of marriage and finances. Acheivement of goals. Continued protection of my babies and housing.

—Nicole, IL

God I hand you all my worried thoughts.I will no longer let the words of others encourage me to forget all that you've promised me.

—Christopher York, NJ

Father I pray that you renew my relationship with my husband, so we can be a family again, give our children a safe and loving home. Help him to rise up and take the role of being head of the house, give him wisdom and favour. I release financial blessings unto him. Thank you Father for loving us. In the name of Jesus Christ I believe I have received Amen! Lindy


Father , I come to you tonight with just being told that I have two weeks notice to move. I don't understand the motivaiton of my friend , whom I have know for a long time. Help me with this, I bring it to you in Jesus name.

—Jerry, GA

Father, I come to you on bended knee asking for a renewed relationship with you. I have fallen astray and need direction getting back on track. I never left you in my heart, but feel I need to draw closer to you in spirit. I also ask Heavenly Father that you continue to bless me financially, as I still don't have a full-time job and resources are depleting. Please bless both my sister and I in the business we are trying hard to get off the ground. I ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance in saving the family property from foreclosure and I pray that you continue to allow me to be a motivating and inspirational force in my girlfriend's new business. Lord, I trust in oyu and have faith that each one of these businesses will prosper. In jesus name I pray....Amen.

—Chantay, PA


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