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Bondages broken in my husband's life, healing and comfort restored to our family. Please be in agreement with me with the word God gave me for him and our family. Isaiah 57:18 I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners. That my husband's eyes will be opened to the truth and that he will no longer be blinded. That every prophecy that we have received of the the Lord will not be abandoned or destroyed by the enemy. But they will but fulfilled for the glory of God and the ministry of others for the Kingdom of God.

—Kimberly, WA

I believe and receive a turn around in all the storms and trials that I am currently walking through, I receive victory in all the battles and attacks that I face now, I receive job restoration and employment now, I receive all of my needs met and bills paid now, I receive the favor and grace of God Almighty now!!! I receive it all done now in the mighty name of Jesus and to God be all the glory, honor and praise!!!


Please Ask God to miraculously intervene -Wife Says she will file for divorce soon.Please pray that my wife stays with me and does not divorce me. Please pray for God to soften her heart, love me again and restore our marriage and family, eliminate alcohol from our home, save family members and fix my business and our finances. Also to live without sinning.

—Michael, WA

Please pray for miracle healing for David,Lyn,Janet,Rick,Mara and Susan and Jimmy Carter. All suffering with cancer. Soozie and Sam had major strokes and Robb has COPD and diabetes. I have Sciatica and diabetes.Don (83) needs salvation. Please pray for us. Plus salvation for all.

—Michael, WA

ask God to fill me with power and all of the fruits of love

—anthony, PA



Please pray for my husband who is very abusive to me and my children.he has anger issues,starts fighting for small reasons, does not maintain friendship with anyone very long.I work 2 jobs and basically no time to rest and have to live in a abusive relationship everyday.please pray tjat he should stop cursing and using filthy words towards me and to my children. Please pray God will touch him.

—Celina, AZ

Please pray for a situation concerning one of my coworkers. God's will be done. Thank you!


God, woud You come and save us.

—laeticia, CO

I need 3,654.66 by Friday 6/23 to pay bills that are due immediately. I need 200.00 so we can buy groceries until my husband's next pay day 6/30. Also I need 25,000 to pay the mortgage company to get our home off the foreclosure list immediately and to pay other bills current that is due. We need a financial turnaround immediately. To pay the mortgage off 80,000 is needed by July 14. I am disabled from birth by when I got married the government discontinued all my benefits and my husband income got cut at his job so I need a job I can due from home to bring in income to help out monthly. Also I have got scammed by three ministries I ask for my money back of 2,138.22 so I can use it to pay my bills but they claim they are not going to give me my money back. They promised they would help me to get our home out of foreclosure if I pay their attorneys and since they did not help I ask for my money back but they claim they did not promise to help me.

—Charmont, NC

Please Ask God to miraculously intervene -Wife Says she will file for divorce soon.Please pray that my wife stays with me and does not divorce me. Please pray for God to soften her heart, love me again and restore our marriage and family, eliminate alcohol from our home, save family members and fix my business and our finances. Also to live without sinning.

—Michael, WA

Please pray for miracle healing for David,Lyn,Janet,Rick,Mara and Susan and Jimmy Carter. All suffering with cancer. Soozie and Sam had major strokes and Robb has COPD and diabetes. I have Sciatica and diabetes.Don (83) needs salvation. Please pray for us. Plus salvation for all.

—Michael, WA



I will be singing solos at church on Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 6:15pm-7:15pm & Sunday, June 25, 2017 for the entire 8:30am worship service pray for healing fresh anointing on my voice, breathing, lungs & diaphragm to be clear and strong anointing of The Pianist Michael Taylor your finances for me and my husband and our handyman business protection over our property and animals.  Healing, safety & protection over my cat Nick & 9 cats that have been fostered out  For adoption as well as protection for all the animal against animal cruelty.  Pray for healing over my Father, Ernest Cherry and my brother, Jason Cherry. And pray for favor for more solo's & and another vehicle. Sent from my LG Mobile

—Kimberly, NC

Please Ask God to miraculously intervene -Wife Says she will file for divorce soon.Please pray that my wife stays with me and does not divorce me. Please pray for God to soften her heart, love me again and restore our marriage and family, eliminate alcohol from our home, save family members and fix my business and our finances. Also to live without sinning.


Please pray for miracle healing for David,Lyn,Janet,Rick,Mara and Susan and Jimmy Carter. All suffering with cancer. Soozie and Sam had major strokes and Robb has COPD and diabetes. I have Sciatica and diabetes.Don (83) needs salvation. Please pray for us. Plus salvation for all.

—Michael, WA

I pray for an understanding and joy with my partner today and always.

—Faith, IL

Please pray for healing for me and for my financial breakthrough! Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.


My father is having surgery in the morning. Please Pray,Thank You,In Jesus Name,Amen.

—Sherri, NC

God, please save us.

—bill, OR

I have been a born again Christian and set free from my past for 3 whole years now. I used to struggle with sexual sin the most. I have been set free for 3 years and today I found myself sinning sexually once again. My heart is shattered, ashamed, and confused as to how this issue rose up once again in my life. I need prayer and wisdom on how to move past this and know that I am forgiven..

—Gabriela, WA

Lord Jesus, I'm thirsty for the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. I present my body to You as a temple and my members as instruments of righteousness, especially my tongue, the member I cannot tame. Fill me, I pray, and let Your Holy Spirit flow through my lips in rivers of praise and worship. In The Name of Jesus I Pray... Amen and Amen!

—Cee, NC

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for President Trump and our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

—Angela, KY

Please pray for my brother Brandon; that was jumped by two guys last night. The first guy name is sleep and the second guy is his brother who name I don't know. My brother face, head is so swollen he's unrecognizable. My heart have forgiven but my family have not. Please stand in agreement with me for these young men; along with my brother. Pray for a hunger and thirst for Christ.

—Latoya, CA

My father has had two wounds that won't heal up. Please pray for him. Thank You,In Jesus Name,Amen.

—Sherri, NC

healing finesses

—faye, TN

That no weapon formed against me, my husband and marriage shall prosper. Everything the enemy meant for evil God will bring good out of it. My husband's eyes open from blindness and he is able to see the truth of the problems in our marriage. That he will not be held in any deception but he will be set free by the truth he knows.

—Kimberly, WA



Prayer for the favor of the Lord for me to pass my Nurse Practitioner Board Examination set for Thursday July 6th, 2017 in Jesus name. Praying for the Lord to help me in the exam, bring all things to my memory, help me to be calm and above all help me to select only the right answers for each question. Favor to have 100% passing score in the mighty name of Jesus. I give all the Glory to the Lord because he has never failed me before. Also praying for the right position as I pass my exam to start working with my NP license, the Lord to protect my license, keep evil and errors away from me in the Jesus name.

—tjs, OK

Prayer in the area of my finances. I do tithe and give offering. I do need rent finances this week. I know God will make A way. I gave him his first

—Desi, CA

Please pray for healing for Mary Ann and that she is able to get a good night sleep at night. Thank you!


I pray everything that will happen resulting from this very serious bad situation will turn out ok and the way I wish it to....

—Teresa, WI

salvation for my brother daughter and grand children that my mom would move up with me where she can be better cared for

—jude, NY

God, please stop very annoying noise in the appartement right next door, please put peace and calm on them or lead them out of the appartment in Jesus name. They are really demonised i think. Every day some kind of harrassment through them. God intervene please in Jesus name.


Oh, Lord please come to our heart to change the world.

—vanessa, AR

Please pray against any attack of the ennemy in the school this whole month, especially tomorrow. Protection of the blood of Jesus. Removing all evil spirits and powers from my way in the name of Jesus. Favor and success on all sides on my place of work. God, wash me clean with your blood of consequences of yesterdays attack in the name of Jesus.


I am teacher in the school. Today i had an attack from the pedagogist and psychologist (principle was present). I felt pressure and undermining in their behaviour towards me. Please pray that they will respect me and stop treating me and other simple teachers in the school as subjects and only through laws. Psychologist was especially aggressive. He looked me straigth in the eyes executing some cruel method...My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. I dont like this kind of treatement....Please pray that they will change, or that they will move to another school or for me to get some really decent job (i would like job outside of the school) where i will feel respected and needed and where i would like to learn, go further and advance and maybe even travel. Thank you


Please pray for me since several years I struggle with colitis, I have to go to the toilet up to seven times each night and I am to weak to work. I am a christian up I have lost life perspective/vision


ask God to pour His power, love and Presence into me and to surround me with Angels to protect and deliver me from enemy attacks

—robert, PA

Pray that my teeth and teeth gums will be health, and any tension, pain in my body, stomach....removed. Totaly relaxed state.


Pray that my mom will stop adoring my brother and spoiling him, while he is already self centered and selfish, he is charming but very immature...Also my mother suffers because he or his ex wife doesnt allow us to see their children any more, since last summer. Its said. Pray that something miracolous will happen that this changes...


Pray that i will meet (and marry) my godly husband very soon. I pray for years. Pray that i will be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing, led only by the Holy spirit. Let me hear your Holy spirit loud, and give me strength to obey him, in Jesus name.


Please pray that i will loose overweight, from 88 to 77 kg. In a healthy way! I am female, 47, 170 kg. I have some emotional issues, which leads me to overeating, or chocolate eating especially in the evening. Thank you!!


I need a financial blessing. I have 10 cents and I need help. I am praying because my things are in storage and I have paid on them for nearly 2 years, it will be past due tomorrow. I have asked for help from the Lord and others. No one has gotten back to me, I have a few other bills due also. The Lord opened a door for a job, but I won't get a paychrck for a bit. Please pray things go well regarding my bills and my new job, I need the Lord to help me do well there and to have a home soon. Thank you.


Hi my name is Joshua Mulyalya and i need deliverance from demons

—Joshua Mulyalya,

Please pray for David who is in this middle twenties and has rejected the tings of God. He has now reached out to his childhood Christian friends for help in his failing life. They are in Fort Worth, TX.

—Shirley, ID

Prayer for my dog peapot for complete healing of larnyx disease shes having trouble breathing and very little eating not walking to much pray for bruce gordons salvation and peace for concerning peapot also gor my teeth to be totally restored and to loose 50lbs.I thank YOU & agree with you in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN💗

—Dora, IL

A mighty Miracle from God to give derrick the strength to remove leslie from his life

—Felecia, MI

Please pray that i will have strength, health and joy tomorrow for my house obligations, tutorials and others stuff...let it be successfull of the blood...perfect will of God concerning my activities tomorrow. Abrahams blessing, not toiling...


Pray for me, which opportunity to pass and which one to take...concerning my job and hobby (talent contestements, seminars...) opportunities. The best will of God for me.


Please pray for total health of my teeth and teeth gumms, against inflammations and muck, carries etc...pray also for my stomach, against gastritis...and against tension in my body...


Please pray that i will meet and marry my godly soulmate/husband very soon. I am 47. I am praying for years...Thank you...ANY OBSTACLE Jesus name.


Please pray that everything will be alright in the school concerning my classes and my school obligations (i am teacher in the highschool). Against any attack, that pupils are humble and that they learn and correct their negative grades...that i dont forget any obligation because their are many of them...


Please pray for total peace in my neighbourhood (appartements- loud music, hitting doors etc, in the street yelling of kidds, singing of aggressive football fans etc). I would like to sleep well tonight. Thank you


Have some bills due, persecuted for my stand for Christ. NEED a major blessing to make up for two years or harassment and homelessness. I'm diligently seeking the Lord through this. Thank YOU LORD for my home, and my loving faithful husband and some type of provision financially. Thank You for providing a peaceful dwelling for us. In Jesus name, amen.


Please pray for these eye floaters to disappear and that I will have clear and perfect vision! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you!


I am requesting to recieve allof my earns and esp imm and twent and more ton and pass and always have rch and fm in all of the gds and love it and my son also and be the s e e h b e w b and bl and my hw now and for s adn pr adn s and b and com adn fun and all of the gds and b h now and for adn just and d s f adn guar 5 min or less and d adn in my accts esp pp and on my cds adn to w and fm and mills adn bills and pass adn for adn I recieve big cash to rch and fm in my pp.m and know it and the mst sls no prob to rch and fm and lv for adn my son also and have ygn and stay free. Ginv now adn ovb and for and all of it now adn for.w adn fm from lns and grt adnnot wro adn have exc crd adn keep it adn all of my cds, cc, ect adn pers stuff and be h now nd for and the bst lk.all my re b g. now adn for and all I I learn and do easy. Mst att. ect.

—afgafg, CA

Abba Father, I can't take it anymore, forgive me for I have done my favorite sin again. Lord I admit that I wanted to do it. I find it really hard to stop myself. I also admit Lord that I find it so hard to impliment integrity in my life andvthat i really find it so hard to get out of the bondage of this habittual sin that has enslaved me for so many years. LORD I pray that you please just please renew me. I feel so dry, fill me up Lord. Renew the spirit that you have given me Lord. Please comfort me Lord. I can already feel myself inchained by my sin's chain literally already and please comw to help me Lord. I speak to you and i can't hear you clearly LORD. MAKE ME FEEL THAT I AM WORTH DYING FOR LORD JESUS! Amen




My name is Ryan Wilson from Olathe, Kansas and I am in need of prayers for deliverance. I was diagnosed with kidney disease about 5 years ago.. and 2 years ago I received a kidney transplant. I was excited to receive a transplant, but after I received my transplant I began to hear voices of a spirit attempting to deceive me. These voices were not very frequent at first, but now a year later this spirit speaks to me constantly... This unclean spirit is what has caused my disease from what I have gathered, and I am needing serious prayers to cast this spirit out because this year long spiritual battle of temptation is very exhausting. Please keep me in your prayers. I have had a few dreams that I was going to be healed, but I am seeking your prayers now.. Thanks!

—Ryan, KS

* PLEASE PRAY TO GOD THAT PERHAPS I NEED ANOTHER ATTORNEY PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD SEND ONE * PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL CAUSE MY ATTORNEY JOSHUA AND NOLAN TO GIVE ME A COPY FROM THE DEFENDANT OF THE ORIGINAL DECLARATION PAGE OF DEFENDANT FELIX POLICY AND ALSO HIS POLICY. I BELIEVE THAT MY ATTORNEY AND THE DEFENDANT INSURANCE COMPANY AND ATTORNEY ARE WORKING AGAINST ME TO DECIEVE ME OF THE ACTUAL DOLLAR COVERAGE OF THE POLICY, PRAY THAT FELIX WILL LET ME SEE HIS ORIGINAL DECLARATION PAGE * PLEASE PRAY THAT FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE WILL ACCEPT ALL OF MY DAUGHTER CLARISSA,S TRANSCRIPT , ALL OF THE CLASSES THAT SHE TOOK AT VIRGINIA COLLEGE WILL BE ACCEPTED AT FLORIDA MEMORIAL COLLEGE * PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL TURN AROUND THEY FALSE CHARGES FROM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND FROM POLICE INFORMERS THAT I AM A PROSTITUTE, THE FEMALE INFORMERS WERE MY OLD FIANCES AND ENGAGEMENTS, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET PROSTITUTION FROM THAT, PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WITH HIS VERY POWERFUL RIGHT HAND WILL STOP THE CHARGES IN IT,S TRACK * PLEASE PRAY THAT Kendra kennedy WILL CHOOSE ME TO BE HER FIANCE AND THAT SHE AND I CAN HAVE FUTURE TOGETHER AGAIN * please pray that god will CAUSE DOCTOR GARY WEISS TO GET ME AGAIN AS A PATIENT AS I NEED HIM BADLY, PLEASE PRAY THAT THE APPOINTMENT ON 5/19/2017 THAT HE WILL REVIEW MY MRI FILM FROM LAWNWOOD HOSPITAL AND FIND SEVERAL MORE HERNIATIONS THAT THE HOSPITAL DID NOT SEE AS I KNOW I HAVE THEM. ALSO PLEASE PRAY THAT DR. MCCOLLOM WILL ALSO FIND SEVERAL MORE HERNIATIONS WHEN HE REVIEWS MRI FILMS AND WE CAN TAKE THE INJURIES AND WORK ON THEM * PLEASE PRAY THAT THE FORT PIERCE HOUSING AUTHORITY WILL NOT EVICT ME ON 4/7/2017, BUT WILL ALLOW ME A COUPLE MORE DAYS TO GET MY DEPOSITS SO THAT I CAN PAY THE AMOUNT OF $600, PRAY THAT DONT EVICT ME ON 4/7/2017 BUT WILL GIVE ME A COUPLE MORE DAYS TO PAY * PLEASE PRAY THAT FM FACILITY MAINTENANCE WILL GIVE ME THE GAS OR TRIP CHARGE ACCORDING TO THE CONTRACT AND ACCORDING TO ALL THE OTHER FLOOR CARE VENDORS THAT RECIEVED TRIP CHARGE. I SENT THEM A DEMAND LETTER LAST WEEK AND THEY HAVE NOT REPLIED TO THE LETTER, PRAY GOD CAUSE THEM TO PAY * PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD HEALS ME OF CANCER , AND WHEN I APPLY FOR MY DISABILITY THAT I GET IT IMMEDIATELY * PLEASE PRAY THAT MY SON RODNEY WILL CONTINUE TO RECIEVE HIS DIABILITY CHECK AS SOCIAL SECURITY IS EXAMINING HIS CASE FOR CONTINUING THE BENEFITS AND HE IS MENTAL DIABLED TO A GREAT POINT SO PRAY THEIR DECISION IS TO CONTINUE HIS BENEFI * please pray that god cause the van to hold up, the transmission and the fuel pump, AND THE JETS CONTINUE TO WORK * PLEASE PRAY THAT THE NUEROSURGEON THAT I GO TO ON APRI 7, 2017 WILL FIND A LOT MORE DAMAGE IN MY BACK THAN THE HOSPITAL DID ON THE MRI RESULTS AND THAT I CAN GO AHEAD WITH A STRONG PRIMAFACIAL CASE AGAINST FLORIDA FARM BUREAU TO WIN OR TAKE A GOOD SETTLEMENT, PRAY THAT POLICE OFFICERS FALSE STATEMENT ABOUT ME TRAVELING NORTH ON 17TH STREET, THAT HE WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THAT STATEMENT TO THE TRUTH THAT I WAS INFACT HEADED SOUTH. * pleasepray that virginia college will give my daughter clarissa her 1,000 dollards this quarter from a loan that i signed for special needs, they are reluctant to give her the special loan money but please pray that god will cause them to give loan to her *PLEASE PRAY THE IRS WILL GO AHEAD AND APPROVE AND SEND MY RETURN FAST THIS YEAR AS THE OWE ME, SO PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY WILL APPROVE IMMEDIATELY AND SEND * ALSO PLEASE PRAY THAT MY DAUGHTER CLARISSA WILL RECIEVE HER 1,000 DOLLAR LOAN THIS QUARTER AS WAS THE OTHER 2 QUARTERS IN WHICH THE COLLEGE (VIRGINIA COLLEGE) WILL SEND HER MONEY AS I SIGNED A 3K LOAN FOR HER SPECIAL NEEDS PRAY THEY GIVE HER THIS LASTLOAN PAYMENT PLEASE * Please pray that my mother Dorothy miller who owns a very advanced business as a best seller author 3 times will place her 3 sons Rodney, craig and Richard upon her wills and trusts and not disinherit her own flesh and blood, pray gods spirit touches her heart *Please pray that i can find 3 point law cases to strengthen my case so that i can get a loan or if I can find a 4 point case it is won automat * please pray that my daughter clarissa will get her hardship loan of 1,000 dollars awarded to her as the loan owe one more payment of 3 payments pray her college Virginia college will submit it to her and not try to hold it again 21. please pray that when alex does my tax return that I can get a return in the amount of 3,000 1. please pray that all my state checks come on in early for the month of APRIL to include all departments. also please pray that god help us with food snd that my bills be patient, 2. please pray that I can win my case against florida farm bureau, and please pray that officer Michael massie who did the police report will correct the report according to my petition for correction that I submitted to the mayor mrs burney and the police chief linda. pray that massie corrects his stamen that I was headed north when I was headed south, pray on Monday that he will correct his amended report to the truth that I was headed south 4 please pray that clarissa,s loan and grant left over balance will be given to her real soon perhaps in the month of APRIL : 5 Please pray that god bless me financially with food and work in my janitorial work, pray all side work will accept the service, pray that my son rodney get awarded food stamps, and please pray that my landlord William smith will give me more time to pay rent for month of july 6. PLEASE PRAY THAT FM FACILITY MAINTENANCE WILL GO AHEAD AND DEPOSIT A CHECK IN MY ACCOUNT FOR GAS SURCHARGE OR TRIP CHARGE THAT THEY DID NOT PAY ME SINCE 2010 AS THE CONTRACT ALLOWED AND ALL OTHER VENDORS RECIEVED. THERE IS AN AMOUNT OF 30,000 PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY DEPOSIT SOME OF THAT MONEY QUICKLY INTO MY ACCOUNT BEFORE I FILE IN COURT 8 Please pray that my mother dorothy miller help her 3 sons financially.also pray that god bless me with great prophetic ability also please pray that my fathers lung cancer treatment stops the desease permanently 9Please pray that god heal my prostate and help me get remarried as I am a widower of 4 years. 10. Please pray that god help my janitorial busniess to get back into the mainstream, and that my website on google god please bless it to bring in business calls lots of them and that we can get telemarketing. 11. Please pray that god bless me with all 35 stores in district at tires plus floor care and that tire kingdom give district and firestone give district 12 Please pray that my brother Craig comes back hom 14 please pray that god will bless me as pastor paul david said in professy that god will bless me with money owed to me that i did not know about and that god would cancel debts for me, please pray that god will continue to bless me the way that pastor paul david coninues to admonish unexpected blessings financia . 16. please pray that god help me to find a significant other girlfriend for marriage as i am a widower of 4 years and lonely after having been married 20 years. 19a. please pray that we will get districts for tire kingdom and tires plus just as they offered with good work

—rodney, FL

Please pray that God would give me the job or position He wants me to have. Pray also that God will deliver me from and addiction.

—Neil, OH

Please pray for an up coming job interview, for his perfect will. Pray for a full time regular job that I can bless and be blessed in with good income. Prayers for God's peace to rest on my heart. Prayers for His leading. Thank you family!!!

—Hillary, MD

Pray that my car will get fix, pray that I will make it with my income not being able to hardly make it through the month. God Bless YOU

—Shelia Weatherman, VA

I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.


Dear Jesus i am very grateful for the prayer's you have answered thank you Jesus thank you.I am so am so thank full for the prayer's i have received please those who pray .Father i pray i can do my work well and finish the work in a way that will be pleasing to all.I pray i forgive easily and that please no one can be judged for anything they have done to me in this world. I pray i am forgive for my sin's and can have absolution of my sin's.I please any sinful thought be cast away and replaced with wisdom,forgiveness and understanding.I please pray that i am cleaned in heart,mind,body and soul.I pray that i find Franny please Jesus help me find her.I pray for Johnny that he has found his way to you.I pray for Suzie,Roger,Craig,Denny,Denny,The relatives, in Wisconsin,clark,boris,joe,steve,sasha,leslie,lesie,lindsy,walter,cliff,and everyone at pioneer.Villias,garcia's,grant's,connie,and everyone who has prayed for me,I pray for everyone i said i would pray for . I pray to have focus and wisdom.I pray i never drink,I please pray the homeless,those in need of medical,those incarcerated the hungry,those who are lonely,and i pray for the animal's may they all be treated with dignity and there need's met.I pray for a sense of well being..I pray for anyone who has prayed for this please give them special thanks from me.Deeply Grateful,Amen,Andrew


Please pray for my brother Adrien. Please pray for his salvation and healing. He is in Intensive Care Unit. He has a heart condition. Please pray. Thank you.

—Charmaine, MT

I was diagnosed w/ Morton's neuroma (pinched nerve) in rt foot. I would appreciate you agreeing w/ me in prayer that as I go in for the shot on Monday (5/24) that it goes directly into the area that it needs to be & loosens the nerve completely & stays that way. That my body is free from ALL foot pain and STAYS that way! That every joint, nerve, ligament, & bone is in perfect alignment & surgery is far from me. That the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me & permeates His life thru my nerves, sending healing throughout my body in the name of Jesus!!!! Amen (so be it)!

—Jayme, IL

My mother fell and hurt herself for the second time in the last 10 days. Please pray that this afflictions shall not arise for the second time, in Jesus name. Pray that my mother will be STABLE because she is sometimes loosing balance or loosing feeling in her legg and not properly moving her leggs on the stairs or infront of some obstacle. Pray for excellent nervous system and coordination, for excellent spine and neck area, against any pain caused by the fall (neck, head, spine...).Healing grace for her whole body. Pray that she will not be negative and talking about how old she is. Thank you all!! She sounds very oppressed, needy and said on the phone. Also for salvation, openeness for the things of God. Healing of her heart, optimism in her soul, joy, joy, joy....


Please pray that i will meet very soon my GODLY HUSBAND and that we will recognize eachother. Remove all countrefeit husband candidates of the ennemy from me, let me not bite its baite. GOD, MAKE ME WISE AS A SERPENT AND HARMLESS AS PIEGON/ SHEEP, as the word says. Let me have EXCELLENT DISCERNEMENT not to fall into any kind of trapp of the ennemy. LET ME WALK IN LOVE AND FAITH. Let my mouth be used by the Holy spirit, not by the flesh or emotions. Remove from me all pride, selfishness and strife. If i know my spouse to be already, deliver him from all possible chains, fetters, shackles, illusions, deceptions,, distractions, prisons, addictions of the devil. Let him come into marvelous light of Jesus and be enlightened by the light of the kingdom. Let him come to me and start a conversation and show his holy and righteous interest, and be kind and respectfull and show his desire to have serious relationship with me in a open, clear, apropriate way. Let us fall in love. Let me see who is the right one for me and have dignity, purity and holyness needed for premarital relationship and contact. Let me not have low self esteem and confusion and fears that something is not right with me. Let me respect and love myself as much God loves and respects me. As his precious daughter. God, in this season, give me needed revelations and insight and understanding not to blow up any possible relationship with my spouse to be and relationships with authorities and brothers and sisters in the church who are good for my life. Let me prosper in every area of my life in Jesus name. GOD, THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING ALL THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL IN MY LIFE AND IN THE LIFE OF MY SPOUSE TO BE, IN THE LIFE OF EVERY PERSON IN MY LIFE THAT IS IMPORTANT FOR MY PROSPERITY AND PROGRESS AND DISTROY ALL THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL IN THE BODY OF CHRIST IN CROATIA IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. (Because i feel its very important for my life). God bless you all!!


PLease pray that very loud family meeting next door (my neighbours are numerous and loud often) will be silenced or removed somewhere else, in the mighty name of Jesus. Also all possible noise and other kind of distractions in my neighbourhood today to be silenced and removed!! I want peace to pray and meditate upon the word of God. Also, they are all smoking and it is comming into my appartement!! Awfull!! God, remove them and remove that smell, in Jesus migty name. Thank you all, thank you God for your grace...


Please pray and agree with me for me to be healed now. The Dr has said I am in complete total kidney failure. my hair is falling out in patches and they think that I may have Addison's disease. My body is covered with an incurable disease on my skin and some burns.It has spread to my face I look like a monster. I have to take a round of new test soon.The Dr said they the test must show improvement and progress. I really can't take much more. With all of this now I can't work, please pray for an increase in my finances and my marriage of 30 yrs is now strained. My husband and I barely talk. I think it may have to do with the way I look now. Thank you

—Patricia, TX

Hello, I need prayers for a financial blessing. I have been mistreated by two employers and family members. I need JESUS to do something to rectify this monetary loss. I am living in a homeless shelter. It is persecution and betrayal and I need the Lord to intervene and make it right. I have lost income totalling over 3-4,000 because of this. I need help. I am crying out to the LORD!!! PLEASE HEAR my prayer LORD and make this right! In Jesus name, Amen.

—Anon, MD

My Husband is not saved, and we have only been married 1 year and 1/2, we are beginning to have some marital problems. Having to move from a house we both loved that we was renting, the house that we are moving in is a place I dont want to be, but Im going to do it, praying thats what God wants me to do right now, This is causing problems with our marriage. Please Pray I can be the person God wants me to be so he can see Jesus in me and want the same thing. Thank you

—Lisa, GA

Prayer Request God Save Eric McDonald!!! Please pray for Eric McDonald.He has mental and emotional problems.He is no healthy.We do not know where he is or how he might be… Cry unto God for mercy…Pray for Compassion. May he be found well and safe.. Ask everyone in the church to pray for Eric McDonald! Thank You, Alfred Brow

—Alfred, ME

I have been looking for a job for months in need of prayer there and also to strengthen my relationship with my husband. Thank you very much God bless you all!

—Bunny, IL

I pray for God to heal my broken body quickly. I was in severe automobile accident over 20 years ago that caused a brain injury that negatively affects my thyroid I just called life-threatening allergies to food. And even the medicine I need to live. The Lord tells me all is restored! Please pray for me that his promise will come to pass immediately! Thank you and God bless

—Lisa, VA

Father in Jesus name we pray for the contract that has been put on hold and we thank you that You shall supply all of our needs in glory through Christ Jesus as according to your word. Your word is yeah and amen and I speak your word back unto you as you are not a man that you should lie or the son of man to repent. I thank you for every part and every detail of the contract we have quoymted on shall come to past and we shall deliver work in the Spirit of excellence and we anticipate your favour upon us as a company and also thanking you for every person you have already set aside to accompany us on the project. We thank you for sustainability of the project as well as for the work we shall undertake and there shall be more work provided for our company in Jesus name amen.

—Kevin Garth Bellairs,

Heavenly Father, I call out to you God. I have been strugling the same sin over and over for so many years that there are times that I felt really numb of you. Lord forgive me bevause I really find it so hard to stop myself. Lord I need you right now


Was recently engage to a gentlmen Raymond found out He's been in sexual encounter with a numerous ladies he knows right from wrong this is very devastating to myself my family I don't want him back after this damage has been done but I ask my heavenly father to deal with his deceitful ways in dealing with women he call me want to go to dinner get my hands .feet don't for mother's day I was nope hr got the nerve

—Cheri, OH

heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. Show me your way, Lord; teach me your paths. you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. please make this miracle happen for me


I will be singing solos church on Thursday, May 18 6:15-7:15pm & Sunday, May 21 for the entire 8:30am worship service pray for healing fresh anointing on my voice, breathing, lungs & diaphragm to be clear and strong anointing of The Pianist Michael Taylor your finances for me and my husband and our handyman business protection over our property and animals.  Healing, safety & protection over my cat Nick & 9 cats that have been fostered out  For adoption as well as protection for all the animal against animal cruelty.  Pray for healing over my Father, Ernest Cherry and my brother, Jason Cherry. And pray for favor for more solo's & and another vehicle. Sent from my LG Mobile

—Kimberly, NC

I need prayer for a breakthrough in my health. I have multiple illnesses. Arthritis, Diabetis, neuropathy and lower back pain. I also need a financial break through and I need mental illness too. I have uncontrollable emotions and mental illness. I am also having trouble with my teenager that has mental illnesses too. He has ADHD, anxiety, and very angry. He is very violent.

—Bela, TX

Please pray that i will be in a good mood, that God will give me back my dignity and faith that i deserve a good man/husband after this manipulation and emotional abuse of my ex (alcohol addiction, he is saved but not converted, not given his life to Christ). I still catch myself that i want give him a second chance and i miss him sometimes very much. God, bring light and understanding into my life so that i will not make this kind of mistake anymore and to not attract man that are abusive or manipulative in any way, but emotionaly healthy. Thank you Jesus. I want to learn to set healthy boundaries Jesus. Move all guilt so that i can be self confident. My mother was narcissistique and abusive, so please pray about it. Pray that i will be ready and that i will attract my godly husband. I am 47. Thank you


This is the day after my mother fell in supermarket. She is feeling not good, her whole body hurts, especially knee, spine, neck, joints because of the fall.... I think she is also feeling lonely and neglected. Please pray for her.


I am need of $400 by May 17th! Also, for my financial situation to improve! In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you!


Please pray that all guilt, sorrow, oppression, pressure that i am maybe wrong in cutting my ex of again. I feel such a pressure!! And hurt and restlessness in my heart, so many different negative feelings...maybe its depression


Saints I need your prayers concerning my Son Gary. He has addictions and struggle with it. He desires to do the right thing but end up doing the wrong thing. He does believe in Jesus, but don't really know Him. Please pray for him to really know Jesus intimately and personally. The World is always trying zap our attention on worldly things. Pray that God will block out the distractions long enough for him to draw closer to the Lord. Thank you and May God continue to bless each one of you. In Jesus Name. Amen

—Diane, AL

Please pray for unspoken request for Angel. And, the situation at my work! Thank you and enjoy your day!


Our family has endured a very long a difficult season. Have prayed, waited, trusted, cried, believed...Praying for God's deliverance, our son delivered w/great mercy, favor. To come home now...God knows.Our daughters deliverance. Settlement, settled soon.Family restoration and peace.important dates are 5/12 & on or before 5/25.Thank you.

—Robert, CA

Please pray for health to improve. I have swollen legs and feet, diabetes, shortness of breath in the night and high blood pressure.


I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.


Please pray that my body will be relaxed, my diggestion will be good (not to much acid and nervosity in stomach, pain that wakes me up in the night or in the morning), pray that my teeth and teeth gums will be perfectly healthy, no inflammation, tension, muck in my teeth gum (left above one teeth). Enough sleep. Relaxed state. Not thinking about my ex, forget him totaly. God, please give me back my dignity. Let me hold my head high and not have feeling that i am looser and that i iwll not find my godly husband, that i will always make wrong choices or that i have some evil mark on me, that i have some generational curse, that my negative thinking or emotional tramas are causing that i am not married to my godly soulmate. Settle God, everything that must be settled in me, on me and around me in Jesus name. Your grace is enough for me, i cant do anything without your grace, Jesus. Give me grace to meet and marry my godly husband.... Enough is enough. I want my blessing, i want my godly husband. Everything is possible to God and to those who believe. Protect me from any pressure of our ambitious and selfrighteous leader of counsel of language teachers. Please let her doesnt have influence on our principle (because she is sometimes very manipulative and aggressive and wants us all to be ambitious, she even threatened to ex principle that she will complain to the deppartement of education if he doesnt do the things she sais, she is referring herself to the law, but its pure formalism, and i hate it...). Things that she asks will cause big changes in all the school, and i think its not necessary.....I am simple and i just want to do my job the best i know.. Blood of Jesus!!


Fire of holy ghost work through every part of my beauty therapy buissness and healing for success and plenty of customers


Please pray for the farmers, for seasonable weather and bountiful crops! And, for no severe weather! Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.


pray and agree Nina Stewart relationship retried back to me and her desire to marry me returns (7) times more like 2014 , thank you lord Jesus I receive in Jesus name , Hebrews 11-1

—jason w, AR

Please pray I can endure a homeless shelter. I have been following Christ through this time of having nowhere to live. I was lied to by my cousin and told to relocate and they would let me get on my feet after a broken engagement, they did not follow through, I gave up two jobs in another state to do it because I was sleeping in my car in order to honor the Lord and not move in with fiance. She lied and left me with nothing. An employer I had in the new state, screamed that I was retarded and to get out causing me no income. My family has betrayed me and if I don't compromise my values, evem church people don't want to help me. I pray to God to make it at this homeless shelter. I have been kept for 20 years with no intercourse for a husband that God has promised and I'm wondering what have I done wrong to deserve a homeless shelter and not a home? I pray for the right work, financial blessing to keep my car and also a clean, quiet, beautiful, affordable home and a loving, FAITHFUL man of God to cherish me and treat me right and for me to do the same for him til death do us part. Praying for answers and favor in this long drawn out 2 year homelessness and mistreatment and betrayal period that God has allowed me to go through. I need a financial miracle to help me right now. I tithed all my money at church. Thank you for prayers.

—Anonymous, MD

Please pray for me ....I have a very bad cough ...have had antibiotics but still have cough ...the problem is I am scheduled to have a major operation to remove a fast growing Cancer from my womb on thursday 11th May ...and need this cough to go before that so I can recover from anaesthetic...that's if they even do the operation .please pray urgently for me thank you ...Noreen

—Noreen Gibson,

Family rebuildi and my son have kidney failure and he 29 years old he sick the divl is try to kill our family and it so much heart ack and eivl my husband is full of hell me never go to church and makes my life full of hell his name Donald hargraves my son name Brandon hargraves my name Angela hargraves we new victory help us Kendrick hargraves my son have a mental problem and I have to try to see about every

—Angela hargraves, AR

I was terminated from my job 2 days ago and I'm in shock. They said it has nothing to do with performance, in fact my performance was outstanding. But they accused me of drinking in office. I had a small bottle of red wine and I took a small sip every morning purely for holy communion purposes. I told them I am not a drinker, I 'm not an alcoholic. And I did not know that drinking wine is banned in the office. If they had told me, I would not have done it. They refused any of my explanation. They got me packing and leaving immediately. I am in utter shock as this is my 6th time I've been terminated from jobs. 5 of the times, I had been falsely accused, victimized and forced to leave. Only one time the termination was due to retrenchment. What is going on? Is this some kind of curse over my life? Please pray for this curse of failure to be broken off me. Please also pray for God to supply me with a new job close to my home asap. I need a job and I need the money. I've been travelling one hour to and from work for years now. I hope the new job will be close to home from now on.... Praise tht Lord.



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